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#DabkeChallenge: Arab folk dance goes viral
The latest viral dance challenge is driving people up the wall. 💃

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3 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Rio D. WardI’m so glad that the internet was only budding when I went through my most ridiculous years.

Almost all of my foolish moments were allowed to be forgotten as opposed to forever immortalized.141   ·  3 hours ago

Rima Ahmadmy mama will slap the soul out of me if i leave footmarks on the wall 😂171   ·  3 hours ago

Paul TaylorThat music would be enough to drive anyone up the wall!56   ·  3 hours ago

Natasha KeserI am waiting for "shoot yourself" challenge so idiots can take care of themselves 😁48   ·  3 hours ago

Devano RevansaThere are two thing that are infinite : the universe and human stupidity34   ·  3 hours ago

Tony MoraAs a non-religious person, I never thought I’d utter these words: "Please Lord, I’m ready for the second deluge!!!" I can’t keep up with stupid ice bucket challenges (instead of actually donating to worthwhile causes) wall dancing, etc. Besides, Lionel Richie already did this, back in the 80s!!!! Oh, what a feeling, when you’re dancing on the ceiling!!4   ·  2 hours ago

Barnesy BarnesI often ask myself what the f*** must extraterrestrial intelligent life think of us a species. This (along with twerking, et cetera) is not exactly progressive behaviour.25   ·  3 hours ago

Flor ApaliasWhy is it trending? No reason at all. People just go with flow without finding reasons n meaning. The kind of generation we have.6   ·  2 hours ago

Jeff WheelerErinn Benedict Andrew Jarnagin Goal: Have a really long line of people doing this, with the person on one end dancing on the wall, and the person on the other end dancing on a very sturdy window.3   ·  3 hours ago

Ayoub LotfiIn all fairness, this s***t wasn’t trending until bbc decided it should be, I’m camping in the Internet and never saw this crap3   ·  2 hours ago

Anne GodinWe did that fifty years ago at Roberts secondary school in Bootle. Outside the concrete sheds were perfect run across the ceiling with a little help from your friends.1   ·  2 hours ago

Karim OualiI’ve had it with all theses challenges! Only to follow a hype? Will people also jump off a cliff just because of it?1   ·  35 minutes ago

Albeiro Happyman HappymanSuch an astonishing dance. I know here from my country to those southern american ones, it will be turn into a fever, jejeje looking forward to trying jejeje regards!2 hours ago

David CroftIt all started with Lionel Ritchie’s "Dancing on the Ceiling"! Now dancing up the walls. Next will be dancing on the floor again! Finally "Oops Upsides Yer Head" sat on the floor. 🤣🙃🤣1 hour ago

Loucielle EstèveNiluka Alanka Manisha Julien Hari are we going to do this tonight with Belal ?!?!??! Let’s do it !! 🙌🏽4   ·  3 hours ago

Alex ColeWhat is all of this garbage ????? Why isn’t the afternoon session in parliament being broadcast live tomorrow ? Going to have to depend on social media agin are we if we want to hear what Jeremy Corbyn has to say ?? I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people sharing it around. You might just make yourself redundant BBC :)2   ·  2 hours ago

Christelle HasroutyElie Aoun it’s BBC news now. And you can see from the comments that people dont even know where it is coming from. 😕 it is not a challenge. Someone just wanted to have fun and others tried to do the same for God sake.1   ·  2 hours ago

Rushil PatelHassan Haidar Gaith HaidarMichael Barakat we trying to turn up like this because if so I’m done for the dubke challenge habibi!🙌🏽2 hours ago

Yeon SnowWhat a challenge..won’t even call this as a challenge lol. While you are doing this awesome challenge, someone else is getting done with one more challenge called as certification or something more useful
I know 90% of population won’t like my comment56 minutes ago

Mike Van De MarkWhat are the consequences for failure? It’s not a "challenge" unless there are consequences, without those it’s just idjits marking up walls with their feet.2 hours ago

Mont CessnaThis is amusing since Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, yet people have been doing this in the west for 20+ years.8   ·  3 hours ago

Adam BattichSo happy that BBC share some thing about arabs that is funny and happy.. iam really tired of watching wars every day on falestina, iraq, suria, libia… i wish from all my heart that we all in this world can dance like this in the same time and fell happy. #stopwar #stoprasicme2   ·  1 hour ago

Juliana MotaVai rolar isso no próximo Halloween, Imersion Day ou na festa do final do ano mesmo? hahahaha Andréia Panhan, Marcelo Henrique Lima, Carla Barbieri Bombarda3 hours ago

Somai Nev JosephThis will be in a down south rap song soon. "Click clock, drop top. Walk top, wall top". So much talents nowadays I tell ya2 hours ago

Kim Anne StanleyLet the spirit move them! It’s great! As long as they stay safe when trying to climb-upward. Otherwise they should not do it at all. "Safety-First"1 minute ago

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Deep-fried tarantula on the menu
A delicacy with a real bite – anyone for deep fried tarantula? 🕷
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4 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Steve McAllisterAs a family of 4, we always argued over Sunday dinner with everyone wanting a chicken leg each.

Thank you BBC, you may have just brought harmony to our future dinners.

Everyone can have a leg, and second helpings 👍276   ·  3 hours ago

Aaron Cast AlI don’t see anyone complaining about cruelty for deep frying them alive217   ·  4 hours ago

Will ReynoldsWatch the Gordon Ramsey episode on Cambodia…very interesting. The locals learnt to eat tarantula to avoid starvation during the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge. Before that, nobody would have ever considered it. Now it has remained as a delicacy.112   ·  3 hours ago

Sam ShaoInsects can actually be farmed much more efficiently than most farm animals at a fraction of the cost. The greenhouse gas emissions are also much, much lower. Figuring out how to process insect protein into more palatable forms of food will be the next agricultural revolution.79   ·  3 hours ago

Jan EdwardsI’m struggling to see why anyone would want to eat any animal that has suffered pain just to provide a morsel for them to eat.39   ·  3 hours ago

Lindsay ElvinDouble standards right here. Doesn’t anyone feel for the poor thing that gets yanked from its home then stuffed half alive into a bag full of other dying spiders n then fried to death? Cmon you ignorant lot. Eating stuff is fine n nobody has the right to dictate but the treatment is horrible. You should respect what you’re going to eat.41   ·  3 hours ago

Wyatt EarlyI will try anything once. I have eaten deep-fried grasshoppers (yummy) and chocolate-covered ants (not so good.) I suppose I would give tarantulas a taste. Besides, I eat crab, a sea-going cousin of a tarantula. 😄19   ·  3 hours ago

Cindy MalinSounds so gross & sick, but I am from the western world & western way of thinking….opening my mind to
Poverty & survivalism. Will be visiting Cambodia in Dec 2017 on a volunteer group. Will see if it’s possible to taste one! :)19   ·  3 hours ago

Irfan Chris AhmedI’ll try ANYTHING once!!! I don’t see this as too far removed from Escargot which I love!!! And if anyone’s disgusted by this, read up on how sausage is made and what goes into it. 🤔🤔🤔20   ·  3 hours ago

Flz Ayazthis is so disgusting, you could see the poor tarantulas pain once theyre in the hot oil. Even tough it’s for a split second imagine how painful it must be 😢8   ·  3 hours ago

