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Cancer discovery
Watch #LIVE: Recurring cancer can be spotted up to a year before normal scans in an "exciting" discovery.

We’re live with BBC’s Health correspondent James Gallagher to talk you through the research… See MoreSee Less

1 hour ago

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BBC NewsApologies for stopping early, we experienced an issue with our signal. James is answering your questions in the comments section. Here’s more information on the new discovery: www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-396586809   ·  46 minutes ago

BBC NewsWhat questions do you have for James? Send them in below.37   ·  1 hour ago

Kevin LadenWhy don’t you stop wasting everybody time and tell everyone you found a cure for cancer but your not letting the public know due to the billions and trillions the pharmaceutical companies would lose?56   ·  1 hour ago

Mike GoldfatherI had surgery 4 years ago for intestine cancer ,every one year I have a scan ,always negative ,last month also i had a scan also negative ,how would i know it wont recurre again ?8   ·  1 hour ago

Kaicheng LiangCan you comment on false positive rates? Also, what is the significance of finding such micro-recurrences if they are not yet treatable? You can’t treat non-existent tumors.10   ·  1 hour ago

Katerina RobertsI am into the fifth and final year of follow up for lung cancer. My last appt is in June – so far so good but would it be feasible to ask my consultant to take a sample of my blood for analysis?4   ·  60 minutes ago

Zoe DownsIsn’t returning cancer incurable ? I’m not sure I’d wanna know a year in advance if that was the case if nothing can be done6   ·  48 minutes ago

Janice LasckoWe have a "cancer corridor " here in Cleveland Ohio. I have SCC and 6 other close neighbors have or had various cancers. 4 are dead2   ·  40 minutes ago

Emma Clifford-SmithSo can you be screened for the likelihood of cancer if you haven’t had it but you have a strong family history? Lymphoma and brain cancer.4   ·  1 hour ago

Joanne ThomasThis would only if the doctors have a sample of your cancer cell. IF they have been destroyed then a "fingerprint" could not be followed?2   ·  25 minutes ago

Sveto JordanovskiPlease, give it to ordinary people who are poorly understood in medicine, briefly explain the first symptoms that indicate whether a person has cancer4   ·  1 hour ago

Monica MacraeExciting discovery !!!!unfortunately none of us will benefit as it is probably too expensive ….like all cancer treatments!8 minutes ago

Tommy Barlow– If an alcoholic (or fast foody, smoker, etc. ) gets cancer, and doesn’t cut back massively on alcohol, the cancer will come back.
Simple.1   ·  54 minutes ago

Onur ÜlküYour research against cancer is nice, however you need to use software models for faster progress. We are here if you need in the cancer of general software.2   ·  58 minutes ago

Bengt WärlebyHow about take away the Tobacco industry. The major cancer creator all sorts. asked at our Path dept – it is said to stand for 17-40 % of all cancers.2   ·  30 minutes ago

Barb Kelly Bliss EhrgottI understand that 30% of carcinoid reoccurance are not detected by octriatide scans. Would this pick up carcinoid reoccurance.?2   ·  1 hour ago

Paul Robertsprobably a scam to force healthy people to have expensive drugs and healthcare. making people ill and charging them for a cure is big business3   ·  1 hour ago

Pam AdamsThis is an amazing breakthrough, but I would like to see people’s own Dr’s listen to you more to move faster to have you referred on for checking for possible cancer. Often it’s too late by that time1   ·  47 minutes ago

Lola LunaGood morning that’s a blessing where I can formation about this where in Los Angeles is amazing for my family and my friends I can’t wait I saw myself I know I have it1   ·  1 hour ago

Shelley Y. DacusinThey said cancer is just lack of vit B-17, is this true?2   ·  1 hour ago

Michele BourneIs this for all types of cancer or just certain types?1   ·  60 minutes ago

Maria Khan GillaniWillthis able to detect all types of cancer? And when will this become available to generL public?1   ·  59 minutes ago

Tommy BarlowProblem is ‘cancer cells’ are just normal cells, polluted and toxified, gone haywire. So, looking for toxicity in the body would be more effective.
(children with cancer got it through the environment, and/or their parents/grand parents’ toxicity.2   ·  57 minutes ago

Valorie JenkinsBaking soda is the answer….cancer is a fungus they will soon find this out.7   ·  1 hour ago

