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Legalize Marijuana

The "land of the free," though… See MoreSee Less

When legalization opponents pretend that no one gets in trouble for marijuana, show them this.

23 hours ago

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Karen Jamesour prison and jails are filled with nonviolent people arrested for possession of marijuana and people who beat their spouses and those who commit violent crimes are out on bail. What is justice?3   ·  22 hours ago

Jona GrevengoedWell i come from the netherland her we can buy for over 40 years but the shop cant buy weed but only sell weed we call that the back door and now after 40 years america i astep ahaed and my country goes back .
Netherlands whas the only country whare you can smoke legal but grow is ilegal this is the law in my country smoking good growing bad haha its going on for 40 years6 hours ago

Roger Lee ChapmanThe Money crop of justice ! I’d worry more about what you asshats in congress done to Cigarettes ! And keep in mind if you don’t smoke either then why worry about those who choose too ? :) maybe you could drug test for cigarettes to and make more $$$$$ ! Asshats …….1   ·  21 hours ago

Jim DickersonLmao, with legalization and regulations plan on it going up. Myabe not jail but fines and probation. The gov arent legalizing for the consumer dummies. There doing it to tax it. With the tax money they will rei force. Keep DECRIMINALIZED NOT LEGAL1   ·  22 hours ago

John ColemanI was one of those people who was arrested for Marijuana in 2015. Then again in 2016 lol and a third time in 2017… i dont care about weed being fully legal. Just decriminalize it, thats all i give a fuck about1   ·  19 hours ago

Thomas CorkMadison Wi has had a lot of gun violence and robberies lately. They said on the news that they are going to start putting the bad guys in jail.. I thought, Aint the jails already full of the pot smokers they been arresting? maybe they can let some of them out…1   ·  23 hours ago

Cintia V. SmoilisPeople needs to understand that all these arrests are planed just to give people a criminal background to, that way, make them unavailable to buy weapons! NO GUNS FOR PEOPLE WITH CRIMINAL RECORDS!!!!
So, … now think about it … it’s not to hard to find out what’s coming right?? 👎18 hours ago

Jeffrey StephensArrested for a harmless herb with almost no side effects and an LD 50 that is physically impossible to achieve. Meanwhile there are still real crimes being commited at historic levels, which aren’t being dealt with because police are more worried about people minding their own fucking business and trying to relax and enjoy their day. This shit needs to stop.1   ·  16 hours ago

Shaun BednarzzFree huh? It was free to kill black people and every other race but white? Not to mention how fucking sick it makes me feel when killing INNOCENT children is LEGAL? Not to mention the declaration of independence, was signed on fucking hemp paper? And the first parachute was made from hemp. This world is sick.23 hours ago

K.c. MillerBig corps pollute the earth and poison the air, but people who smoke weed are criminals. Could you imagine trying to explain this to a child?1   ·  22 hours ago

Angela SmothersThere’s someone out here who committed attempted murder still walking the streets and you guys are worried about marijuana?2   ·  22 hours ago

Marvin HuntAnd some of them still sit in prison. Meanwhile a child predator was released after serving 3 months in protective custody.2 hours ago

Ben Van GalderWould be nice if they would focus on the things that actually kill people. Love our government (not)1   ·  21 hours ago

Deborah Duncan CarlozziHow many drunk drivers or opioid arrests.You guys are just a bunch of big Pharma loving idiots.1   ·  12 hours ago

Galen VetterickThat’s a lot of pot heads. If you think this does not have a negative impact on our society then you must be one of them.26 minutes ago

Mark CostelloI’m tired of seeing my tax $s being wasted this way, each prisoners cost tax payers obverse 60,000 per yr.14 hours ago

Dale WardWhen the math isn’t there shooting for a "higher" statistic than the numbers allow19 hours ago

Josh DavisMichael Rotondella lucky there are so meany people hahaha2   ·  22 hours ago

Chas KayTake every case to court and jury nullification with anything to do with marijuana every time and they will eventually give up arresting people for it and not getting anything from it1   ·  22 hours ago

Dustin LeeThis also includes people transporting 100s of lbs on I40 lol21 hours ago

Gregory David Joseph QuintanaLol people believing in what’s shown to them. Typical social media lmao23 hours ago

Bill JenkinsMeanwhile high level people in our society continue to engage in pedophilia on a massive scale…1   ·  20 hours ago

Kellie KosinskiallenMeanwhile, grandma was just mugged in her own home….took the police 30 minutes to get there and the robbers got away!!23 hours ago

Rob HansonPrivate prisons need free labor.5   ·  23 hours ago

Jordan HatchJoke! Legalize , regulate and tax it problem solved20 hours ago

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Can you hear us now, politicians? See MoreSee Less

We are the Marijuana Majority, and it’s time for more lawmakers to get on board or get out of the way.