Holly Anspach AllcockStop eating animals and insects. Seriously, can’t you find anything else to eat that doesn’t involve murder and torture? I hate humans.16   ·  3 hours ago

Mark HarrisonAs someone who captive breeds tarantula’s it’s hard to watch, but it’s a different culture like Indians don’t eat beef, Muslims don’t eat pork etc etc. Knowing how defensive these spiders can be I’m suprised by there lack of fear and just grabbing them bare handed.11   ·  3 hours ago

Laura KellyI hate tarantulas and spiders but I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the things. They were cooked alive. I mean at the end of the day they’re still living things, that’s a bit much for me.4   ·  48 minutes ago

Ben Panting74   ·  4 hours ago

Nicola SambrookIf 800 people had been killed tonight would you be reporting on that? No they were taken out of there houses
Iv got a lad who’s 18 kicking off because our prime minister is not taking control of this country! He works as a property agent he and his boss goes and checks gas, building and everything all the time. So if my 18 year old son can do checks why can’t a whole council and government2   ·  3 hours ago

Azud IrshadMy only issue with this is the guy said "other insects", implying that tarantulas are insects when they aren’t. They’re aracnids!6   ·  3 hours ago

Jodie RoseYes. I ate these bbq style during my stay in Cambodia. Though I ordered them at an upscale restaurant in Phnom Penh not with street vendors. A local social worker, I was working with, introduced me to fried grasshoppers from a street vendor. I prefer the grasshoppers. They were flavorful & crispy. The tarantula was a bit chewy & tasted like black licorice. I also tried frogs legs, fermented fish, & ant crusted chicken while in cambodia……all worth a try.

I’m still baffled by people who won’t eat insects or dogs….but don’t blink an eye to eat chicken, cow, or pig……or crustacean.6   ·  3 hours ago

Ariston LimCommon guys they are just trying to survive… nothing to eat maybe and insects are good source of protien…. I think westerners will never understand what 3rd world countries are going through each freaking minuete is all about staying alive….2   ·  50 minutes ago

Jake BennettPeople upset over fried tarantula but have you ever heard a lobster scream when you steam it. The water in it literally hisses out. It makes you feel for the lobster.4   ·  1 hour ago

David BourtonDefinitely want to try insects and spiders. It’ll be a much bigger part of the world’s future diet because it’s easy to farm, less resources and space etc. I wish there was somewhere near me where I could try them out.2   ·  3 hours ago

Sonia KorobarevI wonder what kind of wine would pair with fried tarantulas🤔17   ·  4 hours ago

Raquel RamírezKarina Ramirez why are people reacting angrily to this? lol. It’s like they don’t even know about the production of their processed foods. 😂3   ·  2 hours ago

Naomi Headley DanielI think it was episode of Human Planet, there were children in South American rain forest catching and cooking tarantulas over open fire. Commentator said it was comparable to crab…51 minutes ago

Dawn HetfieldI understand they need food, but do they have to fry them alive? That is cruel. I don’t care how badly you are starving, you can give the creature you are going to consume a merciful death.44 minutes ago

Shabina KhanOh my God! These people are the main cause of extinction of so many species of animals and insects 🐜 ! What would they get just by eating and pooping these out??2   ·  3 hours ago

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Building your way out of homelessness
"It makes you look forward to tomorrow."
Paul is building his way out of homelessness. (via BBC Stories)
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5 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Danny HowieThey are building whole blocks of container flats from old shipping containers 6 storeys high and 6 wide in the east end of Glasgow for student accommodation, why can’t they do the same for the homeless. In fact I’d call it a village with the amount they are building.44   ·  4 hours ago

Andrea AllanFantastic guys. These aren’t necessarily ideal but got to be a better alternative to a cold shop doorway. I love people who are doers not just thinkers. 🖒🖒🖒🖒37   ·  4 hours ago

Owen O’SullivanFair play nobody knows how it feels to be homeless till it happens to them trying to find a bed for the night you only have so many friends till there generosity runs out we salute you 😀22   ·  4 hours ago

Danny Gilmour"I’m looking for a hand up not a hand out". Best quote I’ve heard all week, respect to him, don’t hear that attitude much these days.11   ·  2 hours ago

Susan HelligeI think. while i can see the ingenuity and hard work , if this is on undeveloped property where does the trash and human waste get dumped. I always have so many questions when i read about tiny and container homes3   ·  3 hours ago

Paul MainEasy isnt it all you need is land planning permission loads of money to put in main drains sewerage services electricity etc. A skilled workforce material and tools, I imagine lots of us have all those things just sitting around doing nothing with it,.9   ·  4 hours ago

Mohamed Atef IzzadeenBrilliant idea for the youth, you don’t imagine how hard and how costly to get an apartment for a small area, you don’t imagine sacrefice and how hard the procedures as well, you may work your whole life for an apartment in an intermediate level and eventually you may not get it aside from getting too old.1   ·  3 hours ago

Susan QuormbyHmmm. It is a great idea but it’s the land in this country that’s bloody hard to come by. And if they could get a piece of land this is tantamount to starting a shanty town. Is that really what we’ve come to.1   ·  4 hours ago

Atee ZolghadrA few years back when I was in college, Toronto upgraded their subway trains and I proposed a similar idea, to make a community for the homeless from the older subway trains, the prof thought it was a bad idea. I still have all the mocks. 🙄3 hours ago

Warren WorsleyGreat idea but just a finger in the dyke.

I’ve just come back from a weekend in Liverpool and was shocked at how such a lovely city, with so much money pumped into (City of Culture) could have so many homeless people on the streets. There must have been a homeless person sleeping in a doorway / on the street every 10m. I was shocked.

We must ask, in this day and age, why is this increasing?12   ·  4 hours ago

Colleen BeattieBut where do they put these containers they’re living in? Instead of a tent city you have a container city and then before you know it whoever owns the land moves you on so they can develop the land.
It’s great to give these people a purpose and some dignity but I worry what will happen to them if a owner takes the land away from them.3   ·  1 hour ago

Barbara Browni was at Dungeness a few months ago and containers on the beach there ….not sure if they had been washed up from ships …worth checking out2   ·  4 hours ago

Ky WeremiejFantastic way to tax the homeless! Are people blind! I wish it was so simple but how often do you see on tv people getting kicked out without planning permission, well if these shipping containers get PP then standby for government greed!3   ·  4 hours ago

Lea MarkThis is a fantastic story and very true of all people. Instead of hand outs with money all these charities should look to do this kind of thing in the poverty stricken places around the world and here too. Help people to help themselves!! Well done!1   ·  1 hour ago

Chris Ruudhere in SE Wis. we are building "tiny houses" for the homeless vets. Same idea, but the houses are on a lot where there is a central building for showers. Each tiny house has a bathroom but no shower.4   ·  3 hours ago

Debbie Mundier Moormanold news. The tiny house craze has been in the US for a few yrs now. Anything from a flatbed trailer to a container or yurt.4 hours ago

Yasmin HyderThat’s such a fantastic idea! At least whoever lives in one will have some comfort and security from the elements.14   ·  5 hours ago