Naomi Durhamweve all lost loved ones to this horrible word so why dont you just tell us when you have found a cure as thats all we want!!3   ·  1 hour ago

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Artificial womb – premature lambs
Scientists in the US have been able to keep premature lambs alive for weeks using an artificial womb that looks like a plastic bag.
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1 hour ago

Video screenshot

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Lora SpringThis is a miracle in the works..I had a premature baby at 24 weeks and she went through a lot with blood transfusions.tubes and wires hanging everywhere..She is now 882   ·  1 hour ago

Amanda O’Rourke RustTheir Mother’s gave birth to them prematurely. This isn’t a baby grown in a bag. This is a wonderful thing for premature babies to help them survive after birth.41   ·  1 hour ago

Keeley Jade SmithJust me that thinks this is wrong? We’re fiddling with science too much, there’s already too many people on this planet. We need diseases and deaths to keep population down, as for the poor lambs that keep dying in these experiments, is just in humane.61   ·  1 hour ago

Lauren T. WanveerThank you BBC for more accurate science reporting on this than the American sites I initially saw the story on, including NPR. Most stories buried the lead that it was for preemies and jumped straight to abortion politics and science fiction concerns about eliminating women from procreation. One quibble with all coverage including yours is that I’d dispute this is accurately called a womb with no replication of what a placenta does for a fetus. This is more of an upgrade to the current incubator/ventilator way they care for the babies now. You know this because they have to be the same viable age a preemie is now when they are put in an incubator on a ventilator.24   ·  1 hour ago

Anton MaltsevI’m tired of stupid comment like "There are too many people on the planet", "Stop experiments on animals". First, population growth should be stopped but through modernization. When all these poor people in the least developed countries will finally advance to better living standards, prudent economy, more transparent government, they will not have so many children like people in developed countries. It sounds ludicrous when American child-free feminists show off the share they do to stop overpopulation while women in Africa give birth to their children on the overcrowded boats. Secondly, I love animals, but more I love human beings. I don’t like this anti-human pro-animal rhetoric. We have to care about animals, stop poaching and other illegal activities, reduce pollution and uncontrolled hunting, but on the other hand we have to survive on this planet too.8   ·  48 minutes ago

Armend BajgoraI like the idea of premature babies ! They die because of problem’s that r not foreseen by their mother’s and their bodies create problems; That is very painful for the Moms n the babies !? For this kind of right reason’s science most be used !? Thank You n keep up the good work5   ·  1 hour ago

Stephen RobinsonYou know when scientists do this type of lab work, its just a precursor to more questionable ethic type stuff. I predict there will be designer pets in a bag down the road! I see a real Matrix store coming…lol4   ·  58 minutes ago

Wes LibbyExcellent. Soon they will be able to transport babies from the wombs of women who want abortions so that they can be assigned to republican families who don’t believe they should have the right to autonomy.7   ·  55 minutes ago

Trina Coffman ReynoldsThis will save many babies lives! While carrying our daughter, my placenta wasn’t attached to womb. Very Scary pregnancy, but hallelujah, we made it! I say this is wonderful news for future babies.3   ·  37 minutes ago

Amanda ReesI’m all for this and medical advancements if it didn’t involve the unethical sourcing and involuntary use of animals who are routinely killed afterwards. There has to be an ethical line somewhere and alternative methods researched. This lamb’s ‘life’ was spent in a plastic bag then it was killed. The one that they allowed to live, only lived for a year.1   ·  8 minutes ago

John ThomasIf successful, this would be beneficial in situations of premature termination of pregnancy where the fetus can be allowed to grow after being taken out of uterus.4 minutes ago

Ross MansonIf it helps a family get the chance to spend more time with a child, I’m all for it.

