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Legalize Marijuana

America to Trump: Hands off our legal marijuana. See MoreSee Less

A new Marijuana Majority poll shows that Trump will face a huge political backlash if he comes after cannabis.

Share if you agree.

1 day ago

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Wilhelm HofmannTrump on record already stated he will "Leave Marijuana Laws up to the State" He is After Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities.. and the States are Refusing to Conform to Federal Laws. Which will be taken to Supreme Courts.. and Federal Law will win. Marijuana is Safe Everyone.7   ·  1 day ago

Cody Deanthe only people talking about Trump coming after medical marijuana are you and other libtarded fear mongering pages like yours.4   ·  1 day ago

Daniel MartinTrump said…Are we forgetting we’re dealing with a pathological liar? Who can’t go more than three words without lying. Plus his attorney general wants to go after it.3   ·  1 day ago

Nick Kinneytrump appointed jeff sessions. and the idiots elected trump. its too late. you dont get to change your mind just cuz your precious marijuana is now under threat. he may have said he will leave it alone, but he also said he wouldnt defund medicare , he also said he would build a wall, he said he would deport millions of "illegal" immigrants . none of which he has done. what makes your think that if he couldnt keep all thoughs promises, that he will suddenly keep this one? please. the trump supporters are so blind by obama hate they can no longer see reason or even admit they THEY WERE JUST WRONG. its too late. you voted for HIM now you get to DEAL with him. whats the phrase your all so fond of? "get over it snowflake" i think is what it was.22 hours ago

Richard Adrian DownWhat if that state’s cannabis laws are against it? Just make it legal for medical and recreational federally and be done with it! Jesus fuck! It’s not that difficult people!5   ·  1 day ago

Shawn PorterI love the well trump. The man that is for asset forfeiture and private prisons. Haha yeah the authoritarian asshat will just let people be. That is why us libertarians hate him.1 day ago

Chace ColemanLol. Its not trump u need to worry about. Trump is all for mary jane in the states. He already said he was gunna leave it alone jesus4   ·  1 day ago

K.c. MillerHis position on cannabis is so far down on the list of things he does that scare me that I can’t see it from here.1   ·  1 day ago

Wilde JordanTrump insider and Infowars contributor Roger Stone has created a lobbying group called The United States Cannabis Coalition (USCC) that hopes to convince President Trump to legalize marijuana nationwide.

www.infowars.com/roger-stone-jesse-ventura-push-trump-to-legalize-marijuana-nationwide/1 day ago

Brandon LebegueIt’s been done already stop with the propaganda political post on a weed page please3   ·  1 day ago

Aaron Kohen Ron Cane~ Mr. President ~ If you don’t get a handle on your A.G and tell him to lay off Medical Cannabis ~ he may bring your presidency to an end.2   ·  1 day ago

Farit Faliriotisfuck cannabis and fuck your peace shit muthafuckers who smokes shit know well that weed will fuck your head and your lungs…. with the time and not everyone is same too.18 minutes ago

Heleyna Ricky CookIf he’s a true business man he’ll help it be legalized ! Lots of money to be made here !!1   ·  23 hours ago

Wilde JordanLol it’s not trump it’s sessions and Trump has already asked him to focus on more important issues1   ·  1 day ago

Tj MyersMore than 3 out of 4? I know im high but wouldn’t that be 4?16 hours ago

Andrew Kosyjana3 out of 4 states voted for the feds that will go after cannibis laws????? WTF America1 day ago

Michael L. Wallace Jr.3 out of 4 citizens wants Jeff Sessions to squeal like a pig in Prison .1 day ago

Robert DoleAnd 3 out of those 3 want it completely removed from scheduling because of corporate bullshit.1 day ago

Dave Bito’o’wu PrattThe other 24% are morons.7   ·  1 day ago

Brian PrewettWhen Hitler invaded Germany, it started subtle. "Hey, do you mind if we put this red star in your window. We just want to mark which businesses are run by Jews for our records and statistics." Then it turned into, "Will you put your name on this list? It’s nothing really, just for our recordkeeping and statistics." Then it turned into, "If your name is on this list, you can’t take this train… or do this or that…" Then it turned into, "ALL THE PEOPLE ON THIS LIST MUST RIDE THIS TRAIN." … That train took them to camps where they were experimented on, tortured, and ultimately killed. GO FUCK YOUR STATE LISTS, IMHO. FULL FEDERAL REMOVAL, So that the federal government has the possibility to respect New and Intelligently made State Laws, that don’t include the need of putting people on a list.17 hours ago

Chase Sara MischleyIt’s our patriotic duty to make sure it is available to everyone!!!1 day ago

Greg Lowthersme to the world. Leave me and my weed ALONE2   ·  1 day ago

Jens Gerhard Juul Larsensource to those statistics?2   ·  1 day ago

William IngrammThat’s it?1 day ago

Kane Taterfuck the feds1 day ago

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Marijuana Majority
Just Say No…To Jeff Sessions.
See MoreSee Less

Jeff Sessions wants the power to crack down on medical marijuana. We will not allow that.

1 day ago

Jeff Sessions wants the power to crack down on medical marijuana. We will not allow that.

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Chiron ChristiJeff Sessions is one of the twisted creatures that crawled out of the swamp to spew forth misery and suffering upon people who have legitimate legal rights in their own states to indulge. Federal law is a lie and a farce and people are waking up to that but his darkish soul only wants to wreck havoc like an insane tyrant over sanity’s children. He needs a job with no power to hurt people. Out with Sessions and in with the people’s will manifest and safe from sick minds such as his.24   ·  1 day ago

Corey JohnsonAs a trump supporter i totally disagree with this. But if liberals are going to continue their hate rhetoric, instead of acting like civil human beings, your point will never be heard.7   ·  1 day ago

James BatesHe can suck a fuck.. ✌🏼 good people can smoke marijuana.. eat it.. drink it.. etc.. and not die.. marijuana is pretty much the only pair reliever you can’t OD on..and CBD can stop seizures and reduce inflammation from injuries ..it doesn’t contribute to population control though so it’s the devil7   ·  1 day ago

Gary Alan Hurstprivate prison stocks are up and that is good for team trump. so if millions have to suffer, so what? do they even buy stocks anyway?

btw, i pray every day for someone to invade us to bring us freedom and democracy. i keep sending putin letters, but i get no reply :(1   ·  1 day ago

Raymond VanDeusenHe has blinders on and only sees what he wants-Just my opinion ! He will never get the positive research reading from the NIDA ! He even ignores the little positives that they sight which is not much. Any way whats up with the crazy eyes ? And i also heard he has stakes in the prison system as well witch should be a conflict of interest if you ask me! But also I am not a layer.1   ·  1 day ago

Charlie OwensSessions is a little man with Napoleon Syndrome. He is power mad and detests anyone who smokes or ingests Marijuana. He dismisses any scientific proof of Marijuana’s many positive uses. He needs to get over his prejudices and look at treatment, not Incarceration for all harsher drugs and leave Legalized Marijuana Alone!!!1   ·  1 day ago

Sammons SteveWhen you vote for someone like Trump this is what you get. And the large turn out for Trump shows the foolish ideology of the right wing. I still glad Hillary lost yet we had three other great candidates for our top office. But people couldn’t look past the petty things and look at the bigger picture. I care about the future of this country for the sack of my kids. Hillary democrats and Trump republicans want to strip the next generation of a better future so they can be wealthy today. Everyone needs to really think about that.21 hours ago

Robby HoffmanOk so I heard about a marijuana company in California called Quanta that claims to be able to manage marijuana on a molecular level. If this is true then it would be the first ever advancement of marijuana other then just making it stronger. Also, if this is true they would be able to produce consistent and desired results every time. What does this sound like? Well, what does alcohol, or tobacco or even big pharma medicine all have in common? A standardized production leading consistent and reliable results every time. If this is true it could be a game changer.1 day ago

Crystal Lawrence RutledgeThe government point blank does not have the right to even being involved with a plant God put here on earth. There getting to build a cannabis factory right here in Mckeesport. Pa.. The government has no authority over this plant. Until government shows me prove that someone else put that plant here then I will personally will stop smoking. But I’m not worried. You will never put and end to cannabis. We will do as we please. I know I will.m1 day ago

Dustin NoelThe government only has as much power as you give them. Look up cqv trust and tell me laws are made to keep you safe… Its all a money scheme!!3   ·  1 day ago

Greg MurphyThis is what’s wrong with politicians they a one person opinion on all of us. Here’s what’s happening in Indiana the state police are randomly pulling cars over coming from Michigan a legal state yesterday in a 20 mile stretch 18 vehicles pulled over dueing random checks which means being searched I witnessed it so sessions has already started his pro Klan Nazi bullshit1 day ago

Benjamin C. MooneySomeone should tell him we are all a lot more educated on the issue now and we will fight against big pharmaceutical companies and pawns like Jeff. It’s a war they will not win. This guy is a complete idiot guess that’s why Trump liked him.1 day ago

Bazan Enrique AlbertoHim and his bandits in the white house will face there moment of truth. It’s a open fight, With words of discussion to make this asshole go away for a long time. His ties to Russia interference will have him in the oven. If this shall continue. Maybe I will go for a law degree. and make a case against the white house for it’s corruption and control ,over the Americans living in this country. May God strengthen me to fight this war against these evil corrupt individuals.1 day ago

Dawn Swick VaughnIf you scratch him behind the ear, his leg goes crazy! He’s just another example of the absolutely clueless, classless, uninformed minion that has no problem with staying that way. They’re all on their way out the door, anyhow.17 hours ago

Sue StanleyJeff sessions u know nothing about this listen to the doctors,and the american ppl,it help with illnesses without side affects well munchies,laughing nerves calm in this fucked up world we live in rt now,1 day ago

Scott Vander PloegHmm why are they so dead set against the truth they are hiding some thing dfose it make us to passive or to open minded to refuse the brain washing? Lol either way lol we don’t really give a shit we will have it either way ads clown!1 day ago

Peter SantistebanJeff Sessions is a puppet to the private prison systems 💰 if he had it his way he would shut down rehab and send addicts to private prisons even for petty marijuana infractions1   ·  1 day ago

Gary WongWhat these people make "America Great Again" by making money off of other people’s efforts, he seems proud and about to achieve, this country is so corrupted2   ·  1 day ago

Daniel Apachi BrownScrew this slikSHADY trollhead, impeach this guy already.. he doesnt care about the real problem with this nation..4   ·  1 day ago

Shane EmersenI support medical marijuana. It has helped with many medical issues and it’s non dependent. People need to open their eyes for real. This guy can fuck off15 hours ago

Brian C. McMasterJeff Sessions is a part of the old , out of touch generation of lawmakers trying to set us Jack 50 years…pathetic when the facts are presented right in front of him.1   ·  1 day ago

Ed JuchaczTell him to honk on bobo. Better yet let him go though things.we.have and deny him all medications. I could break his back and he cam go though what i did.1 day ago

Brian Prewett50%+ of Americans are federally prohibited from legally being in the workforce. How does that make you feel? Stupid? It should.18 hours ago

Derek BlissJeff sessions if by some miracle you read this dont you think that its abput time you focus on more important things then a fucking plant that has already been proven time and time again to be far safer then that cuban your smoking on right now or that glass of wine you have with dinner1 day ago

Robin ReedKnowing damn well this penis wrinkle hasn’t smoked weed a day in his life but feels he’s educated enough on everything weed to run shit.1 day ago

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Hit share if you wish your state’s governor was as forceful in defending state marijuana laws as Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf is. See MoreSee Less

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf just told Jeff Sessions to *back off* of state medical marijuana laws. Share if you want your state’s governor to do the same.