Anne Fuller-jarmackThis is brilliant idea why can’t more councils adopt this and let homeless people get motivated by helping build there own home 🏠2   ·  4 hours ago

DebiLynne Thompson FahyWhat a fantastic idea. No one should be homeless 😊😊9   ·  5 hours ago

Martin BreslinSeriously angers me that people are homeless and/or living on food banks in 21st century Britain!6   ·  5 hours ago

Candy TseCan anyone tell me how could they afford the land to build that container house ?5   ·  5 hours ago

Paul HarbronWhy have so many immigrants got social housing, while at the same time the councils do nothing for people who a are homeless.5   ·  4 hours ago

Alan ShepherdWhat the hell has this got to do with the colour of people’s skin7   ·  4 hours ago

Jeremy MorrisThat look on his face at the end of the video said it all. So touching. We all need hope.5   ·  4 hours ago

Sandeep Paulmeanwhile, illegals get free luxury housing in Kensington!2   ·  4 hours ago

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Camden tower block residents evacuated
"Where can we go?": Some of the hundreds of residents evacuated from tower blocks in north London tonight bbc.in/2rLtynB
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5 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Ben DouglasWould it not be better, and cheaper, to put a fire marshal in each building over night and arrange the evacuation over a couple of days with less stress and more organisation.128   ·  5 hours ago

Mick McNicholaslast guy in the video-speaking sense. can’t understand the negative reactions of some of these folks though- on the one hand people are fretting about being burned in their beds and demanding action by councils. councils take action and people complain?61   ·  5 hours ago

Tez QuirkWould it not be easier to provide all the residents with loads of fire extinguishers and have the fire brigade on emergency standby until this cladding can be removed , Rather than pull everyone out of their homes ?24   ·  5 hours ago

Andy BeanJust a massive over reaction to media hysteria.. council wanna be seen to be doing something and there just doing it horrendously27   ·  5 hours ago

Imran KhanSo they are being asked to leave but not forced to leave, also no-one seems to have an idea about where they will be housed and there appears to be little or no support for them. I guess most of them will elect to stay put.14   ·  5 hours ago

Bee SherifI am sure the victims of Grenfell would have loved to have this opportunity!20   ·  5 hours ago

Chris PoppyWould be interesting to know how many flats had heat and smoke detectors working or installed. Even if not by council or by themselves for protection ????
As a normal responsible person gets told by their home insurance to install ???
Seen so many adverts on tv about it !!!1   ·  3 hours ago

Sharon Princess Nun MoodySurly these people feel so much safer having a few weeks, months of inconvenience then having the fate the grenfell had to deal with. Rip grenfell I’m sure they would have preferred the opportunity that you lot have got rather than what they had to deal with.3 hours ago

Gary ThompsonFire regulations in the U.K. Are a joke – how could you build residential apartments with no sprinkler system – every corridor should have them and wall wetting systems in appartments, all stairwells should be pressurised, and all residences should have 1 extinguisher as a minimum – as as for correct planned maintenance of systems, this seems to have been forgotten6   ·  5 hours ago

Chris PoppyWhy is no one looking at how the fire started. And what was the cause ??? A fridge fault yet everyone blaming without all the facts !!!!!1   ·  3 hours ago

David ClarkA few questions – why have they not initiated contractors on site to begin setup of re cladding before they even think of moving people out?

Why is it being called an evacuation and not temporary rehousing or whatever? Is evacuation not a word that invokes fear and panic?

Do they predict that any or all of these towers will spontaneously combust? I am assuming here but surely most folk in flats are pretty fire aware now and many may have planned escapes and got extinguishers so maybe just community meetings to discuss fire plans and precautions to take, kit to buy ( even provided) and fire wardens in the interim.

How long do they actually think it will take to complete works on each building?

All seems a bit rushed, reactionary and a bit disorganised.3   ·  5 hours ago

Martin MalinskiExpect more of this. It is complex; the likelyhood is that the Council have been made aware that a ‘liability’ is with them if there is a repeat of Grenfell tower. Speculating: The liability could be that no ‘proper’ authority was ever given for the design of the retrofit cladding systems. Normally an architect will specify the materials, design and installation…. but Architects are often not specialists in cladding, so their input is advisory. They would request that the council comission a peer reveiw of the materials, design and installation.(integrity of each is seperate but also dependant on each) The peer review would give a specialists recomendation….The issue could be that no peer review was comissioned (cost) or review recomendations were ignored …So by what authority was the retrofit undertaken? If no specialist advice was sought; (as could easily be the case).. it would leave the council wide open to law suits and liability claims… Combinations of materials can compromise their individual safety rating…. as can installation methods…..et al.2   ·  4 hours ago

Joan McNaughtonwow, you can understand the sentiment to wanting to get people out of unsafe buildings but how do they deal with the rehousing? Is it over-reaction ? Yes, unless something horrendous happens again….then they didn’t do enough.2   ·  5 hours ago

Terrie SingletonSo if their tower block is on fire how much are they going to moan , well done to the council who is sorting it and as for the rest shut the f. up4   ·  5 hours ago

Nicolas HambisWhy have they got security there its a joke.Stupid knee jerk reaction the grenfell thing was bad but it’s not like buildings are gonna burst into blames all of a sudden. Seems like a mis managed chaos to do this as if it’s an imminent threat.2   ·  5 hours ago

DebiLynne Thompson FahyNow they’re doing something about the cladding etc !!!!! It’s a shame so many lives had to be destroyed before action was taken. If the council had listened to Glenfel Tower residents in the first place 😢😢😢😢1   ·  5 hours ago

Cynthia RomerHow about having people sign waivers if they want to stay and get moving on replacing the Sub standard material you put in? If also give them extra battery operated smoke alarms and remind everyone to get out of the building asap in. See if an emergency. I think as this goes on they’re going to find a lot of buildings don’t really meet fire code. This is why is always cheaper to do it right the first time instead of being penny wise and pound foolish as my great uncle used to say.4 hours ago

Matt MitchellOn tonight’s papers Journalist calls beIng removed from tower blocks is a luxury compared to people in greenfield. Bad choice of words how would she feel if she had to move out of her home tonight?2   ·  5 hours ago

Stephanie ChetwyndFire alarms are cheap and easy to install. Sprinklers they said would have cost 200,000 for the Grenfell tower, so why disrupt the lives of thousands of people when a simpler short term fix will work, until the cladding can be removed and replaced!4 hours ago

Matt HoneyWhile the council and government try and figure out what the hell they are doing I’m sure the people of London and further afield will provide help.3   ·  5 hours ago

Denise BruntonIf the council didn’t act and another fatal fire occurred everyone would be up in arms it’s just a shame the right idea has been badly organised1   ·  5 hours ago

Solmaz FahimiIrresponsible council 😱😱 they should provide accommodations first then ask people to leave 😒7   ·  5 hours ago

Stephanie PaigeMove in with some of your fellow countrymen temporarily… isn’t there insurance? I don’t understand the logic that it’s someone else’s responsibility to fix things. And I never have… There are very often fires where I live and the people lose everything. They invest a small sum of money on homeowners or rental insurance and then churches and community members donate clothes and money to get them by. But this sitting back and saying, "I lost everything, who’s fixing it?" I’m sorry, it’s just bizarre to me. And it teaches people that they have no responsibility in anything, somebody else will always take care of it.5 hours ago

David WatersOne lady said that she was going to get some oxygen cylinders so if she had a fire she could breathe …..good luck with that one dear.. !!!4 hours ago

Laura May BlakeyWhy can’t the council rip the cladding off the buildings and put something safer on? Residents could then stay in their homes.4 hours ago

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Gay in Northern Ireland – "He spat in my face"
"He spat in my face” – Homophobia drove Josh out of Northern Ireland three years ago. He’s gone back to see if things have changed.