Plenty of people out there already that need put in plastic bags.50 minutes ago

Allison MetcalfThis is a tiny percentage of humanity this could help. Late miscarriage or pre-term births are devastating. The ones who do survive can be left with life long disabilities. Why wouldn’t you want something that could take that heartache away from parents and give the babies the best chances.
And if you’re looking at it purely financially. That initial lay out could save the NHS millions in the long run. Parents and families mental health, child’s future care would all need less money.25 minutes ago

William Johnson-SmithOnce again science-fiction becomes science fact. They will soon be able to do this with a human foetus. Just imagine If a successful cloning procedure could be developed.1   ·  1 hour ago

Joe AshfordThe last thing this world needs is more humans. We need to control the human population because at this rate the world will not be able to sustain us. In my opinion, this is a reckless use of science.4   ·  47 minutes ago

Steve MattocksJust brilliant. Medical progress is fantastic, but comes at a cost. Let us not forget that the wonderful NHS costs a fortune with new technology. Support the NHS and all those who work in it.51 minutes ago

Brenda K. BowlesJustify it any way you want — it is not something I will ever agree with. Dying is a life stage. Grieving is a life stage. Get over being happy all the time and joy filled. Go outside your happy box. Go outside science is great box. Science is great, science is good, but there is an ethical line to everything. One of the reasons our people are so drug addicted is because they haven’t been able to deal with any of the "pains" of life. Who ever said we are supposed to live pain free — emotionally?5   ·  45 minutes ago

Lee MorrisThis reminds me of that scene in blade: trinity in the warehouse with all the people in the plastic bags. Not sure how I feel about it.57 minutes ago

Ray ThomasWow, the Matrix is looking more real every day.11   ·  1 hour ago

Ky GuestIf they made it an oven roast bag ,you could go from artificial womb to oven roasted lushness with minimal fuss !14 minutes ago

Lisa BoltI can understand how this could help prem babies, but it still makes me feel very uncomfortable,after all big companies will be looking for a way to make money from this,everything is an opportunity to exploit this planet and all its life, dare I mention The Matrix24 minutes ago

Emily LewisColette Dewick-EiseleAmy MalakChristiana Corbyn is it possible to put a baby on liquid after they’ve been born without them drowning? I assumed once they were born even if they’re premature their lungs will be active and they will be breathing?1   ·  47 minutes ago

Dayna JackaKaren I think it was you who posted this the other day wondering if it was real or not … BBC reported it so I’m assuming that it is 😊 incredible59 minutes ago

Ike UdechukwuYou first saw this in the movie Matrix I. Now, it is real. Once the population of the earth becomes unsustainable, and healthcare costs become unsustainable as well, people with no disease will be selected for breeding outside of the womb in order to control the population of the world. Again, watch Gattaca to see how eugenics might be implemented in the world. Eventually, the world will be divided into two distinct groups—-the "haves" and "have-nots". The haves will be pure born individuals with no disease or abnormalities born outside of the womb—they will have no parents—-their allegiance will be to the state. The have-nots will be naturally born people with parents and who will be called savages, subject to living in deplorable conditions, and who will have many diseases and ailments. This world I am talking about is already being built. Savages will drive fossil fuel cars that pollute their environments which will make them sicker. The "haves" who are pure will drive electric hover vehicles that produce zero emissions.9 minutes ago

Rahul Kumar ChoudharyI mean…it’s everything from mother nature..beautiful creatures..colorful butterflies..mountains rivers..and forest..she gives everything from care to love..and we breathe..Its all by mother NATURE..its our duty to protect and care our own Earth and nature..Thanks
Let the light come from all directions…..so that there is no darkness remains on earth and everyone be delighted with the blessings of god.1   ·  1 hour ago

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The strawberry container farm
Inside the shipping container which houses a strawberry growing farm…

(via BBC Click) See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Andy BluntBerry interesting6   ·  2 hours ago

Ahmed Farmanللمشاركة
يطالب الأكراد السوريون بالحماية الدولية والقيام بحملة على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي باستخدام hashtag
# NoFlyZone4Rojava
Syrian Kurds call for international protection and launch campaign on social media using the hashtag
#NoFlyZone4Rojava3   ·  2 hours ago

Bryan McdonaldIf you have a National organisation all prevailing and intrusive .. I see it as a duty to tell people to open their minds and ears. To this propaganda Run station the BBC . If you think the BBC is free and fair you are delusional. Just one instance see how their coverage of Trump has changed since he banned them.as well as being nepotistic organisation.. it’s a upper class and middle class organisation. Fake news at its best3   ·  46 minutes ago

Craig GoodsirMany people just got a great idea about how to hide and grow marijuana.9   ·  2 hours ago

Simond SimmonsShould we not be sending these to african nations to start harvesting food.2   ·  49 minutes ago