6 days ago

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Chiron ChristiFreedom and liberty with the choice to indulge in marijuana should be the sovereign right of every individual on earth, to replace that with prison and destruction of ones life under some guise of hypocritical self righteousness while also allowing other legal substances that do certain harm to mind and body including death this behavior of judgmental individuals and governments is an atrocity delving into the expression of evil to destroy free will and the true meanings of freedom and liberty and should be eliminated with vigor by all sane and loving people of humanity.15   ·  6 days ago

Donovan Greenwoodof that 61%. only 15% actually vote. The politicians have been listening, for a very log time and its why they still dont support it. They dont support feelings, they support votes.5   ·  5 days ago

Ahmad SubhiIt’s crazy but people will lose elections because of this. That’s a good thing! Because it’s time for the old voices to go. We are no longer living in the 1950s and you can’t just get away with saying anything.
Such a bold and brash statements like good people don’t smoke marijuana have no place in today’s society when it’s been proven time and time again that it helps.9   ·  6 days ago

Nawfzide KillaBluLol.y’all really don’t know what’s the deal why back then dey say no and now yes …have y’all heard something called.MONSANTO3   ·  6 days ago

Jude WindmillListen, I’m all for legalising it at a state level (I would vote for it in my state if I lived in America) but it shouldn’t be forced on states that don’t want it. It’s a state issue.4   ·  6 days ago

Norma PriceI do live in oklahoma got some strick laws on Cannabis so yes i support it i wear shirts hats pins stickers its no going to legalize its self so im helping it out.3   ·  6 days ago

Destiny TurnerShare if I agree that 61% of Americans support legalization? Sees like that’s either a fact or it’s not. Not really something I’m fit to agree or disagree with…..5 days ago

Cameron LawsonId honestly believe anyone against legalization is retarded or severely fucking stupid.3   ·  6 days ago

Aaron Surrell IIWell since I don’t remember being asked by any poll I’m sure it’s higher than 61% lol3   ·  6 days ago

Aaron HarpSo if the government has to listen to the people …why is it an issue still?1   ·  6 days ago

Bill DurnellThey wouldn’t give two $hits if it was 161%, they’ve got pockets to stuff with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$5 days ago

Nick ThompsonIt could hit 90 percent, it will never happen without revolution5 days ago

Maxwell AtkinsToo bad 90% of politicians don’t care what the people want.4 days ago

Aaron Kohen Ron CaneIt’s not exactly the pawns it’s the Chess Master ~ it’s his cash cow.2   ·  6 days ago

Jay PetersonWhy would we want to stop wasting billions of dollars locking up otherwise law abiding citizens for smoking flowers?1   ·  5 days ago

Rosalie WebsterI am open minded about this. I don’t smoke it but I respect the rights of those who do.23 hours ago

Adam NowotnyYes, they hear us. They just don’t give a fuck. They make more money with it illegal6 days ago

Michael BoundyLess than that voted for the President. What a crazy country we have.6 days ago

Izaak Krieger-Coenssssoooo uh legalize it. Doesn’t it only have to be 52%?!?!?!1   ·  6 days ago

James MichaelOnly people who don’t want it legal are pharmy fuckers/supporters and the mindless sheep…4 days ago

Brad ShaddyPick your battles conservitive Republicans, it’s not worth the fight.6 days ago

Marios BassilA clear message that Marijuana is the peoples choice… The patients and medical professionals need complete freedom and access to the medicine..1   ·  6 days ago

Richard KreutzerAnd where are we getting this 61% from? Did you ask every single American how they feel on the matter?1   ·  6 days ago

Kane BeresfordOnly 61 percent that’s fucking sad should be like 98 percent. Or are the elderly that are still alive stuck in reefer madness,?2   ·  6 days ago

Jason HattoyThose are only the people that admit it. I’m sure it’s more like 80% want it or don’t care if it’s legalized.4 days ago

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Marijuana. Won’t. Legalize. Itself.

It’s up to us. Join the movement. See MoreSee Less

Marijuana won’t legalize itself. Have a happy 4/20, but let’s take action and make change happen.

7 days ago

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Lisa ThomasBy the time Florida figures out our medical marijuana, every state in the United States will have legal recreational weed.
On 1 side (our side) law makers are saying, voters didn’t vote for this. Only smokable for certain patients. No edibles, no drinkable, no vaping, only oil in pill form. They’re right, we didn’t vote for that.
Their side, those fucked up regulationd. We have counties that have already banned it.

Meanwhile syncope is not listed as a illness on their list of medical acceptance. I guess fainting 7 times in 2 hours is not a good enough reason for medical marijuana, even though it helps. I can’t drive. I can’t even go to the store without someone being with me. Once a few years ago, my son called me from work.
My son – Ma, were you in the store, today?

Me – Yeah, why?

Son- Did you pass out in the line?

Me- That’s what I was told. You know I never remember any of it. How did you find out?

Son- As soon as I walked in the door people were asking me if you’re ok. I’m calling a family meeting.

Together, he, my husband and our other 3 sons explained that I can no longer drive. After hitting the floor in Walmart, they decided I shouldn’t be in public alone.
When I smoke, it doesn’t happen as often. Just a few times a week, if at all. So why is not listed?

Florida, state of stupid.10   ·  7 days ago

Michael L. Wallace Jr.Evidence – CBD grows new cells (Neurogenesis) in the brain (Hippocampus) . CBD counteracts the effect of THC . Low amounts of CBD in Sativa suggests Marijuana is Stimulant . Large amounts of CBD in Indica suggest that the brain drains energy from sections to focus on growing new cells . Results – Marijuana is Healthy for the developing brain .7 days ago

Robert B BerreyUntil it is Legal on a Federal Level, it won’t mean dick to some of us… I live in Washington and can’t partake because of federal law… but meh, I can only hope at the moment…6 days ago

Brian DowneyJeff Asshole Sessions wants to restart the wasteful war on Drugs , write your congress and say Hell No , another waste of Stupid Government money , what you do with your body is your own Freaking Bussiness !6 days ago