5 days ago

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Gert RathjenI do not smoke marijuana or drink alcohol but still want to legalize both so people who like to use them are not breaking any law and special fore people who are using medical marijuana and in general we should leave it up to people what to do or not to do so long they take the full responsibility of there action all these I know better what is good fore others can do what they want but leave the rest of us in peace8   ·  5 days ago

Justin BattertonHow about… You WORK FOR THE PEOPLE.

The Government seems to have forgotten that they aren’t our superiors, they work for us. We don’t have the time to be handling all this stuff cause we work for a living, and they should be listening to what the people want.

Obviously, that all changed in 1913 when the Bankers became the people who are actually in charge. Good on this politician for sticking to his word and standing up for his people.6   ·  4 days ago

Crystal WrightSnoop Dog for President then we all know it would be legalized the fight over a plant that helps so many just sickens me. I have conditions that Mary are a blessing for and my doctor is against or just not educated enough on the medicinal qualities. I just want to be able to medicate in peace through the legalization for both purposes all 50 states wide1   ·  4 days ago

Chiron ChristiTo consume a plant for whatever use Gov’t intrusion should be nowhere to be found. What happened to people to accept a nanny state for such things in their lives and laws that can destroy you instead? Wake Up People!1   ·  4 days ago

Nate ConwayNo one has the right to tell me what I can and cannot put into my body. I don’t give a fuck what the law says, I have and will continue to smoke. It helps with being able to sleep, stimulates my appetite, and does help ease pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis that I’ve had for 30 years4 days ago

Brandon LebegueThey do need to lift the ban on it though so Banks and businesses can be opened easily so your state can’t be just another state that monopolizes the industry and keeps people from investing and opening their own businesses2   ·  4 days ago

Christopher WylieLegalize totally… Recreational and Medicinal let the people help themselves…. Tax and law it like alcohol and tobacco but at least CANNABIS IN EVERY FORM HELPS AND SAVES LIVES. Let the farmers farm there smokables.1   ·  4 days ago

Josh Hustnebraska is run by a bunch of fucktards that want to live in the late 1800s, and sadly so do a majority of the people in the state, because they keep voting in the same fucktards4 days ago

Randy McBiffhow is the medical marijuana program? is it just oil like it used to be or is it more expanded?1 day ago

Sean BarrettPA legalizing would be a great step for the east. Never understood why the west states get all the fun.1   ·  4 days ago

Ryan MillerNow if only they could apply that mentality to almost everything2   ·  4 days ago

Ethan WestLol says the state with some of the most laws out of the country4 days ago

Kane BeresfordDon’t settle for medical guys the stuff is 10000 times safer than alcohol and alcohol is unrestricted I don’t know what there game is but medical cannabis though it is a start it is not the answer I mean imagine the public’s reaction if everytime you wanted a few beers or a cigarette. You need a prescription.4 days ago

Jeffrey BargerWORD! The government has their hands in too much to begin with1   ·  5 days ago

Joe GunsenhouserTell Jeff Sessions to fuck off…5   ·  5 days ago

Sandy WhetzelFlorida is f’d with scott! :(3   ·  5 days ago

Scott CarpenterStay away from the devils cactus. Get high on life3 days ago

Harry ParryIt’s a Last Ditch effort attack from the Zombies…1   ·  4 days ago

Roger BrewerHmm….Democrat. See the difference?1   ·  2 days ago

James AnthonySessions is a tool1   ·  4 days ago

Bernard RamosBest way to turn crime around4 days ago

Cannabizz.cowho else loves this ?2 days ago

Melanie DumasHallelujah1   ·  5 days ago

Andy BrummundtHeather Findlay Lee Cartwright2   ·  5 days ago

Chris MatneyFuck Yall dirty animals.This is a natural plant that GOD made for us as a medicine but once Man touch it they ruin everything for people who needs it but can’t cause how strong Man made it just leave GOD given mother nature Alone.The healing herb that brings clarity of thoughts.ADD ME or PM ME if interested in some.2   ·  5 days ago

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Legalize Marijuana shared Marijuana Majority‘s . See MoreSee Less

Sen. Al Franken is pushing back against federal attacks on state medical marijuana laws.

7 days ago

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Luke NarusThe FDA approved has approved THREE cannabinoid-based drugs. Can the federal government please stop claiming it’s lack of any medical use which is part of the basis for it being schedule 1? They approved medicines proving just the opposite. That argument is now entirely invalid.10   ·  7 days ago

Mark KenworthyFunny how Devos thinks States have the right to discriminate when it comes to education, and dt thinks States should control health care…. but when it comes to a weed Session wants to prosecute to the fullest.9   ·  7 days ago

Darcy OlandAND there is no reason it should not be legalized Federally so Doctors and staff will allow it’s use! When my sister was dying they would have kicked her out of the nursing home if they knew she was using it in vapor form in the State of Colorado where it is legal recreational and medicinally!6   ·  7 days ago

Ronald WhitchurchAl Franken is, without a doubt, the biggest imbecile in the Senate❗️He panders to liberals for nothing more than votes & lives a lifestyle totally opposite of what he espouses. Anyone who listens to anything he says either is not well informed (ignorant) or not capable of reason or both.3   ·  6 days ago

Clint BallardFranken lost all my respect when he went against the will of the people here in Minnesota and cast his super delegate vote for Hillary. Fuck him.3   ·  7 days ago

Kash Jones Jr.I’m so dead stressed and tired on how people treat weed and people who use it. But support alcohol and opioid addiction……..im assuming this people still think like it is the 70s and haven’t educate themselves on weed. And are so consumed with "oh it smells ". But it is ok for a opioid to shut down you’re organ system, get actual cancer from usage, tooth lost, liver failure, suicidal, depression, insomnia, lost of memory… so much more and it’s to keep the pharmacy open cause their afraid of money being lost. And you weed haters are just as guilty as the government. You all must be opioid user’s.2   ·  6 days ago

Chiron ChristiA free people do not invite or tolerate the intrusion of evil upon their freedom and liberties as to incarcerate or destroy lives for exercising that liberty in the personal choice of medicinal support for better health and feelings or the recreational use of a natural plant product as an agent of relaxation or enjoyment. Evil is a forced submission of will to others with punishments to adhere to for doing things which are natural in their scope as a human being to choose and utilize as their free will dictates for a happier expression and living of life.1   ·  6 days ago

Chiron ChristiMotivations of illegality for marijuana are not supported by any kind of facts that it is truly harmful on any kind of level that should invite imprisonment and destruction of life versus using it for medicine or recreational purposes. Prison and felony charges destroy lives on multiple levels and people are sometimes killed by law enforcement for using a plant. Such laws and actions are unholy and surely stem from motivations reeking of evil intent. Good people in a free country should activate their brains, see the evil and stamp it out without hesitation.1   ·  6 days ago

Federico LMSadly, the esteemed Senator is wrong. In a 5-4 ruling, Justice Scalia joined with the liberal Justices and authorized that Congress has the authority under the Commerce Clause to go after states that have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana use.

I say that ruling was wrong. As long as those states do not cross state lines, the central govt should not interfere.6 days ago

Shrunk MasterThe new concentrate called Shrunk is the new way to go. Get the recipe at NEW AGE MEDICAL CANNABIS. Inverter wants all to have so big Corp. Can’t screw all us. You have to try it!!!!!!!! Organic stronger no waste it’s amazing5 days ago

Damian LambShouldn’t be able to in any state should be legalize on federal level…. Doesn’t sound like the "UNITED" states when it’s legal in some places but not others…that doesn’t sound united…6 days ago

Josh SpringmanThey couldn’t anyways cause the federal government can’t over step the laws of the State. That is what was told to me by a senior field agent of the FBI. They have to obey and respect the laws of the State they are in6 days ago

Rob SharpWe all know around the the world that any politician that is against medical Marijuana is being Manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies. Do u really think that people will tolerate this manipulation. How fkn dumb do u think we are. 😡6 days ago

Izaak Krieger-Coenit deserves to be legal. It’s terrorism arresting small time users. Why not make taxation of sometime most Americans can do if they want.4 days ago

Danny BartoThen how come the state he represents are against Weed? He’s so full of shit it’s not funny. It’s just for votes people. He’s a fake politician. When’s the last time you could trust a Democrat?1   ·  6 days ago

Todd TranniWe are the govt you bunch of fucking morons. Fuck the so cllaed law makers. Who the fuck made that name up. Last time I checked they where representative of the ppl. Not there own personal interest.3   ·  7 days ago

Christopher WylieAlmost makes me embarrassed to say I’m an AMERICAN. SHAME ON ALL state and country leaders…. Why are these imaginary lines you call state lines make American rights different from other AMERICANS?3   ·  6 days ago

Christopher WylieThey shouldn’t be able to prosecute anyone anywhere legal or illegal states…. If I’m wrong please correct me,,,
But aren’t all AMERICANS created EQUAL?4   ·  6 days ago

Chris MatneyLets Talk.To Yall my dudes and buddys Marijuana is the healing of the nation.I can ease you pain.Hit me up for some good green.1   ·  7 days ago

Richard LeMastersAccording to Article 4 Section 1 & 2 of the US Constitution it is legal in all 50 STATES!!!! Don’t take my word for it look it up!!!6 days ago

Jason MatthewsThere is no valid reason for any government entity to arrest or prosecute Marijuana crimes.7   ·  7 days ago

Christopher WylieLEGALIZE AND DECRIMINALIZE. The you can focus on the real drug problems in our country….. STOP THE INJUSTICE AND DISCRIMINATION…

Todd TranniWho really is the govt. A bunch of out of touch doushbags that pay to get elected.6   ·  7 days ago

Annie StuartAgreed, however, it seems the current practice is not to reason.5   ·  7 days ago

Kevin KnoxThere is no valid reason for any government to prosecute anyone for using cannabis in any state.2   ·  6 days ago

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Marijuana Majority
Take action now! Tell Trump & Christie that legal marijuana saves lives: MarijuanaMajority.com/opioids
See MoreSee Less

Legal marijuana is connected to lower addiction and overdose rates. But President Trump’s opioid commission is stacked with legalization opponents, and is chaired by hardcore prohibitionist Chris Christie.