Anthony Peter MoorePlease BBC, Please. This is not a time for strawberries and jokes. The world is on the verge of WW31   ·  2 hours ago

Steven LawrenceHardly a new idea.I used to have 3 containers buried in my back yard.Grew weed in them for 20 years3   ·  2 hours ago

Debbie Mundier MoormanWRONG!!! Strawberries are the ONE fruit that will NOT ripen once it is picked. What you pick is what you get. Didn’t need to go into this FAKE story any further.2   ·  2 hours ago

Geoffrey WigleyWhat a great idea for UK farmer to adopt rather than sitting around and waiting for ‘set aside’ subsidies.1 hour ago

Ajoy ChakrabortyThe time is coming as predicted by Arthur C Clarke, human rearing and extracting milk from whales for feeding the mass.2 hours ago

Bill ProudGet Kuenssberg on the case and she will spin this place into a heavy water plant.2 hours ago

Carole Anne CollinsSomething sad about seeing fruit grown this way.1   ·  2 hours ago

Lucas Procópio MorelliStrawberry weed1   ·  2 hours ago

Juliette BanksAwesome!!!33 minutes ago

Emma YoungActually Looks quite gd — wonder if it is???2 hours ago

Eu Choon LengWhy can’t we do this with durians???2 hours ago

Lorraine ParkinsonBackyard not big enough for a shipping container1 hour ago

Darrell PainterGrowing surely not making2 hours ago

Tanez Elizabeth34 minutes ago

Max PowerAlan Kearney you may like this2 hours ago

Marijn Thomas BoonNice commercial BBC.2 hours ago

Tadeusz KoniecpolskiGive ideas to ganja growers, BBC.2 hours ago

Daniel GreenwoodUsing shed loads of electricity.2 hours ago

Paul GoodnoThe Bay Bay Say new netwak2 hours ago

Jason MitchellOkay.2 hours ago

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Cuba’s crab invasion
A crab invasion has taken over Cuba’s Bay of Pigs. 🦀🦀🦀
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3 hours ago

Video screenshot

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Maria Tahir AzamAnd nobody noticed the guy using condoms to mend tyre punctures caused by crab over population. If only crabs used condoms this infestation could be avoided and therefore no punctures!129   ·  2 hours ago

Robert HammondWell at least somebody successfully invaded the Bay of Pigs74   ·  2 hours ago

Carlo DivinagraciaThis is yummy. Cook in coconut milk with red chili, red onion, ground pepper, ginger, & 3 teaspoon of shrimp paste. A little of salt & sugar. Sprinkle generously with chopped spring onion. Thank You O God!!!47   ·  2 hours ago

Karen KissoonHow is this an infestation? I mean I’m a vegetarian but oh gosh food is walking right into your house and maybe even on your plate.14   ·  1 hour ago

Mark HintonDon’t worry Cubas new found prosperity will take care of that problem. We used to have them here now thanks to habitat destruction and the motor car they are very rare.2   ·  2 hours ago

Simon LeeAnd when all the eggs hatch and return that is a sea if red as well. Looks briliant. Though i agree a bit of a pain for locals but its nature so.6   ·  3 hours ago

Leslie Yates DionneThis same thing happens in FL every year!!! Although there are no forests across the street instead it’s nothing but condos!!!!1 hour ago

Jingles CheIt’s not an invasion. It’s a naturally occurring migration. Humans in the area are the invaders. Respect your natural neighbours33 minutes ago

Deep RootedIts better to say that crabs invaded Cubans bay of pigs instead of another US invasion once again haha.. but Raul Castro’s govt cannot be so confident that there would be no US invasion again, now that the US have an insane president just 44 kilometers away from their land.1 hour ago

Nick ClarkIt is the wisdom of the crabs. Given people are worried about nuclear war, they have emerged from the sea to remind us how close we came to total destruction during the Cuban missile crisis. Crabs don’t forget, and this is their effort at sending a signal to mankind that we do not have the right to blow the world up, as the underwater life has as much right to be here as King Hussein of Jordan.