(Via BBC Stories) See MoreSee Less

7 hours ago

Video screenshot

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James Herbert ButterworthIts because most people in NI are catholic or Protestant. Religion plays a massive role into why people are homophobic there… the cause of all evil tbh213   ·  6 hours ago

Leah MasonSad to see people so insecure with themselves they feel they must go out of their way to make other people miserable. Homophobia is so stupid.191   ·  6 hours ago

Rowena AtkinsPeople need to mind their own business. I remember my mother, when gay marriage was legalized here in Nova Scotia and she didn’t think it was right for gay people to marry or adopt children and I laughed and laughed. My mother’s parents were abusive, hetero drunks! lol … Yeah … she came around once two of my cousin’s came out, but I still find that statement hilarious. How many heterosexuals are unfit parents and unfit human beings? Billions! They still have rights.109   ·  6 hours ago

Charlotte MitchellIt’s so sad that there’s so much hatred in the world. Why can’t this guy just live his life, if your not Gay, then move on. ?109   ·  7 hours ago

Mark TaggartThose who hold to the Christian faith are entitled to disagree with homosexuals. Christians are not homophobic and should never abuse or assault anyone. We are called to love our neighbours. That does not mean we must agree with them on everything. We can love someone and still disagree with their opinions and choices. Christians simply do not accept that homosexual behaviour is moral. They are not monsters or homophobic for believing this. Why can’t the BBC get over it?91   ·  6 hours ago

Timmy ValionisThose who hate gays are most likely to be suppressing their own sexuality. Why else would you care about two consenting adults being together?85   ·  6 hours ago

Mickey Varnish"We came to dance, not start a rally." this quote personifies my views on the gay community. When has anyone felt threatened by a gay person? They typically just want to enjoy themselves like anyone else. They are just a bit more vibrant about it.37   ·  6 hours ago

Al LewisWhy does anyone really care how other, consenting, adults live their lives? How is it anyone else’s business?
I am heterosexual and don’t encourage/promote homosexuality in any way but, at the same time, do not give a crap if other human beings are inclined towards same sex relationships.
Live Free or Die. Love who you want to love.27   ·  6 hours ago

Daniel Tannerand i’m sure conservatives backed by DUP, will bring tolerance to the region and fight homophobia in ireland.

136 tory mps vote AGAINST same-sex marriage (127 voted in favour).
By comparison 22 labour MPS voted against with 217 voting in favour of the legislation.20   ·  6 hours ago

Claire MatchettI really don’t understand why someone would go out of their way to insult, attack or belittle someone who has made a lifestyle choice. As long as your choice concerns consenting adults who cares? Everyone needs to mind their own business and take care if their own lives and stop worrying so much about what someone else is doing…… guess what? Whatever the 2 guys or 2 girls that live down the street are doing doesn’t affect your life… get over it. And if you think they’re going to hell what you bothered for? You obviously don’t believe you’ll be joining them anyways13   ·  6 hours ago

Emma ThompsonNorthern Ireland is changing, slowly but surely. The generation that grew up without the troubles don’t have the weird fixations of their parents. We’ll be better off when they come of political age.14   ·  6 hours ago

Margaret BrookfieldI was brought up in Northern Ireland and left there in 1956 to live in Canada. What a change when I found out that nobody cared what religion one was. I had been brought up Protestant and suddenly I was surround by all sorts of religions from all over the world. Until then I did not know how small a world I had lived in.14   ·  5 hours ago

Richard McMillanLet me see.
Islam is against it
Hindus is against it
Jews is against it
Roman Catholics against it
Christians against it
Tim Farron as well
Now if this Guy went to Saudi Arabia what then. The BBC just loves Victims.
Tee Shirt I am a Victim of the BBC wasting my Money.9   ·  5 hours ago

Patrick DohertyNorthern Ireland is so retrograde. It’s a lovely country but so backwards – neither the rest of the UK, nor the Republic of Ireland are like that. I’ve been treated badly there myself – just crazy!9   ·  6 hours ago

Gráinne Nic EoghainAnd yet the DUP were voted back in. I hope you find happiness, whether that is away or at home, but change is coming. So keep the faith 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈4   ·  6 hours ago

Priscilla GillDisgusting in this day and age…Homophobic’s are the worst of people LIVE AND LET LIVE ….be honest Have you ever met a gay man or woman that was unkind to anybody ???? my answer is NO9   ·  6 hours ago

Shane TutinIt’s sad that there’s still so much hate towards gay people. Nothing wrong with gay people they are human beings after all. Wev got major problems with radical terrorists etc and people are still this sad. Don’t let people get you down stay strong16   ·  6 hours ago

Nora Bruce BystromI’m sitting by myself and opening sobbed watching this. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland but I think that will never happen unless change does. Very sad state of affairs.6   ·  6 hours ago

Catherine NadeauWhy does it care to religious people if someone is gay?! Is that person going to go to Hell because he talked to a gay person? If someone was born gay, the least we can say is it’s God’s fault, he create humain. I’m not religious and i love and respect everyone.5   ·  6 hours ago

Lee LemonThat putting your arm around someone you love could be seen as a political act says everything tbh. Love is love. If you’re both consenting adults then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it in any way.19   ·  7 hours ago

Juanita-Ray ManriquezI don’t care if your straight or gay, everybody deserves to be happy and have that special someone they can fall in love with and spend the rest of their lives with each other.7   ·  6 hours ago

Suzanne YoungThat breaks my heart, especially seeing the background and knowing that seaside town so well in Northern Ireland. I’m mortified that any human being can spit in another’s face. Why can’t people here put politics and religion aside, there is no place for either in the 21st century. You guys do look good together and your Mothers, as any mother should, be proud of her boys. One day things will change here, were already changing for the better, much love to you both and your Mammy’s :) xxxx1   ·  4 hours ago

Katrina HillsThere are some horrible comments in here, ignore them it is your life Iive it and treat people like you,would like to be treated that’s it ignore the bigots xx and good luck wishing you both a long and happy life xxxx3   ·  5 hours ago

Louise K. ManshipI can not imagine being forced out of your own country because of who you love, so sad.19   ·  6 hours ago

Ruth MageeOh this is so sad😢 I’m from NI, there are so many good people there, the Irish are a great race of people, but politics and religion😩😩😩 go live your life love, isn’t Scandinavia great? Nobody gives a feck who you are, what you are. Just be a decent human being, RESPECT😊3   ·  4 hours ago

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Andrea Leadsom on "patriotic" broadcasters
“It would be helpful if broadcasters were willing to be a bit patriotic” – Andrea Leadsom tells Newsnight after being questioned on Brexit.

