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Frog frenzy goes viral
A frenzy of frogs in Costa Rica are going viral 🐸🐸🐸
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6 minutes ago

Video screenshot

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Tara HowardKathryn Hosein … I OBVIOUSLY did not watch the video. I scrolled down quickly. But you can show the girls this grossness as I am sure they would be highly humoured. Barf!!!!15 seconds ago

Oscar VillalobosFirst rain? When? It’s been raining on constant basis for the last month or so.4 minutes ago

Declan ClarkeI thought that was the Conservative Party conference😜1   ·  5 minutes ago

Ferris Nemergre BattiniPaula Gregório, muitas pererecas para você. Divirta-se! Betty pode acompanhar se quiser.3 minutes ago

Laura KitchingStacey Fletcher made me think of your little critters! 🐸🐸🐸2 minutes ago

Angel Arguelles CutaranSis Marinelle Gabagat Agrava ohhh ang mga palaka naglabasan. Tagulan. :)1 minute ago

Jo TizzardWhat is this "going viral?"4 minutes ago

Andréa Dourado MirandaAnne Ldmc meus deus, eu ia passar mto mal5 minutes ago

Jack DaleyLouise Wright look Lou, your favourite animal!3 minutes ago

Amanda LynnGrandma Sandy Lynn Bay-Mahrle look at all these frogs 👍3 minutes ago

Marion DaviesGlad I don’t live there!!2 minutes ago

김민수송호배 cute~2 minutes ago

Jennifer BlancoSo cute 🐸🐸4 minutes ago

Kay BaxterTom Bailey they are awaiting my arrival4 minutes ago

Ann MarieI want to watch the hatching video3 minutes ago

David Cortezso its a giant frog orgy?25 seconds ago

عدي الدليمي😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁2 minutes ago

Leslie RazoThis is making my skin crawl Marwan Harraz3 minutes ago

Mohammed MujibYou4 minutes ago

Followill Gilmore KabbaleIts alive, its alive, ……4 minutes ago

Lucia Nguyen😬😬😬😬😬3 minutes ago

Crevex MatiasKarissa Rebanal i love this guys!!! 🤠2 minutes ago

Jordan GonzalezFROG CITY!!! Jen Pesarchick haha5 minutes ago

Victoria MertenFamily gathering? Patrick Harris47 seconds ago

Esther Chuang王園植 福壽螺46 seconds ago

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A symbol of Manchester
Why people in Manchester are getting bee tattoos.🐝 #westandtogether
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4 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Popal Sameem35 civilians has been killed today after US air strike
anyone heard about it ? Ahhh nah they are from middle east. Nobody talks about that. No body is concerned about that.64   ·  4 hours ago

Grzegorz NawrockiWow! that will stop terrorist once for all! And maybe do some silent march through the city. When they will see so many people walking in silence maybe they will understand that is wrong what they are doing?46   ·  3 hours ago

Aaron Daniel ByrneThis Manchester bee tattoo tokenistic gesture, is nothing more than a delusionsal moral platitude on a grandiose scale that will do nothing to combat Islamic Terrorism. ‘apathy and tolerance are virtues of a dying society’ – Aristotle47   ·  3 hours ago

Cassie BurfordNo it’s not going to stop them bombing us but the money it is helping to raise for the victims and their families can only be a good thing15   ·  4 hours ago

Charlie May Louise HamerPeople need to realise this isn’t to "stop terrorism". But to show remembrance and support for those effected. Just how a pink ribbon is for cancer. How a yellow daffodil is for Marie Curie and so on.1   ·  43 minutes ago

Andy BlackSuch a positive little bit of news. Something that people who were there, be it concert goers, paramedics, police etc should like to use as a small emblem of remembrance. And it raises money for the bereaved families. But look, here come the haters and the cynics.3   ·  3 hours ago

Yarthing RaikhanThose people who got this tattoo is like the preacher with an AK47 beside him who kept praying for the killing to stop while women and children are being slaughtered in the next room. #cuckbrits4   ·  3 hours ago

Susan PutnamSorry.. how will this help the people that have passed away, or the people that are seriously injured..please we need to do more to stop all this violence going on around the world. Tattoos are definitely not the answer to resolving the problem.2   ·  1 hour ago

Niki BushThats the one thing evil doers dont get. When tragedy happens, we dont scatter, we gather and unite. We come together to become stronger. They may scar us, but they will never ever break us.1 hour ago