They won’t produce a fair and accurate report — unless we ramp up pressure and force the members to at least look at the data. MarijuanaMajority.com/opioids

2 weeks ago

Legal marijuana is connected to lower addiction and overdose rates. But President Trump's opioid commission is stacked with legalization opponents, and is chaired by hardcore prohibitionist Chris Christie.

They won't produce a fair and accurate report -- unless we ramp up pressure and force the members to at least look at the data. http://MarijuanaMajority.com/opioids

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Steve CoffelWhen it comes to "gateway" drugs…the real culprits here are alcohol & cigerettes, both legal and sold in grocery stores all across America and both confirmed killers. Never heard of anyone getting cirrhosis of the liver or lung cancer from smoking marijuana…14   ·  2 weeks ago

Richard MayesIf What Fat boy Christie says is true "alcohol and marijuana are gateway drugs" then why is alcohol legal and marijuana is not? TOTAL BULLSHIT! I really have to wonder if these corrupt politicians really believe the bullshit they are peddling or do it only for the bribes.16   ·  2 weeks ago

Brady SimpsonIt is not blood money. It is not a starter drug. It is less addictive than coffee, soda, tobacco, alcohol and more. They want marijuana illegal to fund private prisons, lining the pockets of prison owners, increasing federal spending to police drug task forces, and also greasing the wheels by financially contributing to certain government officials to keep the gravy train rolling and all at the expense of the poor and minority citizens of this country. The support of these laws and system are a disgusting abuse of power for monetary gain at the sacrifice of its very people. First learn, then legalize it!5   ·  2 weeks ago

William J SpiesThe way I see it is if they can lie and conspire their and our entire lives over this then what else do they lie and conspire about? Everything in my eyes!!! They sit there and watch alcohol and cigarettes kill more people than anything but yet they are both legal. Then they prescribe opioids for pain relief and wonder why people get addicted to heroine…….. The "Gateway" is the Government!!!!!!!!!4   ·  2 weeks ago

Trevor James PetersenIs it Christie or Sessions. Make up your minds! I doubt anyone will make a move on MJ legislation. Start a movement in your state so we can move forward with the federal law!

Brittany Nicole GatewoodThat’s not fair to compare "kids" to adults.
When I was a kid I used it and moved on to other drugs. As an adult. It’s just marijuana, nothing else, it’s even helped me quit smoking cigarettes.. Soo..1   ·  1 week ago

Albert WillamsYa make it illegal again the the big drug cartels win. They will have the billions to pump our society full of coke and crack and most of heroin. These brain dead asshole righties don’t have a clue and if you voted for trump your brain dead too2   ·  1 week ago

Adam Bryceunfortunately it is nearly impossible to reason rationally with ideologues. so, change tactics and find a chink in their armoury. ask them about tobacco, alcohol or other ‘legal’ drugs.. phrase your questions to take advantage of their irrationality, so they may get caught in their own logical traps…live on television, one hopes. POOF…magnesium pants on fire? :-)1   ·  2 weeks ago

Karen Jamesto stupid to study the good of marijuana. the gate way is depression and lack of living wage jobs the bigotry and treatment of people by the super rich and the attitude that they are entitled to do as they please to the majority of American’s people who aren’t in their class. All the while we sit and do nothing while they take over…IMPEACH…NOW!!!!!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Snazz Tazz BazzNewsflash: alcohol and marijuana are not the same thing and do not remotely have the same effects on the body. Get with the program.
#reefermadness #its2017moron7 days ago

Mike SweetChristie is such a dick, he needs to visit Camden, Trenton, AC, and see the real problem, and it ain’t weed, you can go to just about any corner in Camden and buy crack, dope (heroin), etc…So Christie needs to STFU and clean up his own back yard…1   ·  1 week ago

Tai Fráriðr Pine🖕🏼to any politician that chooses to not at least push for medical legalization in there states jurisdiction.
🖕🏼to those who rigidly impose harsh penalties on our society; however will not do so to the big pharmaceutical companies that have been fighting to keep poisoning not just our people and their minds… however our lands!
#fuckchristie #fucksessions #mostofallfucktrump1   ·  1 week ago

Izaak Krieger-Coenthere are risks and rewards to everything. Just talk cold real facts about alcohol, tabacco, pharmasuticals, and car crashes. Then you can say the real risks involved with high consumption of marijuana. Still willey nelson would be the best person to call and ask….1 week ago

Jimmy MacIntoshHold them suckers down and give them each about a two-pound cannibus suppository, lol. They’ll guarantee get their heads out of their asses, have SOME idea of what they’re talking about, and enlighten each other.1   ·  1 week ago

Jay Trevethanall i know is that if its made illegal again i get my relaxing second job back. I only stopped when the clubs opened and business was slowing down. 😂😂1 week ago

Robert N. BuchholzChris Christie Admits Once Again that he is a CORRUPT Piece of Shit That should be Fired & Thrown into Prison for his Lying Corrupt Crimes against AMERICA & it’s people.
#YoureFired2 weeks ago

Annie StuartChristie is the "pot" calling the kettle black! He’s an addict. Some of the loudest voices against legalization are from those who know NOTHING about it.7 days ago

John LeMahieuHey Trump… You are a fool. You have no business half-assing your way through American government… PLEASE RESIGN before we put you in jail for the rest of your life.1   ·  1 week ago

Gary LetterleOnly criminals control anything that is illegal. They decide what is available for sale – Where it is avaiable for sale – and Who can get their hands on it. Think about that1   ·  1 week ago

Philip Blankenship Sr.It’s illegal because it would affect other industries that those people have tons of money invested in. Corrupt lying bastards.1 week ago

Joe CarneyAlcohol is a gateway i can agree with that, tho marijuana has helped me kick alcohol and nicotine addictions so i guess it effects everyone different.1   ·  1 week ago

Drew SapuppoThey aren’t this dumb therefore our voice means nothing. He’s paid off. He agreed medical marijuana was valid and that legal marijuana was more profitable, the. He gets elected and oooooh look at that… His mind changed. Please. Your voice means nothing. Your actions mean everything.2 weeks ago

Sam WalkerChris Christie is a joke that dude dk shit he’s one of the reasons for propaganda just SHUT ur fuckin fat mouth noone won’t listen to u just like sessions1 week ago

Richard Adrian Downall experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.1   ·  1 week ago

Cody HoyerIts ok Trump and Christie….I smoke marijuana and I’m still a prick…we aren’t trying to take that away from you.2   ·  2 weeks ago

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Fire Jeff Sessions. See MoreSee Less

Jeff Sessions is demanding the right to jail cancer patients who use medical marijuana.

More like INJUSTICE Department…


2 weeks ago

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Andrew TomczakHe’ll be gone soon along with trump.
Do you not hear the coming storm?
39 states confirmed tampered with in the election
Multiple people filing for his impeachment
His cronies getting taken down left and right

Be patient. Stuffs gonna be mint in a bit60   ·  2 weeks ago

Adam Brycejeff sessions needs to experience cancer, then a nice long session of one of the nastiest ‘medicinal’ treatments ever discovered on earth, the chemotherapy. not sure if he’d learn much from the experience though. :-\44   ·  2 weeks ago

Bobby FinneganJeff Sessions doesn’t really know anything about cannabis. All he knows is that the more people he can pack into those privately owned prisons, the more money he will make.24   ·  2 weeks ago

Peter MlinarWhen i first read about Microsoft using prisoners to assemble computers i laughed ot off. Then when i researched, I was flabbergasted. Most people have no clue how many companies use prison labor sourced products. Your jobs didnt move to china or mexico. They went to PRISON13   ·  2 weeks ago

William J SpiesIt will never stop till all these OLD bastards are dead and gone!!!!!! All of them!!!!! They grew up supporting the conspiracy all of their lives cause it has lined their pockets while people are dying. They say "We all die anyway"9   ·  2 weeks ago

Christian ThackerLmao this is by wapo a literal CIA owned newspaper. Once Jeff bezzos bought it he got a 60 mil contract with the CIA. And trump is the leader and has stated he wants med weed federally legal and rec weed up to the states. Now sessions is important to get his agenda across but if sessions does want to do this after sessions is done with that trump can get out of him he’d fire him for someone that will follow thru with his agenda so either way this utter fake news11   ·  2 weeks ago

Matt SmithI side with Jeff sessions on this one but not for his reasons. This legal gray area has gone on for too long. Either legalize or don’t. That should be the choice given to Congress, not continuing this half assed approach to marijuana.4   ·  1 week ago

Robert N. BuchholzJeff Sessions Admits Once Again that he is a CORRUPT Piece of Shit That should be Fired & Thrown into Prison for his Lying Corrupt Crimes against AMERICA & it’s people.
#YoureFired5   ·  2 weeks ago

Shea N Mike SmalleyAnything and everything to divert attention away from the Corruption that will be exposed when the Clinton cover up machine and it’s cohorts get the attention it deserves. First the Russian hacking hoax, the Trump lawsuit and now… What other reason would they have to try and depute such a resent Congressional mandate? Will Jeff Sessions will be another rat exposed if Clinton goes to jail… Fight to protect our right to medical Marry Jane but keep in mind what else they are trying to distract you from and why…Will the Senates "probe" nice word for investigation like matter into Clinton’s past scandals even touch on the Tens of Thousands of American victims of Arkansas’s prison blood scandal they broke State and Federal Law to commit? Or Hillary’s Rose law firms collecting on "Dead man" life insurance policies they took out on victims without their knowledge, solely for their own profit, sharing nothing with the widowed families? or will Main stream media still refuse to report it? Posted in Loving memory of the Forgotten Victims of Tainted Blood USA. www.reddit.com/…/the_arkansas_prison_blood…/3   ·  1 week ago

Dale Butleri hope this little piece of shit ends up with cancer and has to go through what people have gone through, then still say they need to be locked up, he is a fucking idiot, he needs be be educated in what MEDICAL marijuana is, all he hears is MARIJUANA , and in his simple little mind he thinks its the gate way drug, WAKE THE FUCK UP.4   ·  2 weeks ago

Tony DriggsLMAO he acts like people are just going to stop smoking marijuana just because he says something or trys something, Good luck ill informed dumbass Jeff Sessions!!!! You will never stop it!1   ·  1 week ago

Corinne ReynoldsThis would be a giant step backwards!! Is Sessions a darling for Big Pharma? Marijuana is a potential multi-billion dollar industry, has many, many medical properties including pain relief…and since the Phamaceutical Opioid industry is making bank, even with the supposed opioid epidemic in full swing, opioids are on the chopping block…this leaves thousands of people suffering from chronic pain and other marijuana friendly syndromes with no where to turn, bringing the next Heroin epidemic on. ALL drug epidemic’s are cyclical. Common sense dictates that Marijuana can be a MAJOR player in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, we all know common sense is absent in D.C. Shame on you Jeff Sessions, I was hoping you would be the voice of reason.1   ·  1 week ago

Mike GentschHe should look into newport cigarettes. 213 chemicals. Are they a safer product than Cannabis Jeff Sessions?