(Via BBC Newsnight) See MoreSee Less

7 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Stephen KellyBroadcasters have a duty to present what’s happening, not to blindly dress up in red, white and blue and pretend that everything is good when it clearly isn’t.626   ·  7 hours ago

Marcus CourticeWell said Andrea Leadsom, it’s not about being blindly patriotic but the news is the news not opinions from broadcasters.
And it is clearly biased regarding brexit.

Every negative rant from the likes of Emily in this video is what makes us as a country look bad.
Andrea made the point about ‘elected’ countless times.. the BBC and Emily are not.

Do we all want success for the country? That’s the point , get behind it.242   ·  7 hours ago

Jane TaylorWell said Andrea, the BBC have been appalling bias over this past year and simply went on a crusade to divide instead of bring everyone together. They have become the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and don’t seem to represent the majority with of this country. Bad BBC133   ·  7 hours ago

Dan J SmithGood for Andrea. It’s largely the British press saying ‘we are a laughing stock’ and ‘it’s shambolic’. Big sweeping statements by this halfwit interview who’s always been a bit vile, aren’t helping anyone.

I’m a big believer in being objective and pushing for the truth but the uk media do need to show some support.154   ·  7 hours ago

Mitch BraceyPatriotism, or nationalism, has you bring proud of things you had little part in and makes you hate people youve never met.

It’s a reminant of the primitive part of the brain that prioritises our group over other tribes. With such large nations, and with us all being closer than ever, we should discard it for greater human development.142   ·  7 hours ago

Sandy JohnsonI think media broadcasters should stop giving their opinions and go back to being objective and unbiased Too much to say from a personal point of view and not enough professionalism !!75   ·  7 hours ago

Dudley SwainBBC belligerent hectoring interview. As usual, biased, bigoted and totally unprofessional. But the prole idiots, the Corbyn/IRA team, remoaners, love this aggressive approach, preferably from "a million" who don’t want to listen but just disrupt.52   ·  7 hours ago

Ian Cowley51.89% of the vote went to exit, on a 72.21% turnout.. so.. 37.47% of the voting population made that decision. I hope you were right and had vision, but I doubt it very much.53   ·  7 hours ago

Alex GordonThe media are so doom and gloom. Stop trying to pull everyone and everything apart. The vote was out, were now coming out, like it or lump it. Susan Gordon45   ·  7 hours ago

Rob HopkinsThe BBC have been very anti Brexit all along. Can you really trust anything the BBC put out? Time to end their public funding me thinks! You’ve had it too good for too long…..at the peoples expense! Second rate station at best.38   ·  7 hours ago

David RetturaI am Italian and my English is terribile but here i read radical Tories who wrote that BBC has a lefty agenda and Labour people who are sure that BBC is wooing Conservatives. IMO it mean that BBC is doing a good work34   ·  7 hours ago

Derek-Debbie ClarkWell said sick of all the media to be honest,
Always questioning shadow chancellor of this shadow chancellor of that,
Need to start talking to the actual member of parliament. sometimes get a balanced view would be a start30   ·  7 hours ago

Izzie MooreAndrea showed herself up as she does quite frequently. Could she have parroted Trump any more?! I’m just impressed Emily managed to keep her temper in check!33   ·  7 hours ago

Alessandra Forti Andrea Loathsome wants the broadcasters to be patriotic about brexshit and not point out the UK is not faring well to put it mildly.40   ·  7 hours ago

Carole AllenWell said Andrea – so many journalists etc fronting the big news corporations such as the the BBC are doing nothing to unite this country. Throughout all the tragic events we have suffered over recent months they have behaved like gutter press – so sad especially when in the background the real people on the streets are uniting together in grief and opening their arms and homes to support strangers in their hour of need. I am getting so fed up of turning on the TV to see vicious verbal assaults on interviewees – outrageous23   ·  6 hours ago

Samuel WrightSo appalling a candidate was Andrea Leadsom that she made Theresa May look like a sensible choice for PM. And look how that turned out.23   ·  7 hours ago

Pamela BainesDeluded, patriotism is about the people, Nationalism is against other countries. According to Charles de Gaulle. The BBC on this occasion is definitely being Patriotic. The people need to know what is happening and how she is going to get us a good deal.23   ·  7 hours ago

Andra PopaPeople need to stop expecting the EU to be nice about this. This is a divorce, a slap on the face, and an economical shitstorm that was not supposed to happen. The only thing stopping the EU from making an example out of brexit is the fact that, there is hope of UK coming back someday. And that half the population is in tears right now.17   ·  6 hours ago

Andrew JohnsonNotice how she kept emphasising "elected politicians" as if theyre somehow magical beings and know better than the rest of us. She works for YOU Britain , not the other way around…….21   ·  7 hours ago

John RyderWell said!
The sooner the BBC is privatised the better.
If you want this left wing, champaign socialist, remain obsessed nonsense then good for you.
Pay for it like a football fan pays for sky and leave the rest of us to watch anything better.
Especially the news. Even RTL (Russian today) is better than your rubbish.
Absolutely terrible.18   ·  6 hours ago

Phil Robinsonlets face it, on the run up to the general election, quite a number of us said how the BBC were creating their own stories again and persuing their own objectives. Being the second most vindictive set of journalists in the world, they feel that they can rial against those who dared to criticise them. What an absolute disgrace the BBC news has become. Maybe they should be reminded that they are just general employees rather than elected officials (and they aren’t much better) and that maybe a written warning or dismissal or two might remind them that they actually live in the country that they are so eager to belittle in the cause of notoriety within the BBC news club.18   ·  7 hours ago

Paddy KeeleyI’m being the epitome of patriotic by not wanting our economy to be decimated for generations.

I’m being patriotic by not wanting our country to be the laughing stock of the continent.

I’m being patriotic by carefully researching what a trade deal with any other body means, and knowing it will involve movement of labour as at least one of the conditions.

Flying a flag and parroting God save the Queen doesn’t make you a patriot.

Being proud of our former long gone empire, doesn’t make you a patriot.

Saying, we won the War, so we can deal with Brexit doesn’t make you a patriot.

What matters iw now, and doing what is best for the country, for the vast majority of the people here, makes you a patriot.8   ·  6 hours ago

Dean EakettsI wouldn’t trust anything that comes out of Leadsom’s mouth utter rubbish coming out of it. Plus a good start thats not what Mr Junker said was it?30   ·  7 hours ago

Val BinghamI think the BBC need to butt out of scare mongering and instead encourage sticking together in uncertain times, this is Great Britain! A name we as a country earned once for being GREAT!! We can do it again if only our news was more positive and supportive8   ·  6 hours ago

Linda BarberBroadcasters are only interested in sensationalism…plain and simple as they sit in judgement! They pontificate on scraps of carefully chosen bulletins from the actual negotiators and embellish them to ‘sell papers/themselves or boost viewing figures’ Never ever and no matter what the political matter of interest may be at any time do they *ever* present things with a degree of positivity!8   ·  6 hours ago

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Trump and his reality TV strategy
The BBC’s Jon Sopel: The latest cliffhanger in the reality show of Donald J. Trump‘s presidency? There were never any audio tapes of conversations between him and the ex-FBI director James Comey.

bbc.in/2rKOECF See MoreSee Less

7 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Chris LynchI don’t know what is more entertaining, Trump’s idiocy, or the people making up things in an attempt to defend him.