Annmarie HowardThe fact that this idea is raising money for the victims is the ONLY thing that raises this above the level of the usual acts of "defiance" against terrorism that are otherwise useless.26 minutes ago

Daniel MatthewJust waiting for the next one.. if this is what we’re doing to act….. sorry but profile pictures and things like this do nothing!! Too many people playing the victims…1   ·  51 minutes ago

Jayne CookePeople feel so powerless against terrorism. This is something they feel they can do to register their disgust with terrorists and to show they would like to live in a better world. Please stop the cynicism.3   ·  2 hours ago

Janie RitsonWell done to all who are RAISING MONEY FOR THE FAMILIES by having this tattoo done. It shows the families that we are united, and that we care. To all of you with your sarcastic comments about how it’s not going to stop terrorism, IT’S NOT BEING DONE FOR THAT REASON, GET IT??4   ·  3 hours ago

Damian MossI’m sorry the British are dealing with this…I’m 44 I grew up on….the smith’s and new order here in USA, which as you know are Manchester legends.1   ·  2 hours ago

Ritu BaliBee tattoo is a sign to remember the sad incidence but steps should be to curb terrorism otherwise there will be tattoos all over the body .2   ·  3 hours ago

Stephanie PaigeNow all we need to do is to make heart signs with our hands and light lighters ( which would probably be confiscated by security so we wouldn’t light the building on fire, the SAME security which opens the exit gates early and let the terrorists kill the children ) at the next Katy Perry concert. That’ll show ’em!3   ·  3 hours ago

Frances DiSalvoPpl of Manchester and US, all around the World should demand their leaders STOP allowing this to happen. They knew who this guy WAS, he was on their "List" – WHAT A USELESS LIST -since nothing happens until IT IS TOO LATE.3 hours ago

Chris WhiteThere is one thing missing from all of this – righteous anger. This is a sad thing to see, an acceptance of these things as if they are an act of god – a typhoon, or earthquake. Everyone acts like there is no-one to blame. In the end, with all of the civilization backing us, we are still just animals. Some will be predators, the rest will be prey. Which are you?16 minutes ago

Kelly OrchiNow those scumbags scum of the earth (terrorist ) will see the bee tattoos and stop…NOT

what a way to cover your body with tattoo because ya’ all will need a new tattoo soon maybe a piglets head which will add nor remove nothing from they ideology47 minutes ago

Abbie SteeleIt’s raising money for the victims families and the people involved on the day. There are different initiatives around the city to raise money. A pub near mine, 5 minutes away from the children’s hospital/A&E has raised £10,000 and have been giving free foods and drink to those involved that night. People just are wanting to show our community will not let this separate our multicultural/wide demographic society.. we’re everyone else is different and so it’s easy for everyone integrate. I come from a part of the UK originally where anyone who is different is segregated in society, i have witnessed the bullying and intimidation from the society for people being a different nationality.. trans gender.. looking different or a different religion etc.. this happens everyday of their lives.. which is disturbing to see. It’s why Manchester is beautiful in this sense and those bee’s are symbolic of that now ☺. It’s more the people on the outer burrows subject to this behaviour their entire lives who are isolated, either poorly education or their mental health hasn’t had the attention needed.. are prey.
Really investment in education, mental health and encouraging everyone in our country to treat everyone without a label.. and just as another human being.. in the long term will crush extremism.. also it will stand out who in society are like this.. if they’re against this.2 hours ago

Tito Dhe MaliUntill laws are updated to deal , prevent today’s forms of attacks, this cowardness and stupidity will not end.. Let’s change the laws and make attackers or more precise loser’s families responsible and somehow punished in such even, and that will prevent future attacks immensely as family and friends would rush to warn the cops before anything happens.. It does work in many countries, even a democracy like Japan has a similar law. Desperate times require desperate measures.. to prevent more innocent life1 hour ago

George ChambersThat’s it! That’s the solution to the problem of radical Islamic terrorism! Let’s all get a tattoo and pretend it never happened.59 minutes ago

Prince BanksAoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteers be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit any porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,but the wrod as a wlohe. Lkie if you Raed this peferct3 hours ago

Stella ŠibancNice. I like it. But what kind od tattoo will people have for victims in Syria ?17   ·  4 hours ago

Joe WoodHere we go, 22 People have been murdered some children, But we all must be calm. So lets get bee tattoos. British people" it’s no wonder the world walks all over you.

By the way that looks like a bloody wasp.36 minutes ago

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Mario Testino
Famous photographer Mario Testino‘s private art collection is to go on display in the UK for the first time.