If not, your FIRED!!!!4   ·  1 week ago

Cuyler CalkinsI thought Trump might be the first to die but every since he had that little word with Sessions if deactivating medical marijuana is what Trump set Sessions off to do we’re gonna have to do off with him.3   ·  2 weeks ago

Brad ArmstrongWhat scares me more is that they are trying to take our voices and voting away from us. The people in the medical and recreational states, went through all the government stages and voted by the people to make it law in our states. The government should not be able to overturn our voting. At one point my doctors had me on 7 different perscriptions for sensory nuropathy and a back surgery. Its been a year since I took myself off all of them, what’s the point when every doctor looks at you and says your pretty much screwed, here try all these meds. Ive lost 50lbs stopping there meds, I feel much so much better on a daily bassis. I don’t sleep as well, and deal with more pain without the perscriptions. But 50lbs lighter makes me be able to do as much without the meds than with.1   ·  1 week ago

Krystal HardimanWell, there are dickwads out there getting medical cards just so they can get high because they’re depressed or some anxiety bullshit. Where as there are those whom actually could use it for medical reasons that a DOCTOR proves that it would be beneficial to the patient. Exercise and proper diet makes a huge difference in people’s lives for mild cases, but people with severe cases are being frowned upon due to those abusing the use of medical marijuana.1   ·  1 week ago

Bobby CunninghamWe should undo him.. I have cancer and it has not been fun. But what does help with several issues is cannabis.. God placed that here for specific reasons. . its just unfortunate that some people abuse it for the fun and not use it for medicine.. But see the thing is, big pharma and other company lobbyist cant make a sizable profit if they fully legalize it. Its sad if you think about it and also dehumanizing1 week ago

Josh MillironsSo many political experts commenting on here lol… Im not saying whether or not i support trump because im not jumping into an argument online that will lead to nowhere. Obama did tons of shady shit the entire time he was in office and was never impeached either. Nobody on here knows what is going to happen… If u support trump then just deal with the consequences (if any) and if found guilty on any wrong doing. And if u dont support trump then stop letting your blind hatred make u say stupid shit that u really know nothing about. So much bitching and arguing is making everyone look really stupid. Stop complaining about shit and see what happens.1 week ago

Christine AllingSessions is delusional. Whether you support legalization or not, it’s inevitable. The cannabis industry is already making too much $ to turn back. Sessions is probably getting paid by the prison industry, which is the real driver in the war on drugs. If they cared about safety, they’d do something about the pharmaceutical industry and prescription pain killers.1   ·  1 week ago

Jim WashingtonWashington Post and all these damn fools have no understanding or respect for the law at all. Sessions is pushing this to force Congress to deal with it. The best legislation would be just to remove Marijuana from the drug schedule – completely take the Federal government out of it and let the states do whatever their people want.1   ·  1 week ago

Gert Rathjenthere your see only low IQ level people go in politics if you have brains you get a job as Boss in a big company earn more money and your word is law the above moron can not see that if people with cancer can be helped with use of marijuana they should have the right to do so and in general marijuana should be legalized it is a natural product like potatoes who is by the way a poison plant alcohol is a manufactured product who causes lots of problems and millions of death every year worldwide together with tobacco who the government around in the world have no problems by benefiting from by taxation but the world are also full of hypocrisy2 weeks ago

Mike BrewerWhat kind of piece of shit would try to take medicine from people who need it? I wish the people of this country would stand up to the Government, how long are our fathers and sons, brothers, sisters and mothers going to be attacked over a fucking plant? So sick of the bullshit double standards…but this asshole drinks daily if not more, yet he can still lock people up who self medicate…..I hope somebody wipes this scum off the planet!1 week ago

Landon WilliamsBye bye sessions you either conform or get the boot this is 2017 we have a lot more education on marijuana the governement cant lie about it forever and that time has well passed2   ·  2 weeks ago

Joe EllisonThere was once a time in this nation where if a politician or government official went against the will of the people, a group of citizens would tar and feather said official, sit them on a rail and carry them in this manner to the town border and heave them across it, banished from ever returning. Jeff would look great in tar and feathers being tossed out of Washington D.C.1   ·  1 week ago

Terry RadtkeWhat an asshole this Sessions is! No compassion for the sick and people that depend on it. Medical cannabis has stopped 1000s of opiate overdoses and deaths. Cannabis helps for so many medical reasons and this dick wants to take it away. Alcohol is worse than cannabis!1 week ago

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A new Trump & Christie opioid commission meets Friday. Take a minute now and help force them to look at science showing legal marijuana reduces addiction and overdose deaths.

MarijuanaMajority.com/opioids See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Sabrina EdwardsI am six yrs sober from an opioid addiction thanx to cannabis & my Higher Power! Literally, I was on EVERY high powered narcotic from fentanyl to Oxy to morphine…at the end I was a diagnosed anorexia weighing 110 lbs on a 5’11 frame, & living on coffee n Metamucil. One day, I got sick n tired of always being sick n tired. I flushed it all away, spent a shit load on pot, had my X lock me in our master bedroom & I went thru detoxification with cannabis. It was a long arduous process…but it worked, & now I use it to combat the pain of Fibro/CPS/mental health. Legal or not, I will medicate in a more healthy way than the poison from big Pharma…43   ·  2 weeks ago

Michael BacharaIn 2014, in a study conducted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers found that “in states where medical cannabis is legal to manage chronic pain and other conditions, the annual number of deaths from prescription drug overdose is 25 percent lower than in states where cannabis use is illegal.19   ·  2 weeks ago

Paul Dean Charlton IIits more than just pharma against marijuana. its textiles, its lumber, its oil, churches, and its people who judge without taking the time to learn. the biggest thing against marijuana is the fact that the established systems will be hurt by legalization. marijuana and hemp could be used in and as: clothes, building materials, fuel, medicine, among many other things. the problem that companies see with hemp and marijuana is that it is not able to be monopolized like the industry currently is, so of course the people that get rich off of those industries would benefit from keeping it illegal. hemp and marijuana can be grown way quicker and provide more cost effective measures in each of these industries. what they fail to realize is that reinvestment of their capital to the research and deployment of these products made from hemp and marijuana could potentially create a more environmentally friendly and lucrative business than what they have now. thing is its cheaper to grow and maintain a tree for lumber than it is to grow hemp for and modify it for construction purposes. what so many don’t realize is that you can be more intelligent about what you do, and find ways to make that great financial gain you seek. although I am against greed, I understand why so many have it.17   ·  2 weeks ago

Kim BritchfordPersonally I’m against it marijuana is one of the worst drugs for the mind it’s known to corse serious mental health issues depression anxiety syphcosis and many other mental illnesses. It corse your teeth to decay your lungs terrible damage and also makes you age quickly like grey hair and rinckles it slows your body down so much your immune system becomes weak and that can lead to other illness it’s over all a bad drug. Legalising marijuana will be a stupid idea.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Angus BerryWhen my husbands cancer spread to the lungs, brain and finally bones – marijuana helped him sleep- gave him an appetite- this served a far better purpose helping a dying man better than the morphine and Ativan1   ·  2 weeks ago

Max PillowThis drugs are bad stigma is a fucking joke, americans hate what theyre told too
In the 50s we sold hard drugs like candy, now we condemm that and do it with a prescription, the natzis used 3 mg methamphetamine pills why do we give kids upto 70mg time release, its time to stop letting the government control drugs.3   ·  2 weeks ago

Russ TurberSomeone needs to educate President Trump on the financial and industrial uses of the cannabis plant, that should make him want to legalize. Most of all Chris Christie needs to be removed from the commission, and replaced by an open minded and willing to accept the truth about Cannabis/Hemp. I will use legal or not, Cannabis was put here by God for mans use. The governments prohibition doesn’t over ride God and never will, so I will use it to heal as God intended1   ·  2 weeks ago

Jeremy JohnstonI call bullshit my ex is a methadone user and frequent cannabis user, she got kicked out of methadone clinic for smoking pot hence she relapsed on heroin to get back on methadone while smoking cannabis…I smoke a little herb here and there and know it’s just another reason an addict can stay an addict…crossing methadone with cannabis is what I call chasing the sedation of heroin..I’ve watched the ex first hand when combining the two and it’s not pretty at all2 weeks ago

Travis LangloisNo their afraid of all the money they will loose they profit of giving out these drugs then they profit when people become addicted and od off said drugs then they build treatment centers to further gain it’s an endless spite something needs to give3   ·  2 weeks ago

Matt BallardWho did all of you blame when the last administration failed to make a significant move? For fucks sake, all they had to do was was take it off the schedule 1 list and admit it had medical use. BOTH parties are fucking us in the ass not just the republicans.2   ·  2 weeks ago

Nic UlfsonLol there is only one way to force scum like trump and his ilk to do anything. Violence. But that’s too uncouth for this "forward thinking society" Right? We don’t do such things because we are better now, right?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Jeremy CoontzBig pharm owns both sides of the isle, republican or democrat, along with the gas and oil companies. They don’t give a damn about opioids or any other drug.3   ·  2 weeks ago