Owen LamneaLet’s get some money together to compete with the alcohol lobby i have yet to see a fundraiser of any kind. Is it illegal to say you’re raising money for pot legalization?6 days ago

Nickolas LisdahlIts not a gateway drug if anything alcohol is the biggest gateway drug there is…but its sure legal….DUMB!!9   ·  7 days ago

Jack Rodenwe need to get it done on a Federal level even to a class two a class three would be even better3   ·  7 days ago

Marjoram Galidoi think im d only 1 hre who dsnt know about that damn 420. what i know is what that marijuana is. sad to say its ellegal here😢😢😢7 days ago

Libby HodgesThe following post is the truth about the death, genocide, and destruction of none wealthy whites and brain washing, dry cleaning of blacks locked and imprisoned by the federal government. Keeping marijauna illegal helps the government in the extermination undesirable whites and reprograming of blacks. Just by opening your eyes to this endangers my life and my name will be put on a bi-partisan, classified list of USA citizens to watch. They government knows that the white need to hate blacks is why stronger than their need to join with blacks to stop the killing of whites by the government. The government is trying to exterminate all undesirable (none wealthy whites). The government feels that blacks can be controlled by imprisonment and reprogramming blacks into a racist form of Prison Islam Malcolm X figured this out and was killed. John F Kennedy figured this out and was killed. Doctor Martin Luther King figured this out and was killed. The government has been using our polarizing hate of each other to kill off those who can not be reprogrammed and reprogram those who can be reprogrammed.

Why has Donald Trump not shown his taxes like every American President; yet Republican whites give him a pass for his behavior? Trump raped a 13 year old, talked about grabbing women by their private parts; yet he still gets a pass for his behavior. President Trump has gone to the White House and done nothing but employee his daughter, son in law, sons, and all his family/ friends; like he was runinng a side show version of Putin’s Russia. Trump is not even trying to hide his corruption; because.he knows white Republican racism will trump any cry for him to do right. Trump keeps getting another chance no matter what; because certain racist, Republican, whites hated having a black man as President so bad; that they would rather do the worst thing; they can for this country USA; just to see a white male as president. Again without thinking what has rich white republicans done for the lowly, humnle working class white man besides exterminate them since 1981? Really, really, really sad. White middld age, none wealthy, Republican men are dying at record high rates and have been since 1981 when Reagan the actor took office. The rate of whites dying have been on a slow steady climb since the 1980’s; Wealthy Republicans dont care about you; they use racist none wealthy whites for their vote & then do nothing to help them.

Same goes for democrats. Black men are getting locked up and converted to prison Islam in record numbers; but at least black men are not dying at the alarming rate white, middle age none wealthy, men are. That is why I am independent I see Republicans using racism to lure none wealthy whites; and democrats using racism to lure, lock up, and re-program blacks.

They both have SUPER HIDDEN agendas 1. Republicans want to kill off as many NONE WEALTHY whites as they can to purge the white race of so-called poor, undesirables; because he who controls the wealth controls the power. In order for wealthy to stay in charge they havs eliminate all whites who can not generate large amounts of wealth thereby creating an elite group of super wealthy whites. Democrats want to lock up and convert as many blacks to Prison Islam not true Islam as possible. I can not support either right wing or left wing; because they both have hidden agendas. The Republicans are busy committing genocide on none wealthy whites since 1981 that is 8 years of President Reagan, that is 4 years of President Bush, Sr, 8 years of Bill Clinton, 8 years of President Bush, Jr, 8 years of Barack Obama, 100 days of President Trump (they are all briefed in a bi-partisan effort as to the ultimate goal of both parties). That is 20 years and 100 days of rich Republicans in charge and all we have to show for it is more dead whites and more locked up black people; or 16 years of rich, wealthy democrats in charge and all we have to for it is more dead white people and more blacks in prison & reprogrammed. Keep voting Republicans without a cause; white people and the government will keep killing you. Black people keep voting Democrats without a cause and the governmwent will keep sending blacks to prison and reprogramming or brain washing you.


George ShornackBut, it’s NOT up to me. If it was, the entire country would already be legalized.1   ·  7 days ago

Jassica LudwigIts only a plant. Not harmful.
Cant find any of it where I am2   ·  7 days ago

Chalin McCannyObviously it’s not up to me because my state isn’t legal even medical. Mississippi4   ·  7 days ago

Dave Bernawww.marketplus.ch/news/positive-feedback-for-investors-by-first-marijuana-etf.html1   ·  6 days ago

Dustin SantorelliOh its up.to me? Well pennsylvania its officially legal now. Have fun i know i will!!3   ·  7 days ago

Tony BegleyPeople will march for having their cock replaced by a pussy but people can’t march for something that actually matters which is #LEGALIZATION4 days ago

Macc Donaldinbox me or send a friend request if you need any hookups. delivery is at your doorstep and everything is kept discrete6 days ago

Richard BrandonMarijuana isn’t the gateway drug, it’s pain pills7 days ago

Mitch Miranda#HappyCannabisDay2   ·  7 days ago

Justin SwerdloffPot >>> Synthetic opiates2   ·  7 days ago

Ewalina Mahi Campbell KapikaWorld wide legalization.2   ·  7 days ago

Jacob BrennerNew york state better fucking legalize it recreationally.2   ·  7 days ago

Nickolas LisdahlLets hope more!!!1   ·  7 days ago

Kathy Boylanlegalize pot and bring back prohibition. LOL1   ·  7 days ago

Betty NutterAll4   ·  7 days ago

David CoakleyI agree all the way5 days ago

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Marijuana Majority
Marijuana legalization is up to you. Join the movement: MarijuanaMajority.com
See MoreSee Less

Enjoy 4/20, but remember: Marijuana is not going to legalize itself.