(via BBC Entertainment News) See MoreSee Less

4 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Ave Lombardi:D :D31   ·  4 hours ago

Jackie CurtisAlways liked the Madonna photo from her ray of light album, didn’t realise he took it. Gorgeous shot3   ·  4 hours ago

Alison MarshI would love to see these Gayle Habberjam, what do you think? 🎥 ❤️😊2   ·  4 hours ago

Vivek Kumar JainThere is no water supplies in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India since last week.1   ·  4 hours ago

Suhaila AsbahVivien Harsányi I miss going to galleries with you 😓 go see this one1   ·  1 hour ago

Mark JacksonThe Madonna pic, 2nd in, Beautiful Stranger cover?1   ·  4 hours ago

Marjion VaggWould love to see this1   ·  4 hours ago

Jonathan PanlaquiHow they display all of his artworks?4 hours ago

Ed En VIMadonna’s Ray Of Light Album Cover1   ·  4 hours ago

Derek HowlandNope4 hours ago

Rachel McNabbSaw his museum in Peru. Amazing work2 hours ago

Sue SambrookShould say Dilys2 hours ago

Sue SambrookDulls thought of you2 hours ago

横田和紀マドンナに似てるけど、ちょい細いかな26 minutes ago

Michelle Ní RaghallaighWe’ll have to take a look Vas Georgiadis4 hours ago

Julia de Macfarlane-SmithMention he’s Peruvian! 😊3 hours ago

Ej BaeTaeLim Lee Yoon-ji Chung Monica Song do take a look!1   ·  4 hours ago

Cathy MintoTim Poprdan2   ·  4 hours ago

David J VaipheiRupant Dangwal for u4 hours ago

Lucy SmithJess Chow1   ·  19 minutes ago

Ellen ClarkeGeo Merchant1   ·  2 hours ago

Ceri Berry DaviesDelyth Davies1   ·  4 hours ago

Mark AshwoodColm McAfee1   ·  3 hours ago

Lily Hannah SpencerCaroline McWilliams :O4 hours ago

Rahul Kumar ChoudharyMarvelous and really most admirable collection of art… this is also an inspiration for the upcoming artists in the world…..All the very best and my greetings…..Thanks1   ·  4 hours ago

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Andrew Neil on the Manchester attack.
"We’ve yet to have a national conversation about what the right response should be to root out this deadly cancer that inflicts us all."

Andrew Neil on the #ManchesterAttack (Via BBC Politics) See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Randy Lock-LynnDivision isn’t the goal. Fear is the goal. You instill fear with overwhelming media saturation. It’s news because it’s an extraordinary event, but there’s a point that’s very quickly crossed into which you turn it into terror porn. This media obsession with terrorism is the very fuel that continues to propagate it. A brief summary of the facts of the case are all we need. Not 24/7 coverage, not video of the incident from every imaginable angle replayed over and over, not feeds of crying parents and bystanders, etc. etc.269   ·  8 hours ago

Levent KayacanDo you want to stop terrorism? Stop invading their countries to have oil or have more power, stop creating and supporting terrorist groups against another one! Stop lying your people about Islam! Empathy! Kids in middle east see lots of death, their fathers, their brothers, their cousins, uncles… what do you think they are going to do when they grow up! Stop converting them a devil! All countries say they want to stop terrorism, but it never ends! Terrorism is just a reason to invade countries!
Sorry for innocent people who killed by these devils.143   ·  8 hours ago

Deborah MurphyAs hard as it may be to resist, don’t give them a name. Starve them of publicity. Focus only on the innocent victims. Don’t give the perpetrators air time. This is what they thrive on. They crow about their ‘achievements". Well let’s stop. Just say the perpetrator died in the attack. We know who he is and we are following up leads. Nothing more.124   ·  7 hours ago

Martijn BosWell, one of the candidates has suggested that we stop invading countries in the Middle East.

The other one keeps repeating that she is strong and stable.