Nate WoodI fully believe that marijuana will not become legal, until they’ve developed a system to spot check and see if you’re high. Much like with alcohol.1 week ago

Robert T MozzettiWhy use marijuana when ibogaine is way more effective in relieving heroin withdrawals, also banned by the federal government. Gee I wonder why.1 week ago

Ryan Protivauntil MONEY isnt the bottom line, the change will be next to impossible. Big pharmacy companies spend millions just to bad mouth marijuana. Once they are out of the ring with no say, I can see things changing.. Not anytime soon i assume.2 weeks ago

Richard MaherI been smoking weed for 40,years now I beat cancer and I just had two heart attack and I am still going strong,if weed was bad for you then in 1983.i was getting 750,grams of T,H,C,everyday for 16.weeks ,and another thing I was a roared for the Dead for ten years that was awesome,God bless me thank god2 weeks ago

Corry William Lesley Porteouslies. cannabis is a deady addictive substance while opium is scientifically proven to boost energy and lessen the symtoms of prolonged exposure to bihydrogen oxide.2 weeks ago

Dylan Clark TaggartIf everyone just acts as though it were legal there’s nothing the police or system can do about it. There are way more people than police or jail cells. We aren’t given rights we take them.2 weeks ago

Kevin KernYeah, it’ll be legal soon, except it’ll be in the form of a patented pill that you can only get from the pharmaceutical companies costing $1000s and any attempt to recreate it will be criminal.2 weeks ago

Suzy Reynoldsthey know. they dont need proof its all up in their bastard faces. their only concern are the profits, payoffs, their big pharma stocks.. they dont. give a shit about us and they never will.1 week ago

Chris NevilleThis is not true at all! I smoke every night! And have been for yrs,and I look younger,my depression is better and my anxiety is so much better. And I don’t look my age at all.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Carl J MartinNo offense but whoever runs this page needs to learn how to word things. Help force them it says there’s no helping when you’re forcing. This is why people look down on us this is why marijuana will never be legal all completely one-hundred-percent because people start becoming militant about it. It’s a choice we make smoke and I can guarantee a lot of Us wish we would have never started period every argument I’ve seen on this page has been childish and I can agree that I’d rather smoke weed then take pills pills are evil2 weeks ago

Phillip LopezYou fools..trump already signed a spending bill stopping funding to the feds against medical cannabis.. Meaning no more fed raids on dispensaries.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Nate FontanaI got taken off of my Vicodin after they raised it to the point of me puking so I got my card and I’ve never overdosed on weed (if that’s even possible)2 weeks ago

Jon BlaneyShould I also tell Trump’s commission: There’s strong evidence showing marijuana use may lead to addiction, breathing problems, including inflammation of the airways and symptoms of chronic bronchitis, such as daily cough and phlegm. Short-term declines in memory, attention, and learning. Increased risk of poisoning among children. Increased risk for low birth weight in babies when a mother uses during her pregnancy. Increased risk for psychosis or schizophrenia. There’s also some evidence that marijuana has an increased risk for some types of cancer, increased risk for heart attack and stroke, decreased IQ – and this change to IQ can last a long time and may even be permanent, less academic and career success, lower income, poor school performance and increased risk for motor vehicle crashes?7 days ago

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Marijuana Majority
Unbelievable that a federal official would say this on camera in 2017.

The reality is: Marijuana IS medicine. See MoreSee Less

The head of the DEA just said "marijuana is not medicine" and we got it on tape. Shameful!

2 weeks ago

The head of the DEA just said

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Bazan Enrique AlbertoThey can track and control millions of drugs coming in and out of the united States the number one hub for narcotics such as cocaine,crack,meth,heroin,flakka,PCP, come on these are the real drugs. Marijuana has been here for centuries. Without politicians and a corrupt government. Marijuana would of never been a problem.21   ·  2 weeks ago

Robert N. BuchholzChuck Rosenberg just NEEDS to admit that he is a CORRUPT piece of shit & tell the world How Much He Is Getting PAID To Fucking LIE About The Truth about Marijuana! AND he should change that last statement & tell the truth that he IS/WILL be the 1st person to CONTINUE to stand in the way of the TRUTH about Marijuana.18   ·  2 weeks ago

James Deanhahahahahah, go ask the child/children who moved to Colorado to be able to use cannabis to get rid of their seizures, go to that families fuckin house and look those parents in the face and tell them, marijuana isnt medicine… ahahahah you stupid ignorant fuck! this right here boys and girls is EXACTLY what lobbying looks like ( someone is paying him to keep that drug scheduled the way that it is) there is no possible way that could exist that you could deny what millions of scientist have proved to you! matter of fact! there’s a video on facebook of a man with Parkinson’s disease, he smokes weed, and within minutes he stops shaking, do you have any idea what that medicine would cost him to pay at the pharmacy? well no you wouldn’t because you use our tax dollars to fully ensure that you are medically taken care of (you’re welcome!) but its thousands a year, you know what your average gram of medicinal weed goes for? about 15 to 20 bucks? to a light smoker do you know how long that’d last? about 1 to 2 weeks! so with every ounce of rudeness and disrespect go fuck yourself and the lobbyist who pays you!12   ·  2 weeks ago

Christopher BrainardHey Chuck. Go fuck yourself and the white horse you rode in on you commie piece of shit. You’re an idiot and don’t know shit about anything. Let’s hope you fucking die asap. I’d spit on your rotting corpse. Dumbass. Marijuana IS medicine. God damn it.11   ·  2 weeks ago

Payton PowellWhether or not cannabis is effective medicine should not be the argument made for total legalization. The best argument should be that of legal pragmatism and of civil liberties.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Matt SnyderPeople like him and Jeff Sessions are the last of their kind. Sessions admitted that he was an old windbag, and his views on marijuana were archaic and doesn’t reflect that of the general public, but he stands strong in his beliefs for no other reason than he’s a stubborn old southern racist asshole with too much pride at stake. With each generation comes new understanding and positive progression. And the last few truly ancient politicians are on their way out. 20 years from now they’ll all be dead or too old to have any sort of influence.2 weeks ago

Justin BatekSo keep it medicine.
Stop pushing for legalization in states where medical paitents already get the medicine they need for as cheap as possible from actual dispensaries. If you make it legal, then the prices will sky rocket, and suddenly it becomes a lot less helpful. It’s as effective as it is, because the people who need it can get it without breaking the bank.2 weeks ago

Greg MurphyThe war on drugs has been a significant loss of tax money. But you need to realize that if a billion dollars was released to fight this so called war half of said money went towards political favores3   ·  2 weeks ago

David A Smithwhy would he vote to cut his own budget? if we are waiting on that to happen, good luck. once its no longer schedule 1, there’s no need for such a large force and therefore a decrease in budget.2 weeks ago

Eric ChristiansenThis person just wants to protect his job. Nothing more nothing less. He should get an honest job and stop trying to destroy people’s lives for his own ends.2   ·  2 weeks ago

Dawn Swick VaughnI don’t even think a jackass like this would change his mind if his wife was crippled with MS. Not even if he had a grandchild with debilitating seizures. This is the dickdom that is our govt.2 weeks ago

Joe CarneyHe said theres no medical benefits to smoking it, which is probably half true. He didnt mention edibles and vaping so maybe hes missing something.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Corey MorganThey are only saying its not medecine because they want to dictate how the free people live. D.E.A isnt shit fuck them and there half ass opinion1   ·  2 weeks ago

Kevin DickFuck you Rosenberg! You live with MS and then tell me you wouldn’t try anything to help with the relentless symptoms and side effects of the other meds that we have to take. Why don’t you focus on drugs that are manufactured in motel rooms and leave the natural, God created, plants alone!4   ·  2 weeks ago

Jae LapThe only reason the DEA still exists is bc they are the ones who brought in the hardcore drugs to this country to keep their department and jobs. The Dea was going to be shut down and had to do something to keep their jobs. This info came from a relative who was a senator back then.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Lisa RoseReally lol? I’m laughing because that is so wrong to say. It’s almost like saying that bottled water won’t quench your thirst. I’ll show this guy how it helps me first hand, what a complete and utter moronic statement.2 weeks ago

Jim HarperHow can he deny that marijuana is a medicine? It is a medicine. Is he a medical doctor? Is he going to deny that aspirin is a medicine? Or is this dude one of those "don’t question your elders until I’m dead and gone" kinda politicians?2 weeks ago

Ann GillespieBut yes it is what they use in 1800 for healing marijuana u need read history2   ·  2 weeks ago

Stephen MehlerRosenberg is the fucking joke–paid off by Big Pharma…total ignorant asshole…2   ·  2 weeks ago

Jami GrahamMarijuana does have MANY medical/industrial helpful ways!! It needs to be legalized.2 weeks ago

Greg MurphyWhy are we 20 trillion dollars in debt.because politicians keep repeating themselves even if they know they are wrong3   ·  2 weeks ago

Brian Deane WittRemember folks. It’s not medicine unless it’s synthetically produced and approved by the FDA.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Myron TrueloveHe’s right and the other billion+ people around the world are wrong.2   ·  2 weeks ago

Richard Adrian DownHe probably thinks Reefer Madness is a documentary.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Susan GarberFollow the money. Pharmaceutical companies are partners with the GREED OVER PEOPLE party.2   ·  2 weeks ago

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What do you think of the NFL’s anti-marijuana, pro-booze policy? See MoreSee Less

This is a shameful anti-marijuana, pro-alcohol policy by the NFL.

2 weeks ago

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Chad DuenowIt’s illegal federally why the hell would they advertise it on TV? You people don’t understand buisness. There’s no money in weed advertisements because it’s illegal. No nationwide network would allow it on there network.15   ·  2 weeks ago

Chad AlanThis is not the Nfl’s fault. Until the people grow a set and demand an end to this foolishness, this is the way it will be. Alcohol and prescription drugs are deadly and addictive,which is why they’re legal. Makes the people easier to control. They don’t like pot because it’s mostly used be free thinkers, and there isn’t anything more dangerous to the status quo than people who think for themselves11   ·  2 weeks ago

William Sherryshould start advertising cocaine to come on now no company is going to advertise cannabis until it’s legalized federally it’s not the NFL it’s Congress2   ·  2 weeks ago

Nicholas ‘Nick’ O’ConnorEven if they wanted to, they couldn’t allow marijuana ads, because they have to play by Federal rules. Same reason you can’t use credit cards at the pot store.