Join the movement: MarijuanaMajority.com

1 week ago

Enjoy 4/20, but remember: Marijuana is not going to legalize itself. 

Join the movement: http://MarijuanaMajority.com

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Carolyn TrottFinally about to celebrate and now it after 420. My life story. A dollar short all the time. Damn man. That’s gotta change. My wife says I’m a pot head. I don’t think so but what’s so wrong with that. I ain’t hurting nobody.1   ·  6 days ago

Melinda PfannererIt’s amazing how many still fear marijuana as if it were the plague. I am on medical marijuana, and it has given me my life back. After more than 10 years of surgery after surgery, and being on pain meds, I was able to totally get off of the prescription pain pills. The pain pills took away the pain somewhat, but it also took away my life. It is all natural without all of the side affects all of the pharmaceuticals have.7   ·  7 days ago

Daniel KuhlmeierLegal, illegal who cares ? 150
Tons imported a week despite your war on drugs …it’s here to stay folks! Get used to
It …1   ·  5 days ago

Tony BegleyPeople will march for having their cock replaced by a pussy but people can’t march for something that actually matters which is #LEGALIZATION1   ·  4 days ago

Terry N Lee3   ·  7 days ago

Mitch Miranda#HappyCannabisDay2   ·  7 days ago

Jared KellenIts just another day for me.3   ·  7 days ago

Kimberly Green-ListUsing Cannabis Is A Human Right1   ·  6 days ago

Jerry AragonMove people. Move.2   ·  7 days ago

420 Weed Mart“Everything is better with a bag of weed.” – Stewie Griffin3 days ago

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Let’s hope more states will soon follow Colorado’s marijuana example. See MoreSee Less

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper now says his fears about marijuana legalization have been proven unfounded.

1 week ago

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Lizz SchwinzerWhy would you have been worried about more adult people becoming marijuana users? You do realize that’s more tax money for you right? Either way what’s wrong with a dramatic spike in adults enjoying a substance that’s far safer than alcohol?13   ·  1 week ago

Chris BrzezickiIt’s been sooooo frustrating waiting for the inevitable here in Vermont and the problem is that the people debating the legalization issue are just not well enough informed. Continuing to put forward outdated and debunked narratives tells me so. I admire Gov. Hickenlooper for his courage and by the way would love to see this in more politicians. The right thing to do (whatever it is) more often than not seems to wind up being the most pragmatic as well. Peace1   ·  1 week ago

Gary LetterleArizona is getting the Colorado drug gangs. Business isn’t too good in Colorado they had to move to where it is still illegal . Violence in Arizona is increasing. They asked for it !2   ·  1 week ago

Aaron Kohen Ron Cane~~~ Manford "Manny" Mantis ~~~
Genesis the Faith

The issue of "Free Exercise of Religion" ~ applied in The Establishment Clause ~ in Article I of the Constitution ~ is crucial to those of the Genesist Faith [those who believe in the Book of Genesis ~ Chapter I ~ Verse 1]. Genesists believe that "Manna" [Hemp, Cannabis] is their "Sacrament" ~ described and defined in the Book of Genesis ~ Chapter I ~ Versus 29, 30, 31 ~ as "The Green Herb" ~ Food from God. Genesists practice their "Free Exercise of Religion in Communion with their "Sacrament." The "Free Exercise of Religion Clause" must be upheld for all those who have faith in the Source [in the language of their understanding].2   ·  1 week ago

Jeanine WestermanWell duh. Being illegal never stoped people from smoking it before. Why whould it being legal suddenly increased people smoking it.3   ·  1 week ago

Marino M BorgesGovernors are dummy why they bring the word teenager. Tenneger drink, smoke, use drug with out adult concern. They talk like they never was tenneger2   ·  1 week ago

Justin BattertonWhen West Virgina is more progressive than Idaho, you know we have a problem.1 week ago

Mark FeltisAnd that’s cool,
If You don’t like to partake
Just don’t begrudge
the folks that do6 days ago

Tim AmsdillColorado’s example sucks.. lowering home grows this year and 2 rich guys own 75 percent of every grow and dispensary1   ·  1 week ago

Paul PollokNo shit? As well as the people smoking it were the ones smoking while illegal…..2   ·  1 week ago

Michael WolkMostly because if we smokeil it federal government can still post me with a felony make ot federally legal ill smoke that shit daily1   ·  1 week ago

Ricky HensonYou mean like how not everyone drinks or smokes because it’s legal fucking idiots3   ·  1 week ago

Fred Jonesespecially federal employees of which there are a lot in most states1 week ago

Mike EvansTranslation , All the negatives were wrong , and the taxes coming in are big .1 week ago

Randy McBiffLets have this guy run for a higher office or gov of indiana1 week ago

Brandon MullisUmmm no. I know plenty of foreheads that started smoking when it became legal my friends mom for instance6 days ago

Geoff SteinauerThats a ton of shit i know a lot of people who don’t get high only because its illegal1   ·  1 week ago

Robert HinsonLooks like the check cleared! :P4   ·  1 week ago

Maciej KowalczykDuh…1   ·  1 week ago

Tom IvesNever been to Venice beach huh? lmao1 week ago

Scott EatonThis guy just can’t seem to get his story straight1 week ago

Marvin HuntAnd if they choose to do so, it’s freekin legal.1   ·  1 week ago

420 Weed MartNice!1 week ago

420 Weed MartAmazing1 week ago

Shawn ByrnesLiar1 week ago

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Legalize Marijuana shared Marijuana Majority‘s . See MoreSee Less

George Takei says the long-lasting harms of marijuana criminalization are no laughing matter.