Take your pick.90   ·  6 hours ago

Kieran William JonesIf you wish to have a serious and long lasting effect on reducing terrorism, security and military solutions are not the answer. You need to target the funding, and our consistent arms deals with countries known to sponsor terrorism is where we start, if we as the general public want change then we have to put pressure on our government to stop these arms deals. However, I’m afraid under this government that will not be the case. If you want change, you need to target the root causes, and dig it out.64   ·  8 hours ago

Peter WongNo it’s not too much to ask. I’m sure many people are wondering the same thing. Are we just going to just live with it because "these things happen", or can we talk about ways to remove that tiny cancer in societies?40   ·  8 hours ago

Matt S McKayOne big problem is that people tend to fixate on the surface characteristics, ie religion, or ethnicity, when radicalisation and terrorism have at least as much, if not more, to do with socio-economic factors, such as feelings of disenfranchisement, alienation, (self-)victimisation, poor job prospects, integration issues, intergenerational & intercultural identity issues/crises, and so forth. Divisive voices in politics have a vested interest in keeping the public’s perception of the problem as superficial and rudimentary as possible, but that doesn’t help move the conversation forward.35   ·  7 hours ago

Andrew Gliniecki1) foreign policy. Not all countries share our values, we cannot impose our western values on other nations. No foreign intervention unless nations specifically ask for assistance.

2)Massive investment to renewable energy so we no longer require to trade will countries that have appalling human rights.

3) offer a amnesty to those who are radicalised. You read that correctly. Charter a fleet of aircraft to various countries. Offer radicalised a individuals a free ticket. If our ways in the west are so offensive then living here must be intolerable to them. Here’s a seat on a plane, off you go, and we will strip your citizenship and right to return. Have a nice life.

4) value our freedoms and western democracy. I detest Islamic head coverings, I personally view them as oppressive to women. However, if someone choose to wear that of their own free will, we should recognise the freedom of expression everyone has a right to in our culture.

5) get tough. Allow our intelligence and security services to operate to their maximum efficiency. A national consultation and overhaul on individual rights and the scope and remit of our defences is long overdue. We need to up the ante with targeted communities, our softly softly approach is not working.36   ·  7 hours ago

Toby Gainesamazing how few people consider the root of this problem. Shocking that almost no one can apply the same common sense that they apply to weeds.

killing terrorists doesn’t change a goddamn thing if you don’t change what created them in the first place. poverty and exploitation. our leaders even know this for a fact. but the exploiters dangle so much money in their faces.24   ·  7 hours ago

Mike PedenI make no apologies for this post
So we hear Jeremy corbyn will blame us for causing terrorism through our wars, tell that to Sweden, Germany , Philippines , kenya etc ,the yazidi christians of Iraq and Syria, the Shia Muslims of this world did they drop bombs and go to war no they didn’t Jeremy , thousands of innocents have died we are fighting an ideology, a group that have corrupted their own religion to meet their own goals which is create the world in there eyes where there are no christians ,there is no multi cultures , there is no values, customs or free worship.
You have a nerve telling us the people of Britain that we are to blame. We elect through our democratic right to vote for governments that have to make tough decisions. Something you clearly will fail to do, your principles are to sit in a room talk peace with someone who wants to behead you or blow you up not because you have went to war but because their ideology dictates you don’t belong on their Earth

You cannot go electioneering on what has happened in Manchester and shame on you as a Christian for blaming our own free and multi cultural society for creating this evil.25   ·  7 hours ago

Nadia SankeyAndrew Neil, as usual you always speak strongly and wisely. Speakers like you must carry on voicing their opinions until the government complies!!!!15   ·  7 hours ago

Paul HarperWhether or not I agree with their words or sentiments, I do wish that professional motorgobs like Andrew Neil and Piers Morgan would stop presuming to speak on behalf of everyone else. These Poundland Churchills speak for nobody but themselves. I am not a sheep that meekly follows the mindless media’s lead on everything important and I reserve the right to form my own views on anything I choose. So stop it. It’s rude, it’s presumptuous and it’s downright un-British.11   ·  7 hours ago

Will EvansOver 50% of muslims living in Britain weren’t born here, some that were born here are radicalised here, how many more are here illegally and unaccounted for?
Non practising Christian Englishman going to prison and being converted and radicalised under our very noses.
Protecting the human rights of those holiday fighting in war zones and letting them back in the country is just insane.
Muslims always playing the victim card, using words like Jihad, Caliphate etc etc the list goes on and on……….5   ·  6 hours ago

Andrew KeoghLike it or not, there is an issue within the Muslim community, be it extremism or an unwillingness to admit there’s an issue and an equal unwillingness to open up and identity those who are heading for trouble. There’s absolutely nothing to be gained from thinking otherwise. Either we have the uncomfortable national conversation, or we carry on with atrocities being committed and the Muslim community becoming increasingly isolated and untrusted. It’ll get to a point where we end up like the former Yugoslavia and absolutely nobody wants that.11   ·  7 hours ago

Thomas BrownleeHow about we start with the basics.