Fix the fed first, then the NFL probably will OK it. Because hey, cash is cash.2 weeks ago

Richard MayesWrong? Yes. understandable? Yes. No company would advertise something illegal. DUH! When (IF) it ever becomes legal, they will gladly take marijuana advertisers money too. As long as they can afford it, because now the prices just went up. Hahaha1   ·  2 weeks ago

Re PetrosseIs this serious? Tryn to compare a legal substance to a illegal drug being advertised? What’s so hard to understand why ones allowed and the other isn’t? Lol come on now smdh1   ·  2 weeks ago

Michael DavisLol, your fucking insane if you think for even a second Roger Goddell gona give up beer money like that for a product (which I fucking 😍😍😍😍) that can easily be brought into the venue without the team getting any revenue from it’s sale..2 weeks ago

Daniel BinkleyWell the NFL makes money on the booze they sell at the games. They can’t cash out on pot so it’s seriously just another dollar ruled thing. The nfl has the power to change it but why would they hurt their cash flow?2   ·  2 weeks ago

Jason WeeksMarijuana is performance enhancing, vasodilation increases muscle size and endurance. Marijuana is also a pain reliever. Unless you want a bunch of giggling supermen with no concept of the damage they are doing… HAHA, because what if the players start? Madness…2 weeks ago

Adam Brycewhy would stoners want to watch sports? they’d break their jaws yawning. they’d prefer funny movies such as ‘Flying High’, ‘Cheech & Chong’ and read ‘Furry Freak Brothers’ comic books over a large fresh pizza.2 weeks ago

Joshua PlavnickBecause at the moment marijuana is not legal everywhere but alcohol is. Also alcohol is consumed more than marijuana at the moment so they say and so they say alcohol is more profitable. All because of the laws smh. I bet if marijuana was legal like alcohol was then weed would be used more tHan alcohol2 weeks ago

Ryan HinckleyMaybe NFL players should be allowed to smoke in moderation or maybe vape but a lot of smoke intake from any substance can harm your lungs & affect your cardio.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Mas Libertadnot for long… ex-players and current players are wise to the neuroprotectant properties of phytocannabinoids and are pushing the league to change their cannabis policies.2 weeks ago

Bob LewisI’m sure when the system figures out how they can make the most money it will be legalized, until then their making big money on the most dangerous evil high out there2 weeks ago

Karen PiercySports are so overrated. Ridiculous amount of money paid to those ‘athletes’,; teachers,nurses,people who make a difference, should be paid as well as those dips! My 2 cents.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Kenji NakagawaDrug ad" should compare alcohol and pharma. Cannabis is medicine.2 weeks ago

Josh Willnerat this point it does make sense. alcohol is legal in all 50 states, marijuana isnt2 weeks ago

Steve Johnsonmarijuana has to be legal first before it can be advertised2 weeks ago

Corey Allan PentlandDrugs dont need advertisment. They shouldnt be advertised, like cigs cant advertise.

I wholly support legalization, but not advertisement. I Also support letting alcohol drinkers to marijuana smokers plight until people grow a damn brain. Like taking away their gun rights if they drink. I would love to support that legislative seeing as they drag their damned feet on the issue of legalization.2 weeks ago

Phillip BowdenThe FCC has banned tobacco advertising on TV and radio for decades so marijuana should be banned as well even if legalized2 weeks ago

Daryl AbeitaBS! Id rather smoke a joint and watch my squad play..then drink a beer and end up taking multiple piss breaks and miss 1/2 the game!2   ·  2 weeks ago

Justin JacksonIt makes sense to me considering it’s still federally illegal. Now THAT doesn’t make sense1   ·  2 weeks ago

Jeff RudolphIf the NFL n its billions of dollars back cannabis maybe then people would take the NFL serioulys2 weeks ago

Sean Huber-MorrisseyWow who gives a shit.least it were its at. Stop ur fucking bitching.3   ·  2 weeks ago

David ForetIt makes since to me , you have to be drunk to like football.1   ·  2 weeks ago

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Marijuana is mainstream. See MoreSee Less

The latest sign that stigma around marijuana is disappearing: Now easier for cannabis consumers to become Secret Service agents.

3 weeks ago

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Ryan McChesneyI would rather smoke pot and take a bullet for my president than be whinny little bitches who complain about him all day with unfounded accusations. NO proof of anything any of you ever try and argue against him about, he actually is making good on his campaign promises. I am willing to be 90% of you are overwright, underpaid, lazy motherfuckers who sit on there ass all day and look at the computer. Most of the bullshit you read is on the internet, most of the bullshit you see is on the tv. NONE of it is reliable. So yeah i would take a toke and then a bullet for my president, I would do it without the pot. You people are the reason there are disrespectful children running amuck,You people are the reason bullshit breeds. SO be careful who you critisize and why because i see thru your whinny asses and i say bring it bitches, because like it or not, we are making america great again. You assholes are hindering our progress but it will not stop it.21   ·  3 weeks ago

Rick DeRoDo you like Smoking MJ and taking bullets for your commander in chief who could give a fuck about you?

Since you’re pot smoker you probably have a hard time finding a decent job so why not this one?

Well the Secret Service is for you and since this is the worst president in the history of the US …we are severely shorthanded. Nobody wants to die for or protect this orange face shit gibbon so we need help from people we would normally deem incompetent and lazy. First time for everything right? So come on down fill an app!8   ·  3 weeks ago

Ben Pogue……. I’d do it … if i was younger ;) sounds exciting, who cares who’s is POTUS at the time, it would be a fun, fast and furrious life style for a few years…. :)3   ·  3 weeks ago

Chris LacourSo you can carry a gun and protect the president with pot in your system but HOW DARE YOU ATTEMPT EMPLOYMENT AT HOBBY LOBBY YOU SWINE!!!! Can we just stop the horrid joke of a drug war already please?

FYI: I know it’s up to the employer for drug regulations on the job just a metaphor1   ·  3 weeks ago

Javier Alejandro VanegasIf you join any government security force after months or years of smoking Marihuana, you can officially call yourself a pothead.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Royce MozleyAgent where is the president.
*Hits joint* hold on (cough cough) lemme finish this real quick and I’ll help you look for him.
(Mean while) the president is on the other side of the oval office door.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Greg MorseTo protect Trump? I’d rather be dead just like i’d rather than die than serve in the military who only just recently was forced to accept gays even though the majority didn’t want to.3 weeks ago

Pamela BronsonProof positive that you’d have to get stoned to take a bullet for the current Pres.4   ·  3 weeks ago

Cannabis LoversDo bongs and thongs delegitimize the legal cannabis industry?3 weeks ago

Charles GleasonThat´s like saying cops will hire people who use cannabis. If you use cannabis you are not going to be a fucking cop no matter how easy they make it.3 weeks ago

Gary WongSo agents can used marijuana but not the citizens…this country is fucked up period , fuck the governor fuck the government fuck the president and fuck America3 weeks ago

Terrence P. DziakHow about selecting Women of I’ll Repute in Central America or other not so stellar habits1   ·  3 weeks ago

Scott BellWho in the fuck would want that shit job. I believe Joe Rogan touched on this subject on his Netflix special1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jay Marvin WashburnWhy not ? you have to be smart With a strong brain to smoke weed in the first place !1   ·  3 weeks ago

Frank Brownpffft so fucking WHAT? I wouldn’t want to take a bullet for that orange buffoon anyway. when the shooting started I’d either duck out of the way or throw him in front3 weeks ago

Joshua HallI bet in 6 years , 65% of the world will be decriminalized.3 weeks ago

Declan McburneyFs ill have a job rollin in the shop fuck yas ill b stoned anyway lol run3 weeks ago

Joshua EastwoodWho cares. Would it matter if that have drank coffee or beer? Then it doesn’t matter3 weeks ago

Louis CobbHow s.s. is a federal agency and pots srill illegial on the federal level. I smoke i test positive i loose my job and license. No matter what state im in i i cant do it how can the feds ?3 weeks ago

Lucas IaconoUsed. Yeah most jobs won’t know you USED to smoke weed.3 weeks ago

Josh David RushfordDon’t be stupid. You did any drugs ever you ain’t gonna be secret service there a different type of people in for sure there not commenting on media But. Shit I’m game if your are listening. Trump train rolling bitches3 weeks ago

Đave TrixNo,. it was that the agents all burned bud i thought,. an how you gonna tell the gov. What yo do. So they let them burn. Either that or they want somebody to drop the ball ,an get you kno who shot.! 😂😂3 weeks ago


Art Worley4   ·  3 weeks ago

Jonathon ChristensenWho’d want to take a bullet for that piece of shit?4   ·  3 weeks ago

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This guy needs to be fired. See MoreSee Less

This is the guy who’s in charge of deciding whether marijuana stays in Schedule I…

3 weeks ago

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Douglas Boxold Sr.He’s right, this herb is a necessary part of life on this planet, not some fucking med for doctors, lawyers, and govt to get their fucking thrills of riches from….23   ·  3 weeks ago

Aaron Kohen Ron Cane~ What a yutz !!! It’s been a medicine since the beginning of time ~ or ~ until Nixon made it a federal crime. This guy is a big fat liar ~ and ~ shouldn’t be in charge of anything. Check his pockets for payola.11   ·  3 weeks ago

Pasquale Placanica Jr.He’s on the payroll of big pharm, oil, cigs etc… He’s afraid that would dry up if marijuana was legalized. Political CUNT!!!13   ·  3 weeks ago

Brandy Carico CooperMarijuana was put here for a reason as well as all other herbs! This is medicine. It helps depression,headaches,pain,seizures,cancer and the list goes on and on. They dont want it legalized because pharmaceutical companys will loose money!!! How sad. This medicine could be helping so many people who suffer on a daily basis. Marijuana was used by native americans they considered this herb to be healing and bring peace. I myself suffer from a depression disorder as well as daily headaches marijuana is the 1 thing that helps me. They need to legalize in ALL states!!!!!7   ·  3 weeks ago

Oliver SloverHe is not a doctor, scientist or even all that smart in general.His is the first one I think of when I hear the term non-essential gov’t employees. His whole agency needs disbanded.8   ·  3 weeks ago

Michael CameronI tried weed for the first time for my migraines. Couldn’t believe 1 how fast it worked. In 10 min my pain was literally reduced by half. Anyone who suffers from migraines can tell you that’s a god send. So yes I consider it a effective drug.4   ·  3 weeks ago