1 week ago

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Chris WorthPersonally I don’t care .
But I will tell my story .
At 19 years old I was arrest for marijuana with intent to distribute.
" which there was no intent to distribute I bought 6 10 dollar bags of pot I got caught with them . I was charge as the distributor because I would not rat"
In any case I am 41 I have owned my own business and I have owned multiple house , I have foster 9 kids plus have 2 of my own .
I have done boat loads of charity for kids , firefighter , police .

Yet I have a lifetime ban from owning a firearm in my home state of MA.
I am responsible enough to the good things . But I am responsible enough to own a firearm .
Not a handgun any firearm for any reason .
I am qualified to have foster kids by the state .
But good enough to have back my Second amendment right.

All over a 20 plus year old misdemeanor.
That I never went to prison for .
I got probation and was never arrested again in my life .
The laws are outdated .
I understand if someone having felon with of some weight or other charges .
I can’t under misdemeanors with no other charges sticky with someone their whole life .15   ·  1 week ago

Joshua HolderClose, George…nobody should have a criminal record because of cannabis, period. It’s an archaic law amd mindset that needs to be changed for the whole damn country.4   ·  1 week ago

Josh MasonIf that was the case then people who catch charges in AZ would just move to legal states gain residency and then get it dropped from record1   ·  1 week ago

Ahmad SubhiThree years ago the police decided to knock on my apartment door because apparently they smelled weed, they were there for about an hour searching the hell out of my place and they only found a couple of grams. I want to how many crimes happened in the interim? My God! You should’ve heard the way they were knocking.
You would think I was running a meth cook. Just some little blind college student trying to smoke in a non-medical state.
Oh well, I guess college cops have to justify their existence somehow.4   ·  1 week ago

Casey JonesLove George tekai but he is an actor, nor a politician or person of action, he may attend events that support the lgbt community as I do and completely support but he has no new ideas and honestly is Bit heterophobic sadly1 week ago

Larry CountsDid bootlegging and alcohol charges remain on the records of the Prohibition era criminals? Precedence means a hell of a lot more than common sense in the US courts….3   ·  1 week ago

Nick AschenbeckerWell, here in PA, no non-violent crime stays on your record. If you can behave yourself for 10 years your record is automatically expunged. But, that being said, our state gov’t will be revisiting the marijuana issue some time in 2018 to discuss further legalization. For those that don’t know, we’re in the process of instituting it for medical usage.1   ·  1 week ago

Ted BrownIt’s funny watching Republicans who pay so much lip service to Freedom and liberty, put so many road blocks up against something that the majority of people wish to be legalized so we stop wasting our tax dollars.2   ·  1 week ago

Jason ParksAs usual your fighting where it is not yet needed. Let’s get the remaining states(for example nc) legalized to begin with. We’re getting cigarettes and alcohol kinda shoved in our faces yet it’s a criminal act to have a joint.. This is not one nation and divided in multiple ways1 week ago

Austin OlivasIf you broke the law you broke the law whether it was good or not. There should be a statute of limitations. George takei is dumb and plastic.1   ·  1 week ago

Kevin MorrisProblem is absolutely no one gives a shit what some actor thinks.9   ·  1 week ago

Dan AlakazamThe reason is to continually bleed and screw over the poor3   ·  1 week ago

Joey CoggeshallYou CAN get it erased!!!!


go to my profile for more1 week ago

Randy McBiffGeorge takei is an idiot but hey even a broken clock is right twice a day1 week ago

Aaron MartinMy god, anything to do with this man should stay off of your page. He’s a hypocritical pos1   ·  1 week ago

Matthew AnthonyNo reason.
Other than the fact that on a federal level, it is still illegal…1   ·  1 week ago

Rob WagnerI agree but why do we put any weight on what George Takei says? Is he some sort of enlightened brain child?1   ·  1 week ago

Matt DavewsThere is no reason it should be illegal anyway, but change will come.1   ·  1 week ago

John ConradThanks George….we’ll forward your advisement to the federation of you’re just an actor.1 week ago

Chiara M. ChiaraPlease, just legalize for all over 21 already. It would really help the budget deficit!1 week ago

Ehren MurrayHow do poor people have enough free money to waste on drugs in the first place?1   ·  1 week ago

Chris CoxAs much as I want to agree with this, the fact remains they broke the law when it was illegal. So, yes, it should stay on your record.1 week ago

Spencer SourenThere’s no reason it should still even be a charge…2   ·  1 week ago

Adam VoorheesThe federal government should start arresting people if these states won’t!!!! 99% of hardcore drug addict start out smoking pot!!!1 week ago

Brian BarrettRegardless of the crime, they committed it and thats why the charges stay, it has nothing to do with the fact that its legal NOW, because they were charged when it wasnt1 week ago

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Oh, Canada! See MoreSee Less

Legal marijuana is coming to Canada. The government just introduced its bill!