If friends and members of the community have reported a suspected threat MULTIPLE times, why was nothing done about it?

If someone has been to Syria and Libya and able to freely return, why was nothing done about it?

Theresa May, as home secretary, has a lot of questions to answer, especially after she was warned (while home secretary) by the likes of Corbyn and police that cutting budgets for local forces would leave us at risk.14   ·  7 hours ago

Νίκος ΠάφραςThe fact that you need to have a conversation on what an "appropriate" response should be to mass murder speaks volumes about the how totally insane western Europe has become.22   ·  8 hours ago

John SimpsonAndrew Neil, you have more gravitas than all those (excuses for) leaders we have, combined. Declaring war on terrorism and having a trillion dollars worth of military hardware counts for nothing against someone with a few kilos of fuel, oxidant and nuts and bolts willing to sacrifice their own life. We go to foreign countries, support evil despots who support whatever interests we have at the time, redraw boundaries at whim, use massive bombs, napalm and betray anyone to neighbours who practice genocide when it suits us. We use them to fight proxy wars, we strip their homelands of natural resources and we use their youth as cheap labour slaves to make disposable clothes and electronic bling. I don’t support terrorists but I am not in the least bit surprised that it happens. Try giving unconditional support to poor nations with anything except weapons of war. The word "defence" is the biggest oxymoron of all time, call it what it is "weapons of war".3   ·  5 hours ago

Louise LeitchAndrew Neil having his "We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore." moment. Nothing to see here move on.2   ·  7 hours ago

David Morgan FreemanA wise and impassioned speech Mr Neil.

We cannot keep repeating the same rhetoric, blaming the wrong people, yet doing seemingly nothing…
The incumbent Government (who’s been in for 7yrs now) are DIRECTLY responsible for the short fallings in our security and services…

Theresa May is particularly responsible as she literally WAS the Home Secretary:
She was in charge of our border controls… yet, now promises to bring down immigration (same promise made over 3 elections now).
She was responsible for the severe cuts to Police which led to 20,000 less front line police since 2010… around 5,000 less armed police.

You can’t continually cut all our services in the name of austerity, yet expect them to do the same job with an increasing population and increasingly unpredictable times against an invisible enemy.

These terrorist sympathisers always seem to be ‘known’ to the police, but they simply don’t have the manpower, nor means to deal with them.

This needs to change.4   ·  5 hours ago

Linda WelshOnce again the voice of common sense, Andrew Neil I hope the political leaders listened to this, especially Corbyn who voted against anti-terrorist legislation on numerous occasions, who stood with the IRA in sympathy and now stands with our emergency services as he sees it as a way into No 10.1   ·  4 hours ago

Mark LazenbyA large investment in a targeted mental health programme​ is required. Sick individuals should be identified and helped before our enemies get to them.1   ·  6 hours ago

Paula Renwicki think all non british on the watch list should be deported without appeal our boarders should be closed so we know who exactly is entering n leaving the uk …..also all british on the watch list should be detained for security reasons .3   ·  6 hours ago

Pal UjvarosiAt long last, some decent words coming from the BBC. The answer is pretty simple: stop wars, stop selling weapons to tyrants. Choose the right politicians to lead: there’s one in the upcoming British election who works for peace, and that’s not the opportunist Theresa May for sure. Vote Corbyn and the path to improvement will start, it’s that simple.2 hours ago

Anna BurfordExactly any normal person would stand up against barbaric acts of evil we are all united against evil cowards just question when will it end before government take actions6   ·  8 hours ago

Tony HampsonCorbyn has been talking about the cuts to police which affects community policing and nipping it in the bud, pity the BBC just love the tories, labour have talked about everything tories only about rhetoric and Brexit, you as one of the main media should do your job properly,9 minutes ago

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We need to make a ‘commitment to normality’
Terrorism expert Professor Richard English says society must remain calm and avoid overreacting in the face of terror threats.