Brian PetrofskeNo, but cannabis is medicine. Marijuana is a made up word, to sound more Mexican, so the feds could make it seem more evil before they banned it. Thank that crook Nixon5   ·  3 weeks ago

Jonathan AdamThe CIA has been running drugs into this country for decades and nobody says boo about it fuck the government do what you want to do that’s the key to life6   ·  3 weeks ago

Lisa OrtizWe’re letting a handful of people decide what we can and cannot do regarding this harmless plant to line their pockets…I can’t do it alone..we need petitions across the US to demand our rights for this and not just medicinal, because IMO it is ALL medicinal. Are we a free country? Marijuana is illegal? Why? On what grounds exactly? How is it worse than methadone clinics, how is it worse than alcohol? I don’t understand how we can allow this when there are more of us than them???1   ·  3 weeks ago

Ahmad SubhiAnybody else think that the DEA no longer serves a purpose? Or just wasting our money. Let’s start a campaign to make sure that this man is on unemployment and not making horrible decisions for anybody else.5   ·  3 weeks ago

JayAl KirKam DawsonOk fine, it’s not medicine. It’s an herb, a plant. Still doesn’t mean it doesn’t have medicinal purposes! Sugar isn’t medication either but one whose blood sugar is low, something sugary can help bring it up. Tomato, tomato.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Tiffany Giese FrelichI suffered from opioid addiction that almost killed me, anxiety/depression from my father dying, endometriosis pain (that’s how I got addicted to the pharmaceutical medication that almost killed me), migraines, siactia and bunions ….i think that’s it! Yoga and cannabis saved my life. I am 100% pain free most days and I don’t even know what a migraine is anymore! I truly think people who are acting like this either are not informed at all or are just ignorant to change. I think cannabis is a heck of a lot safer than alcohol or prescription drugs! The only complaint I have right now is how expensive it is because it’s illegal!3 weeks ago

Casey SnethenThese are the morons we have elected. You jack ass’s have made nature illegal. First off this only became illegal after the government lost prohibition. Its either time for their stance to change or time to replace them. Its not about them its about THE PEOPLE3 weeks ago

Brandon RichardsHis "opinion" on the matter is irrelevant. When 3/4s of the states have either medical or recreational use, they will have no choice but to de-schedule it.3   ·  3 weeks ago

Brenda RoselI agree, fire him.
If this becomes legal all children from newborn to 17 will be subjected to second hand marajuna smoke in a enclosed environment. I have seen what this does to a child who has to endure the stupidness from an adult. Ask my daughters husband, Joseph Jimenez nothing but a drug addict and doesn’t care about the children in his house. To bad the judge’s (2) didn’t put him away for life for the drug abuse to my grandchildren.
So you want to legalize it? Everyone against it should file a class action law suit against our government for placing innocent children who have no say, in danger. This should also be classified as distributing to the delinquency of a minor.🤔2   ·  3 weeks ago

Francisco GilI bet if God forbid one of his family get sick to the point where their having seizures every 20 mins too even every 5 mins.thats not a life to live.and then taking 100’s of different medical medicine that causes internal damages to your kidneys,lungs,heart,and even the human brain. So ytf would somebody that has no problem in killing their own family would,try to save others that want a different way to heal their love ones.you dont need to smoke the weed.you could buy it in oil form,in cookies,even if the person is unable to drink or eat it could be as an insets or put it in a candle like form.theres many ways to take the medical factors that thc have on us humans.3 weeks ago

Brian Lee BatesIf it’s not medicine why does the gov hold a PATENT on it? Why is big pharma duplicating it with pills ( that ARE legal)….Fire that idiot…Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity…And Trump needs to ABSOLUTELY shackle Sessions on Medical Cannabis or legal states…..3   ·  3 weeks ago

Antonio BenitezWell how else would his dea get their funding? They’re too much of pussies to go after the people selling the hard drugs. But they’d rather bring down the peaceful stoner2   ·  3 weeks ago

Wilhelm HofmannDepending on what you concider as "Medicine" .. you have a headache and take i.b.prophen.. you are litterly taking a drug. My theory is Medicines are Drugs.. there is just an improper way to use and a proper way to use.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Pete CarrollThe US government holds a patent on Sativa, hence the US government is committing a criminal act by patenting a drug…lock them all up.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Troy SpauldingIt’s not a medicine because they won’t let it be one. The DEA would loose a lot of work with it no longer being classified as a drug or controlled substance.3   ·  3 weeks ago

David CastroIf marijuana is not medicine then that means anything that’s an opiate is not medicine because those are highly addictive and kill a lot of people every year from accidental overdose to worse3 weeks ago

Steve GeorgiaWe need to abolish or at least cut funding for these "people" and their government-backed institutions2   ·  3 weeks ago

Nick PflagerFuck the dea all they do put innocent people on jail and put bonds on everyone they imprison. this why the USA has the highest prison population in the world3 weeks ago

Rachel ThomasVote this guy out I’m so sick of uneducated FOOLS thinking they speak for the majority of Americans when pothead outnumber the notheads ..2   ·  3 weeks ago

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Is Michigan next to legalize marijuana? Or will another state go first? See MoreSee Less

Looks like Michigan voters are set to approve marijuana legalization next year!

Which other states do you think will end prohibition soon?

3 weeks ago

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Cory DontknowyouMichigan has bigger things to worry about but this would help pave an avenue of revenue that can start the process. Politions need to think outside the box it’s 2017 not 1943 anymore. Anything that can bring in revenue should be considered within reason.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Luke SomishkaWhy can’t they just vote federally on. It just complicates things when trying to travel from state to state. It obvious ..I just don’t understand. There has to be a reason. Surely our government know of it health properties. Low risk..affordable…drug!…perhaps it’s the pharmaceutical s lossing big. Or stoners are easier to arrest than drunk people. There quota is done. Maybe perception from the propaganda films like refffer madness. Or maybe people who make the rules are shit heads.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Justin BatekFucking. Stop.
Think about the medical users, who ACTUALLY NEED IT. All you hippies want is to get high and piss off all day.
It will cost ridiculously more money to get any medicine​ at all, but all the cucks wanting this to happen probably don’t care because "Now I can get my dro, bro!"
Fuck off if you don’t need it.
If you do need it, get a medical card. You will be able to reap the many benefits of a dispensary. I simply cannot stand people who "Smoke to get high"3 weeks ago

Andrew CampisIt best be legal to use it recreationally here in Michigan where I was able.to.get a med card but hate that it such a lot of money to.keep up3 weeks ago

Amanda RussellThe revenue from the taxes alone could seriously help cities like Detroit ….just google how much Colorado and Washington State have pulled in since legalization.3 weeks ago

Andy CameronI think all states should legalize why just a few states doesn’t even feel like American anymore when there’s only a few states that legalize feels like every state is a different country3 weeks ago

Patrick GroggTruth is all you guys are sheep. I’m smoking shatter right now. I don’t give a single fuck if someone said "YOU CANT DO THAT !" This should have been a said and done thing by now.3 weeks ago

Dan ChristensenIf every one just started growing weed. It would start a domino effect. You couldn’t lock up every grower. Could you imagine if lets say 1 million people get caught just growing in the same week. The world would stop if everyone just did it.3 weeks ago

Jason MarbyHow is Detroit going to grow decent weed with that yoo-hoo colored water?5   ·  3 weeks ago

Melanie MorrowThat is one state that could benefit from legal Marijuana, the jobs it would create and the taxes they would collect would help turn the state around.3 weeks ago

David JensenAs well as it should be. Keep it up states, we can force the feds to do the right thing2   ·  3 weeks ago

Daniel MartinWho knows? But while we have the orange menace in office…1   ·  3 weeks ago

Michael L. Wallace Jr.Cancer is cell deterioration caused by Cannabinoid Deficiency . DEA Scum deliberately murders millions by Preventing The CURE .3 weeks ago

Chiara M. ChiaraLegalize and tax nationwide. It could finance health care for all!3 weeks ago

Jennifer Taylor-SmithI’m hearing three same for NJ. Why does it take a year though3 weeks ago

James SchnauIm voting NO, All the bill is going to do it create a monopoly for a certain few…3 weeks ago

Kevin GrayIt’s sad that my state of georgia will probably be one of the last to legalize.3 weeks ago

Gary LetterleIf it is LEGAL it is under SOME CONTROL ( and not by violent criminals )3 weeks ago

Chris ShannonNot Ohio. Nothing but drunk politicians here. Their happy with their booze and D.U.I’s3 weeks ago

Michael ReynoldsAfter its legal then the laws and rules come all they do is make there own fucking rules you will be sorry you legalized it believe me I3 weeks ago

Maria McGowanThen they might have money for clean water.
#watercrisis3 weeks ago

Lawrence ThomasDon’t feel bad y’all I’m living down here in Sweet Home Alabama. I guarantee we will be the last man standing3 weeks ago

Paul Caputoits not going to make it to the ballot unless the governor supports it3 weeks ago

Robert StahlneckerDoesn’t matter… Federal law enforcement in full effect… Ignorance is bliss1   ·  3 weeks ago

Michael Gabbard3 weeks ago

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📢 Medical. Marijuana. Works. See MoreSee Less

Yet another study shows: Medical marijuana works. Is it legal in your state yet?