2 weeks ago

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Michael EscajedaOnly you have the right to decide if you want to consume cannabis not the government39   ·  2 weeks ago

Tyler RekowskiIf Marijuana doesn’t become legalized nationwide a revolution will come guaranteed! Marijuana users are sick of hiding especially when are friends and family continue to parish or ruin their lives from opioids and alcohol that the government approves (creates). If marijuana was legal not only would are nation rise out of debt but people would stop finding the lethal drugs that are legal and start using something that helps and is natural. "They" don’t want marijuana to be legal because it takes profit away from their friends big pharma and big alcohol which runs this country. "They" say it’s like being drunk because they have never tried before and yet we can do everything high that "they" could never do drunk and "they" say smoking is bad which is true so we created other ways of consuming THC/CBD which is healthier/saves lives and is safer and they still say no, It’s sad and embarrassing and eventually when you push a dog in the corner it bites back and "they" will know that soon enough if things don’t change. 60% of Americans agree with me and more would too if they weren’t afraid of losing their job or social status.6   ·  2 weeks ago

Taylor KramerIf weed goes legal its bad business we do not want legal weed once legal pharmaceutical companies step in if it remains illegal no big companies look at all the laws in Colorado and Washington there repealing no more candy edibles only baked goods next they’ll say we don’t have a right to consume legally and just let the big bad businesses take over AND then what back to breaking the law in the us1   ·  2 weeks ago

Terry N LeeWake up Australia and get with the times ffs!! By not legalizing cannabis, you are supporting those who are criminally running the show! Take out the middle man(dealer) and put them on unemployment benefit2   ·  2 weeks ago

Pablo GaunaThe best thing they can do about. Here in Brazil, unfortunately the culture is to much closed mind about it. With the legalization here the violence would be reduced, the poverty and lots of another social problems. Success for you guys, peace and love!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Nick AschenbeckerThe way people talk, it’s been legal up there since the 90s. Nice the law is finally catching up with what people are already doing.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Noah EdneyThen why are they still busting shops …getting in their last blows6   ·  2 weeks ago

Matt Stoneodds are Jeff Sessions is going to be a big fucking baby about this.3   ·  2 weeks ago

Ben MiddletonCongratulations Canada. It will be a while before all 50 states become legal here2 weeks ago

Justin JacksonRight after the police finished up raiding and shutting down a bunch of dispensaries. Convenient timing.2 weeks ago

Dustin DaileyDarryl Dunsmoor Michael j fox gonna have move out soon. I’m coming to be your roommate lol1   ·  2 weeks ago

Matthew WachJust because the bill was introduced doesn’t mean it’s gonna pass…2   ·  2 weeks ago

Jordan Gillardid rather it be kept illeagle than have all the bull shit that came with it ceoming legal2 weeks ago

Helen MendesOnce again Canada leads the way forward. Right On "Eh"6 days ago

Kestrel PicheIf it’s really going to happen then why is it going to take another year?1   ·  2 weeks ago

Mike KingI’m seriously thinking of becoming a Canadian citizen. I will have to check in to see if my SS checks will continue to come.2 weeks ago

Seth Liam JenkinsPraise the land of the leaf!4   ·  2 weeks ago

Ryan CainHopefully this will be the tap on the shoulder for more states to figure it the fuck out.2 weeks ago

Norman KickeryCannabis serves a lot of medical purposes to much money is spent on fighting a plant just legalize it and spend the money on real crime2 weeks ago

Emory SchmidtFollow through is all that matters….2   ·  2 weeks ago

Steve SirakYeah rite read the fine print it will never be legal fully just enuff for tax revenue and pot shops making millions.1   ·  2 weeks ago

Lillian Isis AraiyaFinna move to Canada. Land of my ancestors yo2 weeks ago

Jay MossFor 20183   ·  2 weeks ago

Allen MacFarlanedont trust anything they say4   ·  2 weeks ago

Jassica LudwigCotton and corn are Illegal in USA. Tomatoes are a vegatable.
What does that say?1 week ago

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Looks like there’s about to be a 29th state with a comprehensive medical marijuana law! See MoreSee Less

West Virginia legislators just sent a medical marijuana bill to the desk of Gov. Jim Justice!

He supports medical cannabis and is expected to sign it into law!

3 weeks ago

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Kelly SnodderlyOur (wv) new "medical marijuana" status is not as great as you think. No smoking, no flowers or leaves and no growing. It was amended in the house because big pharmfuck owns our state… For now.8   ·  3 weeks ago

Ahmad SubhiHow in the fuck are we being beaten by West Virginia in the actual state of Virginia?
Bob Goodlat you need to hurry up and die already. We have a governor who supports it but the fucking legislature won’t even consider it because they’re a bunch of all dinosaurs but like I said just need to die off. I am going blind from glaucoma you heartless bastards!3 weeks ago

Jaime OlmsteadIt’s injustice to mention the passage of SB386 without understanding its vast restrictions. West Virginia needs to continue to fight. Hard.3   ·  3 weeks ago

Jassica LudwigIts ridiculas. I think i spelled that right. I dont know how to use a computer but I know people did Marijuana in the 1940’s or 1950′ or even the beginning of the 20th century. I dont get stuff at all now this point in time.3 weeks ago

Paige PateMarijuana should be legal- period. It’s a plant – and it doesn’t hurt anyone – just helps them. I don’t use it at all, but think it’s absolutely ridiculous that a plant that causes no harm can be deemed illegal by the government. 🙄1   ·  3 weeks ago