(via BBC Newsnight) See MoreSee Less

14 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Andrew HunterHorseshit!! So we react with poems, and hugs. And the terrorists continue to murder our children. And laugh as we sing songs of unity! If ever there was a time for a huge reaction. And a change in tactics. IT IS NOW!397   ·  14 hours ago

Winson Wong"Terrorism expert" Yeah so, best advice is to ignore it ever happened till the next time. Then ignore it again and again. Great advice.258   ·  14 hours ago

William LeeTell that to people who lost loved ones….moron….Islam is a satanic ideology which should be totally outlawed in Christian civilised countries.170   ·  14 hours ago

Andrew FournierYou hear that people of Syria and Iraq? Just get used to the terrorists in your neighborhood and they’ll eventually begin to fizzle out because they’ll find terrorism boring since it won’t evoke the response they desire…Never mind the fact that Islamist’s are less worried about responses and more worried about eradicating those standing in the way of their world wide caliphate…68   ·  14 hours ago

Stephen BosticI think he misses the point completely. Isis is at war and they wage it in the only way they can, through cowardly sneak attacks on children and others. You won’t stop them by turning the other cheek.69   ·  14 hours ago

Zack MartinezI think we’re more in danger of under-reacting. Has there been a meaningful military counter strike? Or just arrests and investigations??63   ·  14 hours ago

Tracey FisherOMG what a load of crap coming out of his mouth!!
We should never get used to terrorists or ignore it! It’s them that need blowing up not our children!!!50   ·  14 hours ago

Leighton LloydHow do u become a terrorist expert? I know that if you are an experienced say brain surgeon and performed all sorts of operations you could be described as an expert in brain surgery. But surely a terrorism expert should be a terrorist his or herself.34   ·  14 hours ago

David ScottJihadists have been at this for 1500 years. Does anyone actually believe they will somehow eventually just tire of it? That is insane.34   ·  14 hours ago

Christopher FrancisThis guy is an expert?! I think he sounds like a pathetic fool, deluded, confused and delusional. His fairy tale world of submissive acceptance is suicidal !! Peace through strength. The British people are already demonstrating their superior strength as a society renown for its "Stiff upper lip" in times of adversity!31   ·  14 hours ago

Cheryl HowardThrough how many attacks, though how many murders should we remain calm? Maybe its time to start reacting because remaining calm is only inviting more attacks..26   ·  14 hours ago

Brendan DicksonThis guy hit the nail on the head. Every time there’s an attack followed by international uproar, the message it sends to the next potential terrorist is: if you go out and kill a couple dozen people, you’re guaranteed to get a reaction.15   ·  13 hours ago

Bill PatersonI copied this because it is spot on: In the past 3 days, there were Islamist terror attacks in Kenya, Indonesia, Philippines and Somalia. None of these countries are bombing the Middle East. Corbyn can blame the ‘war on terror’ until he turns blue in the face, all that proves is that he sympathizes with terrorists and excuse their genocidal acts.

Corbyn is a real danger to the security of this country.10   ·  13 hours ago

Dennis McVeighHe said that "We can learn to live with this terrible threat". What BS. That is a herd of sheep mentality. Stay in a large group with no direction, no protection…and hope for the best while a predator picks you off and thins your herd. What kind of mentality is this?

We are now in danger of cowering INDIFFERENCE. We care more about whether we’ve offended someone than about the loss of life, and now a new low – the loss of children’s lives. What have we become? I pray that we wake up, and have the courage to confront this for what it is. We’re going to run out of poems soon. 🙏9   ·  12 hours ago

António Pinto De AlmeidaHa ha ha don’t provoke the terrorists and they might let you live… accept sharia and the killings will stop or get used to see your children dying in the middle of the street but please don’t get too emotional about it, he says… I really don’t think this is a good advice.9   ·  12 hours ago

Anne MacLellanI don’t think it is overracting to say NO MORE! and do something to stop it. We have lost too many innocent people by forgiving the attackers and taking a passive position. It is not to say that we judge a whole race or religion by the few satanic lunatics who do these horrific acts, but we have a right to judge the lunatics and the groups that they form to declare their war on the majority of the people in the world and it is right to declare war against them. They will not stop just because we put more security in place and make more laws against carrying arms and such–this has been proven time and time again. When are people going to wake up?8   ·  13 hours ago

Roland LekaLet’s start changing "slightly" the legislation. Let’s begin with banning some terrorist like organisations operating openly or less openly in Europe. The human rights activists will be slightly angry and disappointed. nevertheless, people must have the right not to be a terrorist organisation member. Someone can find inappropriate this comment. I find inappropriate the lack of reaction of our people who make laws after so many bloody terroristic attacks…And I think I’m not the only one5   ·  12 hours ago

Ann Guadagnodid anyone you knew get caught up in this atrocity doesn’t sound like it or you’d be singing a different song either that or you’re a non feeling numbskull"!!!10   ·  14 hours ago

James SwannAnd once again, most people miss the point by a country mile.

Middle eastern foreign policy fuels isis recruitment and expansion.

Young disenfranchised British individuals with low self esteem are turned by isis into suicide bombers.