4 weeks ago

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Gert Rathjenit is ridiculous that marijuana is forbidden when alcohol is legalized I have never heard of anybody die from smoking marijuana but we know that millions of people die every year from alcohol misuse and the theory that start smoking marijuana leads to people use stronger drugs is as stupid as to say that breastfeeding leads to alcoholism but we live in an world where the dumb people are the majority and in an democratic society we have to live after what the majority find is best so the conclusion is that democracy is the dumb peoples dictatorship where a real democracy should be a world where your can do whatever your like as long that your respect others way of life and take the full responsibility fore your own action and behavior6   ·  4 weeks ago

James DeanThe proof will NEVER matter… there’s WAAAAAAYYYY to much money to profit by keeping it illegal… to many pills wouldn’t be needed and big pharma would lose billions a year…. welcome to lobbying6   ·  4 weeks ago

Seth SutherlandThe government can’t profit off marijuana because anyone with water can grow a plant it would knock of so many gov jobs they won’t do it best way to describe our gov at this point in time is they don’t care about you your health or your life expectancy they only care about the number above your head and the money they can take from you4   ·  4 weeks ago

Denean AyersI have a rare stomach disorder called gastroparesis (stomach paralysis). It’s characterized by constant nausea, pain, and vomiting. There is no cure and limited treatment options. Smoking cannabis encourages me to eat, reduces the pain, and stops the nausea for a little while. Unfortunately gastroparesis is not on the list of disorders that can be treated with it. I have to hope they’ll accept me on the nausea alone.1   ·  4 weeks ago

Tina PriceAll I hear is, "New study, new study, new study." It’s never been new, it’s widely known that it helps. It reduces my anxiety attacks, when Im out they come back and it feels like im having a heart attack. Eventually it will be 100% legalized. My state decriminalize it, which is a start in the right direction with high hopes it’ll be legal by 2019.4 weeks ago

Bill DurnellBARELY!!!!!!!> Florida has ASSHOLE’S in Tallahassee with pockets full of Lobbyist $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! 90 DAY waiting period WTF?, No Smoking MMJ WTF? You’ll have to put your illnesses and pain on the back burner FOR 90 DAYS because the ASSHOLES in office have their heads up their Rectum!90 days to activate a scrip,$150 to $200 DR Appointment, $78 for the card and wait for it to show up, you may die before you get it! SO, The Black Market will continue to flourish!🤑🤐4 weeks ago

Everett Todd BaltzerI have Tourettes with severe motor tics…I haven’t taken prescription meds in about 5 years …since I went 100% green :D12   ·  4 weeks ago

Richard Conn76% say other treatments did not work and caused too many side effects;
74% agree MMJ is best for their health;
93% would recommend MMJ to others.4 weeks ago

Josh WestbrooksWell i think sbould be legal because of the opiod addiction people are going thru because of docters like myself just got outta rehab because of docterz screwing me over1   ·  4 weeks ago

Michelle SmithNot legal in Tx yet but if they don’t get up to speed with others states I’m moving to Colorado.6   ·  4 weeks ago

James SimpsonI got off ALL my VA Meds! I use it when I have the NEED! Wish it was Legal here!4   ·  4 weeks ago

Nick IongiNope…..i think utah will be the last to legalize, we’re pushing for medical tho and thats most important.2   ·  4 weeks ago

Adam NowotnyMedical was signed in to law in Iowa but it’ll be a while before we can get any1   ·  4 weeks ago

Chris CanterburyAshley Michele what were we just talking about last night….I was right1   ·  4 weeks ago

Valerie Dawn PhillipsIts totally legal here (ma) not that you can TELL since there r no stores selling it..half a year after legalizing1   ·  4 weeks ago

Shannon LaneTo not spend on these types of benefits through research is a crime.1   ·  4 weeks ago

Caliph Usmanapparently the state i live in is not a state… its a commonwealth (virginia)..1   ·  4 weeks ago

Donald Lee Lomax IIIFuck no and they won’t even let us vote for it here ether that’s why I’m getting out of South Carolina and buying land somewhere else and getting out of the shite state4 weeks ago

Evan Earl BarnhouseWe have medical in west Virginia but it’s only available in the hospital and you have to be on your death bed4 weeks ago

Davian ZephierWhich it should be and at that it’s a farming state so why ain’t we trying to change something help get people work in sd1   ·  4 weeks ago

Cannabis LoversAre you an cannabis advocate or just a enthusiast?4 weeks ago

Cannabis LoversHave you invested in legal marijuana?4 weeks ago

Joyce JonesTennessee no3   ·  4 weeks ago

Michael LeeSure helps my Epilepsy !!!!1   ·  4 weeks ago

Shannon BryantOh sweet baby Jesus. What shocking and new information!!!!!1   ·  4 weeks ago

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Marijuana Majority
If Sessions wants a fight about marijuana, bring it on. Or don’t. We’re ready either way.
See MoreSee Less

No matter what Trump & Sessions do, states will keep moving forward with legal marijuana. These governors are ready for a fight.

1 month ago

No matter what Trump & Sessions do, states will keep moving forward with legal marijuana. These governors are ready for a fight.

Robson Souza Amaral, Michael Corigliano and 23 others like this

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Morgan FairbanksNo they haven’t stfu. Trump even stated before his inauguration that he isn’t gonna have a thing to do with rec./med. Marijuana. He said and I quote "I’m going to leave it to the power of the states to indivdually decide their positions on rec./med. Marijuana." So stfu go get educated and stop being a typical fuckin sheep like the rest of the libtards.7   ·  1 month ago

Shawn HellerThere shouldnt be a fight. This is just them scared of change or having a hand in medicine or booze. They are fighting in the hopes we show the public (which they believe against us. Not the case) that we are the animals they make us out to be. So dont get high and kill anyone other than that sit back and relax its too late to stop the ball now6   ·  1 month ago

Christian HillikerThe feds aren’t going to do anything. They basically can’t. Not to mention, there’s huge potential for revenue. I’m pretty sure Marijuana is the lassstttt of trumps administrations concerns. They have a wall to build, healthcare to fund etc. etc. I don’t like trump as a person, but all things considered he’s nowhere near as ‘dumb’ or ‘evil’ as the left potrays him. He’s actually very intelligent, and driven. He won’t take shit from anyone and i’d rather that than a communist scum bag like Obama.1   ·  1 month ago

Logan Scott Mac Dhomhnuillfuck yeah, i don’t like all of trumps decisions and this is one of them that i don’t like. if he thinks he can come after the states for this, it could be a spark for something more drastic. This needs to change, not cause i’m a pot head, but because the countless billions that have been wasted on this war on drugs, the lives ruined cause of bullshit charges. Also I’m a pot head, and it helps me cope with my disability.1   ·  1 month ago

Caesar J. B. SquittiMarijuana a red-herring !

The real problems are caused by legal prescription drugs, some side effects now packaged and labeled as ‘diseases’.

Some things are good for some people, sometimes.

Moderation is SOME things is good for some. Some things like poisonous mushrooms, should be avoided at all costs.

Marijuana has its applications, medically, however somethings can be bad for some. This black or white logic is rather suggestive of ‘mental illness’, and the inability to think critically.

In fact many natural herbs, have strong affects, both positive and negative. Here is one I would like to share, compliments of our founder, Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso Squitti. Chicory Root, and cousin to the dandelion root, was ‘an ancient roman therapy for liver problems’….so if you are not feeling well, have other diseases, give this a try. The liver is an important organ, that help filter blood and also help produce bile for the digestive system.

The half-truths of American culture is part of America’s pop-drug-cancer culture, where THE TRUTH is being corrupted by special interest groups, like the radicalization of spousal abuse, to be ‘stop violence against women’…when it should be about stopping the abuses of spouses, and in some cases prescription drugs are the cause of the abuse of both spouses !

Marijuana is more of a depressant than a stimulant.

Marijuana was always a ‘red-herring’ to keep us off the track of the real problems….legal prescription drugs !

Science still suggests that for a growing mind, Marijuana and alcohol are not good for them.

What a waste of time and energy, to distract us from the real problems….legal over the counter drugs, and prescription drugs.

Some over the counter cold medications, contain amphetamines, that were known as early as the 1960’s to trigger psychotic episodes, that according to the material, ‘failure to recognize the drug as the cause, would result in the person being labelled as schizophrenic or manic"…not a good sign, now is it.


Research by Capital T Consultants & Associates
Research sponsored by Squitti’s Grocery1   ·  1 month ago

Sean BarrettOur federal government is just garbage. A barrage of constant disappointment. Hasn’t helped me in one way my entire life but makes it so so much harder.2   ·  1 month ago

Ben DietschWho wants to organize a "Million Stoner March" on the Capitol?

We get 1,000,000 stoners, all bring a couple joints, then peacefully walk towards the Capitol building. When cops come to arrest us, ask if they want a hit. Keep offering it to them. Be peaceful, but be in their sight enough that they have to arrest you. When they arrest the guy next to you, say "woah officer, just hit this and chill man" and then keep trying to smoke it as they arrest you. Now, getting arrested will suck, but if they try to arrest all of us, the criminal justice system will crash. They don’t have the resources to arrest, hold, and try 1,000,000 people all at once. The key part to this is to plead not guilty. If they convict all of us the system will crash. They’ll sort of be forced to let it go. This would be a great form of peaceful protest. Just be sure you don’t have a felony amount on your person. I think if we all brought like, 2 half gram joints, we’d be good.6   ·  1 month ago

Allan PlattSessions needs to be in a mental hospital I can understand if he’s just trying to uphold the law but he’s taken this a step ferder he needs to be stopped1   ·  1 month ago

Brandon LebegueI’m not with this bring it on mentality I’m more of a respectful present ourselves in a good way with a good case type of person not bring it on like this is an actual fight… we have to represent ourselves as good citizens of the community and marijuana users to the people in charge we can’t just show up screaming and breaking stuff no one is going to listen to us if we do that4   ·  1 month ago

Izaak Krieger-CoenWe are called the United States for a reason. Every state has the right to develop independent laws. This is true even when clashing with federal law.4   ·  1 month ago

Brandon Michael McCoinToo bad Trump blocked Sessions from doing any of that. Stop cherry picking.6   ·  1 month ago

Donnie KeithlineDamn stop whining it will happen…More important things but its gonna happen we all know it! Trump is getting it done say what you want…6   ·  1 month ago

Nick AschenbeckerThe stories you scatterbrained potheads post are ridiculous. Get your shit together. #ThisIsWhyItsNotLegal1   ·  1 month ago

Michael BristowSessions might. I don’t believe Trump will. He seems to believe in states’ rights.5   ·  1 month ago

Cannabis LoversWill the Trump Administration be catastrophic for the marijuana industry?1 month ago

Maureen TaylorEvery time I see a picture of that Sessions….I get another gray hair >:(3   ·  1 month ago

Brandon LebegueHard to arrest anybody when there’s absolutely zero dollars to do it with2   ·  1 month ago

James CaytonI like his views on a lot of things but his approach to crime in regards to sentencing are plain archaic.1 month ago

Dan KivlerThe only thing you guys are ready for is some snacks…1   ·  1 month ago

Allen GoyneCongress has not approved funding for enforcement in the legal states. So…maybe Sessions holds a KKK bake sale?1   ·  1 month ago

Maureen K Tracywell get your HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS and at LEAST BREATH you no minded OLD BASTARDS1   ·  1 month ago

Cameron ArvinTerrible quality. I hope no one checked this prior to release, because they would not have released it1   ·  1 month ago

Sam HallLawyers making doctors decisions. .. when will the madness end?1 month ago

Ben MiddletonI wish Wisconsin had a governor like this who was willing to represent the majority rather than the rich few1 month ago

420 Weed Mart“Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” – George Washington1   ·  1 month ago

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