I’ve never seen one person create so many problems for themselves. It’s hilarious.119   ·  7 hours ago

Lillian Stolfi RobergeTrump said he kept Comey honest by saying there might be "tapes"… yet he claimed Comey was lying in his testimony.

Fat Boy can’t keep up with his lies.94   ·  7 hours ago

Samantha SuttonHow anyone can justify this man being the President of the United States is beyond me!!79   ·  7 hours ago

Warren SmithBored of this Trump witch hunt now. Guarantee if Hilary was president all of her incriminating things would have died and faded away into nothingness23   ·  7 hours ago

David Coghlan"Tapes" is a white rabbit! This is Trump implying and baiting media down a dead end warren! Wise up lads…misdirection is the art of allusion!!17   ·  7 hours ago

Paul KerryHe looks like he hates his life right now. That is a comfort, as is the fact that it’s going to get way, way more miserable.13   ·  7 hours ago

Peter ChegweMethinks there were audio tapes. Trump must have reviewed the tapes with his clan and found them damaging and incriminating, hence his present rhetoric.26   ·  7 hours ago

Catherine PooleThat’s because Trump has made a mockery out of being a "so-called leader" of a great nation. He’s a control freak and a wannabe dictator, who has zero credibility with people who choose to use their good old common sense.9   ·  7 hours ago

Katherine HanvySo it seems there were tapes, Trump let’s this slip when he thought it would threaten Comey. Then Trump realises that private tapes would have serious legal implications, I suspect the tapes are no more, has anyone been spotted making a bonfire in the rose garden?? 🙈5   ·  6 hours ago

Stephen BosticThe real story here is that the head of the FBI was leaking privileged conversations with Mr Trump to the press while attempting to steer our judicial system. Mr Trump was aware of this possibility and stated what he did to keep Comey honest. He made Comey look like a child. Don’t mess with Big Don! One of these days the thoroughly entrenched DC politicians and officials are going to learn. Lol4   ·  5 hours ago

Kate Mitchell EarnestWhat a surprise! He LIED again. This isn’t news. Why don’t you do a story on the new healthcare draft that is going to decimate too many American families? That is newsworthy and must be exposed.3   ·  7 hours ago

Sarang BanneThe press needs to be more straightforward with this: president trump is a liar. Please just say it. Ever since he announced his run for president, most of the press has been obsessed with him to the point that they gave him so much free advertising and now they are showing themselves unwilling to call him out because they’re worried that he may limit their access or call them fake news. That’ll happen anyway, speak out. Even the BBC. Among the American press, the best ones that do it well, in my opinion, are some good newspapers and NPR/PBS. The rest of them are obsessed with some aspects of Russia which they cover 24/7 but do t cover the disastrous healthcare bill much , for instance.20   ·  7 hours ago

Izzie SarmThe reason why tRump always say "I will let you know soon" is because he first has to consult with Pres. Bannon, the brains behind this joker.5   ·  7 hours ago

Bruce FreemanIt’s so much fun to watch you idiots run around making up controversies. Can’t believe anyone thought he had tapes. He never said he did. One comment and you all go nuts.4   ·  7 hours ago

Mirishikiari ShouHaha well Played President Trump. That’s right! President Trump. The BBC butt-wipe needs to get that right. What ever happened to respecting the office? That left when O did! I thank GOD every day i don’t have to hear President Killary speak! God Bless America!29 minutes ago

Jan Smith BroganYes, he does appear to be "gaming it" with a lot of really important issues that should not be played with or teased out. This is serious business and it effects human beings. We are not toys and you were elected to do a good job and work to best of your abilities to represent all of us. 😡1   ·  4 hours ago

James WilsonI bet the tapes exist but after the legal team heard them they realised how damaging they were and opted to deny their existence. Trump of course couldn’t keep his mouth shut and had to say he didn’t record the conversations leaving the matter open to further interpretation. Trying to be clever and failing as always1   ·  3 hours ago

Trisha K HartmannWere there really no tapes or did Mr Trump realize after Comey’s testimony that they would hurt him and he made them disappear? ❤️🇺🇸2   ·  7 hours ago

Mary EllenBBC…..thought your organization didn’t take sides? Comments like "reality show" do NOT reflect a reputable news organization.1   ·  7 hours ago

Lyn DruryI just watched a BBC programme interviewing people in Iowa they dont seem to care about anything ! They think he is unassailable I despair 😱3 hours ago

Chris HolladayTrump doesnt know how to act.He thinks threats will get him results in his favor. So far it seems to be Comey 1 Trump 0, Ford 1 Trump 0, Carrier 1 Trump 0 . Are you tired of winning yet Trump?2   ·  6 hours ago

Donald AllanDon’t you get it John Sopel, he likes to wind you up! 😂 He sees the BBC as fake news! What was it he said to You? "That’s another beauty!" He has got you reacting like a ferret up a drainpipe! Just chill out and let the other media companies react. Have a holiday. 😉5   ·  7 hours ago

Billy GilpinAll President Trump has to do is mention the word "Hope" and it drives the media crazy…. SNL has nothing over the media and how outrageously funny they can be LOL2   ·  5 hours ago

Kathy Hilleary-HorwathTrump tried to provoke the FBI into revealing details and continue the Twitter rant. He is playing checkers with chess champions. Comey has never changed his story but under oath has shared unclassified details. This is not a story change it’s a clarification.5   ·  7 hours ago

Iseult RafteryJournalists should not be reporting on this man and his ignorant soundings – in doing so they are doing us a disservice. Report the real news, not the fake.2   ·  7 hours ago

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Smile, you’re on camera
When the cutest boy you’ll see on TV today takes over the Victoria Derbyshire studio.

Gabriel, 4, had an important message – a plea for more black blood donors to help sickle cell patients like him. See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago

Video screenshot

স্বপ্নময় জীবন, Shymili Gurung and 23 others like this

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Amber PierceI’m confused why does it have to be a black person’s blood? Makes no sense A is A B is B O is O etc I mean the positive and negative match what difference does it make?25   ·  8 hours ago

Yasmin HyderSuch a cutie. What would have been amazing if a 4 year old actually sat down during the interview. :-)12   ·  8 hours ago

David HumanWhere’s Victoria Derbyshire! Off yet again. Weird because the other day she was appearing on someone else’s show but can’t appear on her own. Why not just change the name to the random presenter show1   ·  6 hours ago

Liz MinoSickle Cell Anemia has never had the funding/research that it has needed to defeat this horrific disease because most of those that are ravaged by the disease are Black. But, did you know it also targets Italians and Greeks?2   ·  6 hours ago

Akshay VaraSorry, but Mum should have had this adorable little one under control. I don’t pay my TV license for my viewing pleasure to be interrupted by children running amok. Hope the little man gets well soon and finds a donor for his sickle cell though! 👍🏽11   ·  7 hours ago

Del CaryLabelling a child as cute is subjective and has no place on a news organisation such as the BBC.5   ·  8 hours ago

Gloria OwensSuch a lovely boy, hope a blood donor match is found for him xx9   ·  8 hours ago

William McGintySickle cell is something people need to know more about.It’s serious and should be in the spotlight a lot more.13   ·  8 hours ago