They kill innocent people.

Cue everyone getting angry at Muslims and fuelling that very same problem, leading to more of the same.

Isis wants you to be afraid, fuel its recruitment and keep wars going.

Add in the Tories’ cuts to police at every level, and their sales of arms to several countries known to supply isis.5   ·  11 hours ago

Savan MohamedThere is no point in treating the symptoms of terrorism but the actual cause of it. Terrorism has increased to this scale only during the last two decades. It is directly linked to the involvement of western countries in the Middle East, invasions, destabilization of power, bombings and resultant refugee crisis. So, politicians in the west must brainstorm and find a solution for the problems their predecessors had created.2   ·  8 hours ago

Jason SylvesterPure pablum and nonsense, especially the historical illiteracy of pretending that the IRA’s goals – a Northern Ireland free of British rule – were identical to Global Jihad’s goals, which is Islam being imposed as the Religion of the World, in every corner of the earth, with no dissent brooked or tolerated in the slightest.6   ·  12 hours ago

Chandran MethilThe terrorism we are experiencing today is ideological warfare.It’s really a clash of civilisations and in war of any sort no quarter is given or taken.Our politicians in the free world have,probably, not understood the depth of this threat and treat it as a one-off phenomenon.It is not and is world wide in operation.3   ·  13 hours ago

Amarjeet SinghThis guy would have been useful in the blitz. Talking those V2s away with logic and an innate understanding of why the Nazis were sending them in the first place.
Fellas like him make the people in power feel good about themselves coz they don’t get their hands and conscience dirty.5   ·  10 hours ago

Jon Micheal SwearingenOf course he going to say that. And of course BBC is going to dig for all the ‘experts’ like him. They wont do a full pager on how the Israelis neutralize terror threats will they?7   ·  12 hours ago

Jan KreitzscheckThis is exactly how you should approach terror. Fear of dying in a terror attack is unnecessary. An individuals chance of dying in a terror attack is much lower than dying by a freak accident (not even including traffic). There is nothing you can personally do to prevent them. In terms of personal safety they can be thought of much like natural disasters. Due to the way our society is and humans in general are they occasionally happen. You can mitigate the effect but that’s about it.4 hours ago

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Republican ‘body slam’ caught on tape
"Get the hell out of here!"

A Guardian reporter recorded the moment he was allegedly assaulted by a Republican candidate in the US. See MoreSee Less

14 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Christa HamiltonIf you have such a thin skin that a pointed question throws you into a rage and results in physical assault, you have no business being in politics in the first place. Or any career dealing with the public, for that matter.266   ·  14 hours ago

Matthew David FradenburgBy the time we all blink, this guy will be a civilian bully, not a political one. White, bald, entitled, angry men are this countrys’ problem, not a solution.121   ·  14 hours ago

Phil BoweSemi fake news. The journalist was badgering him. If you do that you will get a reaction. And really, it’s time some of the media learn that it is time to stop pushing false narratives.90   ·  14 hours ago

Nikki DeFilippiRegardless of how Gianforte was approached, violence is never warranted or acceptable unless you are defending your person. Society needs to remain civil and mannerly – the world, and our precious children, is watching. The hyperbole isn’t created by the media alone BTW, they report what happens and because they’re human, how the action is perceived is how it gets spun depending on the channel or paper. Public figures must act with total responsibility, or stay out of the public. We don’t body slam as a response – get real. #noNeanderthals37   ·  14 hours ago

Josh RobertsWhy aren’t Republicans condemning this in scores?
Let’s start arresting them all and harassing their families.
Let’s deport them.

Oh wait no, that would be lunacy.39   ·  14 hours ago

Pauline CannonHe was only doing his job ! Gianforte is a disgrace. If he can’t answer a question without losing his rag he shouldn’t​ be in politics !!!36   ·  14 hours ago

Kenny Alford– Republicans "the loony left are the only ones who use violence"
-also Republicans "we should beat up journalists more often".
The comments thread is always a low point of human thought.12   ·  11 hours ago

Shane FitzgeraldGood. Journalists are becoming more aggressive, nasty and patronising to get their stories. I’m not a UKIP fan but watching those journalists ‘question’ Paul nutall earlier it’s clear all they want is to use their questions for personal views, not unbiased news reporting.9   ·  14 hours ago

Nicholas LeachIt is what the Guardian reporters do. They are very left wing bias and like to create the news instead of reporting it. He probably provoked the guy to the point that he got the result he was hoping for. To my American Friends. This newspaper is left wing to an extent that you can’t imagine.6   ·  12 hours ago