Thanks crabs.13   ·  3 hours ago

Ilgın AltıncıkNow we know that crabs can carry out a better invasion than the CIA :)13   ·  2 hours ago

Lynn PaweleckThis happens every year – remember being told about them Barbara Hitchins 😄Are they where you are DDuniesky Gortand GGeisy Reyes Montes de Oca😄2 hours ago

Brigitte TheobaldI remember the first one I ever came across in the toilet in Barbados, you know you being watched….. strange watched by a pair of eyes, not sure where they are1   ·  2 hours ago

Razvan Tudor GrigoreJesus, these animals are soooo rude! They destroy our trucks and steal our money from our houses while we sleep. We should kill them all!!! Kill the bloody crabs!!!!!56 minutes ago

Irma MontalvoMonica Velasco. Eras muy chiquita lo veíamos en la carretera que va a Trinidad cuando íbamos. Justo es la zona. No recuerdo haber visto esos cangrejos en la zona norte. ????1 hour ago

DrVon GierkeBay of Pigs has this sightings normally taking places.When we use to take bath in the beach,many crabs used to swim near!!It was good sightings.1   ·  3 hours ago

Ziska ArnoldWell then, finally a successful invasion at the bay of pigs, the US can lean something from those crabs 🦀 they been trying for years 😂13 minutes ago

Ben KimberThey’ve only just realised this now? Remember all the poor things getting run over Laura McLean, Rachel Hill, Dan Prescott & Kelly Prescott??1   ·  2 hours ago

Bryan McdonaldIf you have a National organisation all prevailing and intrusive .. I see it as a duty to tell people to open their minds and ears. To this propaganda Run station the BBC . If you think the BBC is free and fair you are delusional. Just one instance see how their coverage of Trump has changed since he banned them.as well as being nepotistic organisation.. it’s a upper class and middle class organisation. Fake news at its best47 minutes ago

David McGregorThe Crabs dont cause any problems its Humans who cause them problems by being in the way.6   ·  2 hours ago

James CunninghamWill it be more successful than the previous invasion I wonder……6   ·  3 hours ago

Faith ThompsonI love how they briefly gloss over the condom tyre mechanic Hana7   ·  3 hours ago

Hamza Shakilcrab people crab people, walk like crabs, talk like people! crab People Crab People!6   ·  2 hours ago

Fiona RambarranI would be happy to see crabs at my door…there is nothing like fresh crabs on my plate for dinner. 😂🤣3   ·  1 hour ago

Michael KovichIt isn’t a "crab infestation." It’s crabs living their lives and doing what they do. Leave them be.11   ·  3 hours ago

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Boris Johnson on possibility of intervention in Syria.
If the US come to us and "ask for our support…it will be very difficult for us to say no" – British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told the BBC’s The Today Programme. bbc.in/2qaX0pR
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4 hours ago

Video screenshot

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BBC NewsLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn says "we don’t need unilateral action" over Syria but should instead work through the UN towards a "political settlement" there – bbc.in/2q9CKC180   ·  3 hours ago

Tom BradleyNo money for schools and hospitals but the Tories always have money for a war, funny that…409   ·  4 hours ago

Anne WatsonPut your dicks away, fellas. We don’t care whose is bigger, especially if your contest is going to cost lives. Stop it, boys, just stop it.153   ·  4 hours ago

Jan BerringtonIt would not be difficult! Learn by past mistakes!! What an idiot! We can say no. No military action should be undertaken without Parliamentary approval!

Remember, the US have said no to us in the past!110   ·  4 hours ago

Alex ByworthSorry haven’t we learnt from Iraq and Afghanistan and the risk of terror attacks on this country looking after the USA’s interests leave the USA to fight their own bulling wars so we can live in peace !!!63   ·  4 hours ago

Josh Alexander Coton LinesBypassing a parliamentary vote is difficult to say no to but getting involved in another conflict isn’t? Funny how there is always more money for war.33   ·  4 hours ago

Brian CowleyOnce a Warmonger always a Warmonger .. Just look at Boris’s CV they learned the lessons of IRAQ then fell into Destroying LIBYA leaving ISIS welcome flags all over their lands .. whats next Boris? the sooner we DUMP BORIS the better.39   ·  4 hours ago

Thom HardcastleAs a nation, we have always joined the US in destroying Islamic countries by murdering their people, stealing their land and resources, obliterating their culture, demonizing their people and enforcing our will, so that we could make money for weapons manufacturers. It’s what makes us proud to be British.29   ·  4 hours ago