Tiger ShahAll our neighbors around our state virginia, have decriminalized, medical legalized, but this mothaf**kin state just started to study decriminalization let alone do something about it…3 weeks ago

Perquita BurgessI am a senior. I smoked a joint every night for the past 3 months until a week ago. It was fun. I laughed a lot. I also gain nearly 20 pounds. But it seems I was in a fog the entire time, forgetting names of friends, and where and when I was supposed to be. I am starting to think clearer now, but I am sure some of my memories are gone. It’s alarming, but I’m not obsessing over it. I am also not nearly as sharp as I was, and getting stuck on simple crossword puzzles is one way to measure it. I was never very smart, but not a retard either. My smoking pot experiment has proven negative. I’m sure if I smoked when I was young my life would have been a total waste. Just my 2 cents.3 weeks ago

Jaime OlmsteadToo bad the bill was maimed by the Shott amendment.
Now it’s scarcely worth celebrating.3   ·  3 weeks ago


ShelleyBab BabkReally? Now why does the state of Iowa refuse to get on board? Parent"s are still taking their children all the way to Colorado for help with their childs epilepsy3 weeks ago

Teegarn JaiWAKE UP AND BAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just moved to Colorado and launched into
Recreational Marijuana strains ,concentrates which is good for Cancer pain , seizures , disorders, depression PTSD etc , ,i am out here to help many who suffering. message me or send me a friend request If interested in acquiring some text 72047739493   ·  3 weeks ago

Angela SmothersUnited States should be united as one not separately legalize marijuana NOW1   ·  3 weeks ago

Michael ReynoldsFrom Maine ,Good luck you will need it way to much regulations go with it , they cant leave it alone , pass it then the regulations screw it up < you will see !!2   ·  3 weeks ago

Sharon Lawsonthere all old farts never smoked marijuana time to kick them to the curb1   ·  3 weeks ago

Steven CallahanJen Ripps Might be time to visit my alma mater2   ·  3 weeks ago

Jacky Williamssmoking marijuana connected me with my conscience and my soul, it brought me back to my reality…2 weeks ago

Alexander H. Budnyhempworx.com?rfsn=545688.44d167 <<< Organic, Non GMO, Certified Top Quality CBD Oil Buy Now >>>2 weeks ago

Conchita HarrisGlad I live in California.3 weeks ago

Kenny LeeJust fucken make it federally legal.3   ·  3 weeks ago

Kristi Guadagnin FitzPatrickc’mon North Carolina!1   ·  3 weeks ago

Beckie AnnLucky3 weeks ago

Øbryan GønzalezEverywhere but Texas :/3 weeks ago

Goshua GarciaAs long as it’s medical I approve3 weeks ago

Lynndee Marie JonesOk come on utah1   ·  3 weeks ago

Robert MoranSpread the good word. Nah….best to SMOKE the good word.2   ·  3 weeks ago

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HUGE. See MoreSee Less

BREAKING: Marijuana decriminalization was just approved by Kansas City, Missouri voters!

That’s the US’s 36th most populous city!

3 weeks ago

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Mikey WillinghamMake a law….then after putting MILLIONS in jail because of that law…..decide you can make more money by "deciding you don’t want it to be a law anymore"….. Politics….. BS !!!9   ·  3 weeks ago

Rodolfo InfanteMeanwhile, Austin is more worried about what bathrooms to use. You would think all the Californians ruining the city would make legalization happen. Nope. Instead, they just keep bringing idiotic political ideologies, raise the cost of living, and trash our home.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Tiger ShahIts very happy to hear that American States are changing with new ideas….The Scum n Wealth of Virginia is stuck in its confederacy unfortunately…..Marijuana Legalization seems like a meteor fallin off the sky for these Commonwealth representatives of Virginia…3   ·  3 weeks ago

Karen Jamesthe amount of people in jail will decrease if they release those who where imprisoned for nonviolent marijuana convictions. the amount of money in tax’s used to keep them there is horrorendous.3 weeks ago

Heather ChristineWell its about time while ri is trying to fully legalize it and mass already has as well at the OGS of it Colorado and cali oh well3 weeks ago

Jerome Milehigh LemmonTime for me to move to Missouri. I truly prefer Colorado over Missouri but the cost of living there is higher than a giraffes pussy.4   ·  3 weeks ago

The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become.It is very important that you only do what you love to do. you may be poor, you may go hungry, you may lose your car, you may have to move into a shabby place to live, but you will totally live. And at the end of your days you will bless your life because you have done what you came here to do. Otherwise, you will live your life as a prostitute, you will do things only for a reason, to please other people, and you will never have lived. and you will not have a pleasant death.3   ·  3 weeks ago

Djinn Kairi WestAbout fucking time Missouri! Does this apply for all of Missouri though?1   ·  3 weeks ago

Daniel KuhlmeierWeed wouldn’t be as fun if it was completely legal
And you all know it …half the fun is acquiring it illegally and knowing every puff is a crime1   ·  3 weeks ago

Ben DentonIt’s not much, but it’s a step in the right direction.4   ·  3 weeks ago

Alexander H. Budnyhempworx.com?rfsn=545688.44d167 <<< Organic, Non GMO, Certified Top Quality CBD Oil Buy Now >>>2 weeks ago

Marcelo BagalciagueAbout fukn’ time. Good for Kansas, hope it’s discriminalized throughout the entire country SOON!3 weeks ago

William EdenWhat exactly is decriminalization? Not medical, not recreational, is that like, grow in in the front yard as grass? Bushes in the back? Texas talked about that…3 weeks ago