Lola Clark-StoneDanny Adamolekun mate go donate blood now look at this cutie1   ·  8 hours ago

Monika VermaBal Kaur was this the lady you were chatting about?? Cute lad.7 hours ago

Rejane FlorindaSuch a beautiful boy. I hope he gets better. Probably will grow up to be a host on some show in the future.3 hours ago

Łukasz Lidzbarski"Stole the show" I see what you did there :D4   ·  8 hours ago

Giu BonSo if a child with sickle cell in the UK can not afford BMT what about, a child with sickle cell in Africa? But why can’t people with money come out to support Bone marrow Transplant for poor Children in Africa and other places? I hear it costs US $25000 to US $35000 in India! Money I may never see all my life!8 hours ago

Ruth VickersPraying for GABRIEL and ALL the CHILDREN who need donors to help them stay alive!5 hours ago

Pammii Jaywe are different in more ways than we understand, but thats all, just different, not superior not inferior, just different5 hours ago

Lisa HowdyshellIf he gets any cuter I’m not sure I could take it.1   ·  5 hours ago

Amanda SandsCertainly more interesting than Victoria3   ·  8 hours ago

Liviu UstinescuI thought blood is blood regardless of color..2   ·  8 hours ago

Ron Staffordi wouldn,t say he is cute, just normal…8 hours ago

John BridgewaterWhy can’t parents control kids today, disgraceful2   ·  7 hours ago

Alex ByworthLove it just like me as a child xxx1   ·  8 hours ago

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Jackson JackieHe is a cutie. Glad they let him be.5 hours ago

Sreejith SurendranadhHe got a innocent smile , Love it! Haha1   ·  8 hours ago

André DantasHes great!8 hours ago

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Homeless man offers shoes to diner
When a diner’s sandals violated a restaurant dress-code, a homeless man stepped in to help out.

A story that warms the sole! (Via BBC Radio 5 live) See MoreSee Less

9 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Steven YurgelevicAkbar, why the hell you going out to a restaurant in sandals you slob?98   ·  9 hours ago

Zain IqbalHomeless people are the kindest no doubt about that. They have gone through tough times and they know what it feels like to desperately wanting something and unable to get it.120   ·  9 hours ago

Gee T DeeReminds me of the Inbetweeners Episode where he borrows the tramps shoes. 😬98   ·  9 hours ago

Lilian Arisswhat kind of vile person asks a homeless person for their shoes so they can go stuff their face in a fancy restaurant? wtf?63   ·  9 hours ago

Mercedes Lynne GalassoI’m sorry. But this isn’t a heartwarming story at all. It’s a story about a man who couldn’t follow a dress code and wear actual shoes when taking his wife out to dinner, so he had to borrow shoes from someone who has less then he does and left the homeless man wearing sandals, they didn’t even bring him food it sounds like afterwards. A heartwarming story would have been him wearing proper shoes in the first place and then giving them to the homeless man.23   ·  6 hours ago

Craven TsangIt is more like a weird story than a heartwarming story. It would be more heartwarming if he gave his shoes to the homeless man.33   ·  9 hours ago

Moory MooWhat a selfish guy to ask a homeless man for his shoes. Whilst he and his wife sat inside stuffing their faces and probably paying an extortionate amount of money if it’s the kind of place that has a dress code.
Good for the homeless guy for being so selfless, but this story really isn’t heart warming, just an illustration of greed on behalf of the other guy.7   ·  5 hours ago

Ivan Tzonevhe better speak with the manager to ask him if they can take John in the kitchen or anywhere to work so he don’t need to stay homeless and may be afford accomodation as normal human being instead of giving him a dinner or something as a treat6   ·  4 hours ago

Phil StephensCan I borrow your shoes mate. So that the wife and I stuff our face while you starve. .29   ·  9 hours ago

Mary StephensonYes but earlier posts indicate that he gave the man a tenner, whereas a passerby was so moved he gave the man £50. I have no idea if that is true or not but it seems to me that the true Samaritan is the guy who just handed over the cash. Whereas the diner is now going around talking on radio etc. Not apparently doing a great deal for the homeless man ( do you seriously think he is going to buy the man a posh meal at a swanky restaurant) but thoroughly enjoying his own publicity.3   ·  4 hours ago

Leah FarrarJoshua Hall everyone is complaining this guy couldn’t follow dress code, his shoes were Versace! Jesus there’s a lot of money in those sandals5 hours ago

Annmarie HowardSo take shoes from a homeless dude to treat your wife to dinner out and then don’t even bring the guy out some food? Is this supposed to be a feel good story? All it does is highlight first world entitlement and cluelessness.1 hour ago

Maresi KachlerWhat’s not so heartwarming though is the fact that the manager of this restaurant would not let him enter with sandals, but only with "proper" shoes? What silly rule is this please? "Sorry sir, we refuse to take your money if we can see your toes"… the only reason I can imagine that restaurants still apply such ridiculous rules is that there are people who choose to take out their partner on their birthday, wearing plastic slippers… horrible fashion choice, but still I disagree with general rules like this.5 hours ago

Martha ZuluetaI can’t believe he still hasn’t helped the homeless guy out! "Maybe I’ll take him out for a meal", ummm how long ago was that at this point and you’re still unsure. Could have taken him food after you left the restaurant..
at the least!48 minutes ago

Simon Jackson PorteousWho the hell wears sandals to a restaurant… why should people have to see men’s disgusting feet while they’re eating?.. 😭😩1   ·  2 hours ago

Dawn DooleyWomen wear sandals and show their toes so whats the difference in men wearing sandals? Would of saved him cheekily asking a homeless man for his shoes….the cheek of him!!3 hours ago

Andrew KeoghWhy would you go to a restaurant in sandals? People don’t want to be looking at your feet when they’re eating their food. Bad.7 hours ago

Adel HaouamI chocked from some comments towards homeless people , couples of weeks ago was story about the army forces whom they left the service big shunk of them are homeless, and you said it was heartbreaking, and now you insult them
That’s hypocrisy1   ·  6 hours ago

Sue ONeillI would not be giving that restaurant one single penny – dress code or not!16   ·  9 hours ago

Tania Kay"I’ve been fasting all day" So? You expect special treatment for willingly starving all day while that poor homeless man looks for scraps to eat, as and when available.

Selfish prat asked the homeless man for his shoes while him and the missus stuff their gobs. If he had a table reserved at that restaurant, he should have been aware of the dress code.