Simon WaterworthBoris Johnson, media clown, Tory halfwit & selfserving liar who sold the country down the Brexit river for nothing more than self gain attacking a man of principal who wants change for the many & not the few, who won’t bow to Murdoch & Rothermere. I know who gets my vote…11   ·  2 hours ago

Peter RaymentSo those that said voting to leave the EU will just make us more subservient to the US were bang on then..
Bring the power back!
My Boris it has!15   ·  4 hours ago

Debbie HolderI think with the state America is in at the moment and with their present president "trump". We need to look long and hard at our relationship and any support we may or may not give. The UK cannot afford to be lead into any mad and bad choices due to American stupidity.11   ·  3 hours ago

Christine CoeYes he would Boris but name calling is what children do and you also make yourself a laughing stock by your actions and the things you say which is pretty scary when you hold the position of foreign Secretary. Please don’t insult the Chinese or the Russians since your government has been hell bent on destroying our armed forces. Taking boots off the ground and paying top brass more is not the way to run the armed forces. Take note.5   ·  3 hours ago

Shelagh ScottHere we go- hanging onto the USA’s coat tails again- because we need a trade deal, thanks to Brexit. The suggestion that Parliament may not need to be consulted makes this even more scary!😡😡9   ·  3 hours ago

Rowan Berridge-AfanadorIn other words, having duped people into voting Brexit so that we don’t "take orders from Brussels", Boris will now be taking orders from Washington.

Is this what Theresa May means when she says the Tories will give us "strong leadership"?19   ·  3 hours ago

Martin Reesethat’s all we need … more war supporting the fractious and terrorists groups… while at the same time supporting Saudi Arabia with arms and trade deals.. the hypocrisy of this government is so unbelievable…7   ·  3 hours ago

Janet Pearloh dear Boris what are you saying, showing your true tory self now,,,,,,,yea look what happend when Blair jumped on Bush’e,lap, started,… USA love wars and are a dictatorship to the rest of the world… stay out of it..7   ·  3 hours ago

Arthur MontiethCalling him a stupid blonde gorilla might not be racist, but it would certainly be insulting – to the gorilla. STILL a 5 year old schoolboy?9   ·  4 hours ago

Lorrain ChienWhy do leaders have to keep repeating and repeating and repeating the same question to news reporters. These days, they are really getting on my last nerve with their constant harassment of our leaders. Simply ask a question, get an answer and move on…..5   ·  4 hours ago

Michael PhillipsHere we go, More lies to advance the progress of the arms dealers and oil companies. Based on misrepresentation and falsehood. The Tories down to a T, wanting more power for the powerful at tax payers expense, Then they reap the benefits. While the tax payer gets ripped off and further enslaved. All this behaviour does is promote retaliatory terrorism and refugees. And this blither blather hypocrite slags off the war criminal Blair.5   ·  3 hours ago

Lynnette MoonNeither should other countries be dragged into wars with America. They start the invasion. America is too quick to interfere in other’s affairs.8   ·  3 hours ago

James NicolsonThe worst part of this is that this numpty is on the TV all day long as a result, if only he would put on his clown make up and costume7   ·  4 hours ago

Trish KennyWell isn’t that just fantastic. .nothing like riding on the coat tails of someone who unfortunately is mentally challenged. .At what point are we considered to be part of the United States. .hard to say no..really..you say often enough when it comes to the Nhs, education, the disabled..or is it just the case that the Tory government is as war Hungry as the tango squad in the states2   ·  2 hours ago

Abby HannumSeriously BBC !!! You make this stupid ignoramus top news & even get in a university Professor to talk for several minutes about Boris calling Jeremy Corbyn a Mugwump because this is so important to the British nation !!!!!??? Get a bloody grip !!! This is not what we pay our license for !!!! 😠😠51 minutes ago

Pedro MartinsTypical. A Country can’t say no because it is difficult. So rather do easy way and stupid, to feed conflicts where only third parties have interest and get the perks.3   ·  4 hours ago

Sue RisdaleFor goodness sake can’t any politician simply answer a question without sitting on the fence😡…this makes my blood boil when they are so indecisive. Don’t they ever consult with whoever is top of the pecking order BEFORE being interviewed????2   ·  2 hours ago

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