Ammorette WestOne of his supporters actually told NPR that she didn’t believe this happened. That’s their mentality when confronted with direct evidence. WTF8   ·  13 hours ago

Merlin MilnerGianforte is a believer in Young Earth creationism, the belief that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. He donated $1.5 million to the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Glendive, Montana, acreationist museum which teaches visitors that evolution is false, the Earth is about 6,000-6,400 years old.4   ·  12 hours ago

Judie NadelI’m sure the republicans are tired of reporters and others asking questions. They still have not accepted that they work for us and have to answer to us! If they don’t like it they should quit. We also have the option of removing them from office. We currently have many bullies (including DT) in offices they are not fit to hold. Stand up to the bullies! Vote them out.3   ·  11 hours ago

Carl SandersPea Brain of a Republican candidate, needs to take an anger management course, child and he conducts himself like that? The states are truly screwed!4   ·  14 hours ago

George Zoupantislets look at the facts: reporter enters the office without permission, has been told on numerous occasions to the leave the office, than the report has the audacity to shove his recorder in his face and told again to leave the office, so he is manhandled out the office, without injury, whilst recording the scenario, and has the audacity to report it to police and sell the recording to the networks…those are the facts….no editing, unless u cut and paste for ur enjoyment…well done to the fake news again..6   ·  12 hours ago

Chad KuehneAre children and women safe around this guy? Does he carry? Should a background check be done? What are the triggers to such violence…hungry, tired, indefensible positions on policy?3   ·  11 hours ago

Amanda O’Rourke RustWhile the media provides wall-to-wall coverage of Montana Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte’s alleged assault on a reporter from the Guardian – while Republicans across Congress are being asked to condemn Gianforte – it’s worthwhile to remember that the media never hold Democrats to the same standard.
In June 2010, North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge, a seven-term elected Democrat, was asked by a student reporter if he supported the “Obama agenda.” Etheridge promptly attempted to grab the reporter’s cell phone camera, then grab the reporter’s wrist, demanding, “Who are you! Tell me who you are…I have a right to know who you are!” One of the student’s friends, who caught the incident on camera, said, “We’re just here for a project.” When the student in Etheridge’s grip asked to be released, Etheridge instead grabbed him by the neck.5   ·  14 hours ago

Timmy ValionisThe blind support republicans have is legitimately disturbing.

This guy assaulted someone, hence he’s a scumbag. His politics should be irrelevant, yet solely because he’s a Republican some of the Republican voters support him. It’s asinine.1   ·  9 hours ago

Tom TorenTrump’s move into the oval office has emboldened antisemitic neo Nazi’s, white nationalists, and psychotic thugs like this swine.5   ·  13 hours ago

Anthony BevilacquaYou can call him Representative Gianforte now. I doubt the misdemeanor assault charge will amount to much now that the fox reporter has changed their story. And poor, whiny Ben Jacobs will have to find some other way to gin up some outrage against a republican candidate.1   ·  7 hours ago

Ali FornaPlease tell the whole story-we currently have the crazy left sending death threats and have actually physically attacked our politicians. So this uninvited journalist walks into Gianforte’s office, and gets in his space. Got some Montana justice, if you ask me he is very lucky he didn’t get shot!2   ·  12 hours ago

Susanna DuranThe Republican candidate has been cited for assault/battery and he and his campaigned lied about what really happened. 3 right leaning FOX news reporters corroborated the account the Guardian Reporter gave so the Republican lied through his teeth, shocker.9 hours ago

Kenneth WilliamsI was delighted this morning by the news that a GOP candidate had choke slammed a leftist reporter, only to be disappointed this afternoon to hear it was more fake news, the guy wasn’t actually choke slammed. What a letdown.6   ·  14 hours ago

Tami WassonAnd this is the Trump effect! The republicans have no civility and never have anything nice to say and bully people all the time! I can’t wait to flip America in 2018! People of Europe I’m so embarrassed of the Presidents behavior at the NATO meeting! Most of us are not like this!10 hours ago

Julie EdisonHe was asking a simple, pointed question. The entire recording makes it very obvious that the reporter was not badgering or berating him. Physical violence was absolutely uncalled for.1   ·  9 hours ago

Alissa FarrellWhat bugs me is that I didn’t find this news on Fox News and they were there! Most of the votes were submitted by mail and election was probably predetermined, bet some want their votes back. A decent republican would withdraw or make him withdraw8 hours ago

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