Much respect to the homeless guy for stepping in to help.1   ·  2 hours ago

Astrid PottWho seriously takes his wife out on her birthday wearing sandals??? He wanted to eat in a restaurant…and wore shoes you wear at the veach. Should have aeen it coming…1   ·  8 hours ago

Dena HumsSince when is foot wear mandated by eating establishments. I can see No barefeet..but what the hell I wear on my feet is no ones business2   ·  8 hours ago

Jo YardleySo nice there are still restaurants that have some sort of dress code.
Anyway, wonderful story, Johns a proper decent fellow and those are rare.6 hours ago

Toni GeeSome good stories to warm the ❤. Silly me. This kind of a story makes me tear up. Good deeds do go a long way, touching others who are not even direct recipients of such.7 hours ago

Craven TsangI would never wear a homeless man shoes off the street.6   ·  9 hours ago

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California road rage caught on camera
Be aware, this road rage incident in California escalates pretty quickly.
See MoreSee Less

10 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Jenny PattersonDon’t know the cause of the bike’s anger but look at the lives he just affected and continued on his way! What a jerk.682   ·  10 hours ago

Mike McGillThe video doesn’t show the whole incident. According to the eyewitness who shot the video the car cut off the rider (those quadruple solid yellow lines are never allowed to be crossed as they are meant to protect those driving faster than the rest of traffic in the HOV lane, which motorcycles are allowed to use), words were exchanged, and as you can see at the beginning of the video the car driver hits the brakes, trying to get the rider to crash into the back of him. The rider dodges and kicks the car in anger, then the driver attempts to murder him by driving him into the wall.544   ·  9 hours ago

Ron AntoneliIt’s incredible how that rider was strong enough to kick that 3,000+ pound car out of control at highway speeds, especially when the car swerved towards him several times prior. 🙄332   ·  9 hours ago

Walker SkeeterDude in that Nissan is gonna be hemmoraging debt for the rest of his life because he took out that innocent truck. He’s never gonna be able to pay off all those legal fees. He deserves every bit of it too, moron.261   ·  9 hours ago

Rebecca PoulosI feel badly for the white vehicle who got hit and flipped over. They had nothing to do with it. Looks like the guy on the bike just road away, not even stopping for the guy that flipped. Not cool.119   ·  9 hours ago

Max MuellerThe car illegally crossed double yellows into the HOV lane in which the motorcycle is allowed and has the whole lane. The driver started it. And any karma the driver built up after being kicked at he lost when he swerved at the bike which could have killed the rider. The real victim are the people in the truck.128   ·  9 hours ago

Sarah Katherine PurtellSometimes you just have to be the bigger person, because neither could walk away from anger the result is what we see here. Both at fault and totally unnecessary. Sad that grown people behave this way.63   ·  9 hours ago

Zak Christopher DedeoglouThey are both at fault here I think, he shouldn’t have kicked the car and the guy in the car shouldn’t have tried to kill him.84   ·  9 hours ago

Chris MillsPeople in the comments like "I’m siding with the car" "I’m siding with the motorcycle"… uhhhhh both of these idiots are in the wrong, maybe don’t kick a car AND don’t try to murder someone on a motorcycle?!?! What sucks is the people in the truck got the worst of it and they were just minding their own business54   ·  9 hours ago

Tolga KilicAlexander Hagspiel
The comments tough.. u dont know what this car driver might have done to the biker earlier.. and that reaction… if someone hits my car with his foot sitting on a bike wtf should i hit him with full power of my 1,5 ton car… the biker is not the moron here31   ·  9 hours ago

Sadia NaeemThe video doesn’t show what happened before the biker kicked the car. I highly doubt someone would go out of their way to do that if they weren’t provoked in some way initially. But they’re both at fault anyway, knowing that any action on the road could cause an accident.23   ·  9 hours ago

Brian WoodBBC News (and other news sources), please be sure to tell the whole story. According to witnesses, prior to the start of the video the car cut-off the biker and the two apparently "exchanged words." The passenger in another car then decided to start shooting the video and catches the final moments of the car crossing the double yellow back into the carpool lane, right next to the motorcyclist. That’s when the biker kicks the car (bad idea) and the car driver decides to swerve hard and hit the bike (attempted murder, as far as I’m concerned), and the rest unfolds as you see in the video. The biker did not initiate this, and the car drivers attempt to knock him down is egregious, at best.

Yes, the motorcyclist should have stopped, but then… someone did just try to kill him.18   ·  9 hours ago

Rene SoullierApparently the car driver crossed the HOV lines and cut off the biker (According to the person who captured the video). The biker retaliated by speeding up alongside the car kicking it. The vehicle, subsequently, swerved into him (either intentionally or due to panicking. It’s not unheard of for people to get shot due to road rage, and the car driver might have been fearing for their life). We can only speculate until details emerge.
The only one facing criminal charges, as I see it, is the motorcycle rider for leaving the scene of an accident he inevitably caused.
People get cut off all the time. A raised finger and a horn usually suffice.17   ·  9 hours ago

Emine Enise YakarHow people are so crazy ??? The most inocent one, the white vehicle, got the most damage. I feel very upset for this vehicle.’16   ·  9 hours ago

Klaus DerendorfPeople don’t know the back story before the video started: Witnesses said the car went across the double yellow line into the POV lane (illegal) and almost hit the biker. The biker was rightfully pissed off. He shouldn’t have kicked the car, but the car’s driver clearly should be charged with attempted manslaughter cos he literally tried to kill the biker by purposely swerving to hit him. Poor people in the white truck though …13   ·  9 hours ago

Michelle CappsIf anyone had driven through California, those motorcyclists tend to drive between cars at high speeds.
Based on my experience, im siding with the car

Got to be more to the video bc someone is filming them. They’ve probably been going back and forth for a while7   ·  9 hours ago

Jenny Louise HutchinsonBoth are in the wrong. The biker should have stopped as there was an accident and people could be hurt and the car was obviously a dick who rams a bike ffs? Even if the biker had done something wrong you don’t ram it with your car.20   ·  9 hours ago

Kasey LouiseThe guy on the bike needs to be charged. He started the whole thing.40   ·  9 hours ago

David KyteAll you people bashing the motorcyclist. The car could have killed him to begin with. Sure, he was a bit of a dick, but honestly, if the choice is between an "oh I didn’t see them when I changed lanes" type of driver killing the motorcyclist and that, I’d rather be alive. it should be obvious the driver of that car wasn’t exactly driving with their hands clean, either. Try to be vindictive, overcorrect, and that’s what you cause. Having said all of that, after having visited California, those highways are a major reason I didn’t enjoy it there.5   ·  9 hours ago

Tom Lewis JrI have watched this several times wishing i could see what led up to this. but the car had his brakes on before he swerved into the bike. i hope the insurance company denies the drivers claim and makes him pay for all the damage he caused. at the very least he should loose his license for a long time. I hope the people in the truck are ok!7   ·  9 hours ago

Stephanie Andrada MooreLos Angeles traffic is nuts! I hope they catch that guy and throw away the key. What is wrong with people today? Never think about what your actions can do and never accept the consequences! He took off!! They’ll catch him8 hours ago

Álvaro A. AyoWhat the biker did is reckless and stupid, but what the car driver attempted is criminal.35   ·  9 hours ago

Charles SteeleThe car and the bike drivers were wrong. You dont kick a car and you dont swerve into somebody. I doubt that kick caused the car to lose control and if thats the case, the cause of that accidents on the car. The biker left the seen and the car driver needs a wreckless driving ticket. All that and a poor old man got hurt. This is why i carry my pistol.3   ·  9 hours ago

Ashish BishtWhere are the guns? Road rage and no guns in ‘Murica…This must be alternate reality…I was waiting for AR15s to come out…

I hope people in white truck are fine…4   ·  9 hours ago

Amber RackOkay, after watching a couple times, I have to wonder about the close-up at the end – why highlight the motorcycle defending himself (as if he initiated the conflict), when the gray car illegally merged almost right into him??37 minutes ago

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