Brittany DowIt was supposed to be decriminalized in the first place not legalized x.x3 weeks ago

Michael EscajedaMj is a racist word. It takes ignorance to keep using a word thats racist against HISPANICS1   ·  3 weeks ago

Rick Mac Sr.Well gosh damn.5   ·  3 weeks ago

Debbie GardnerIt’s about time. C’mon Maryland Governor Hogan, get on board with this.3 weeks ago

Kim N TonyWelcome to the free world. LMAO1   ·  3 weeks ago

Justin SwerdloffNJ next, state level.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Lonnie SmithJust make it legal every where plz2   ·  3 weeks ago

Mimi LyonsKim Dale DeWayne Lyons Jr.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Tanner RogersYes decriminalize. NOT legalize. There is a difference2   ·  3 weeks ago

Ashley OgeaNow how will that work with the kansas city kansas side?1   ·  3 weeks ago

DeSean K CurryStill waiting here in Philly3 weeks ago

Rod DaviesExcellent3 weeks ago

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John Oliver for the win. Again. See MoreSee Less

John Oliver absolutely *destroyed* marijuana criminalization in a 17-minute HBO segment last night.

3 weeks ago

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Brian HendersonWhile it is important to distribute the information in Oliver’s report, I found it unfortunate that he provided virtually no new information on the topic. Except for the Nixon recording, everything reported could have been gleaned by watching Getting Doug with High for the last few years on YouTube or just using google. Unfortunately all that recording did for me is highlight the fact that in the 20 years of Democratic presidency since Nixon, absolutely nothing has been done or said about the schedule one classification. Telling people that marijuana is a schedule one drug has been done already. I wish he would have spent more time comparing the substances which would emphasize the farcical nature of the current ruling. The carrier pigeon joke was funny, yet oppositional to the brave veteran and paralysis victim he had showed minutes earlier.
Final verdict was his report was ultimately useless and uneventful.3 weeks ago

Donna PicktonEVER law needs to be looked at. The year is "2017" people… things are changing, keep up with the times!!!4   ·  3 weeks ago

Jamie Foxwake up and bake ,for a blunt a day keeps the doctor awake all day , text me at 7204773949 IF YOU WANT TO GET SOME QUALITY Buds i am a reliable and genuine connect that you can rely on3 weeks ago

Pam VendtJust legalize it and tax it. Just like alcohol. Do people lose their jobs if they test positive for having a drink three weeks ago? No!3   ·  3 weeks ago

Tanner Hess"Did we know we were lying about drugs? Of course we did." – John Ehrlichman.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Anthony Jackson Delle DonneDemocrats have done precisely fuck-all on drugs or criminal justice reform.3 weeks ago

Angelo GuarinoSeriously, no reasons at all for banning it, let’s think!3 weeks ago

Jedidiah RamonIt’s costing millions of dollars, when it could be making the government millions of dollars.4   ·  3 weeks ago

David TallahasseeCriminalizing cannabis Just gave power to the black market and cocaine and heroin dealers. the dumbest thing our country ever did.3   ·  3 weeks ago

Brian HendersonListing pharmaceutical lobbyist donations to Carter, Clinton, and Obama would have been much more interesting to me.3 weeks ago

Bob Haleylets make america great again, like when you could buy it in many local stores across our great nation!!!!!!!2   ·  3 weeks ago

Scott EatonKeep pulling the handles like the one that put this jerk off in office3 weeks ago

Jeremy NicaraguaHe isnt the first to say that exact thing, nor will he be the last person that says it to be ignored by the federal gov.4   ·  3 weeks ago

Brad HerronImagine if we invested the Trillions of dollars wasted on the drug war into our own country3 weeks ago

Matthew Whaleywhile i agree we need to change the laws here.. dont use oliver for anything.. the dude is a hack and a detriment to what you want to accomplish3 weeks ago

Brian HendersonPeople do not seem to understand that there is a difference between psychological addiction and physical addiction. The singular term "addiction" is being used to combine these 2 completely different afflictions, which again should be stated; psychological addiction and physical addiction. Even studies conducted by medical professionals are not using this fundamental understanding of the term addiction.
Yes, people can become psychologically addicted to marijuana. People can also become psychologically addicted to food and sex. The problem is food and sex are not considered schedule one federally illegal substances like marijuana.
Marijuana is not physically addictive, as there are no physical withdrawal symptoms. Increased anxiety is not a "withdrawal symptom", because increased anxiety is what you are using marijuana to treat. Simply put, you do not get hangovers before you consume alcohol, only after you consume it and then stop. That is a withdrawal symptom.
Of all the rhetoric on both sides of the legalization issue, I have yet to see someone state this basic principle. Why? This is leading to misinformation and enabling destructive arguments to be used by rich pharmaceutical companies releasing horrible concoctions like Xanax in to the population. The term "horrible" should be used for a substance, Xanax, that can be used to commit suicide with one prescribed bottle; yet it is distributed as a medication for depression. In its pure form, marijuana can not be used to overdose or commit suicide.
This misunderstanding, specifically related to marijuana use, is ruining the lives of poor people who can not contribute to the pharmaceutical companies’ stranglehold over the medicinal profession.
This is causing people who need marijuana as a medicinal product to be denied the basic freedom of living a healthy life.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Rachel BrownYup. Taking a parent away to jail instead of providing help really helped their kids. One example1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jean CarrawayNeedf to bring congress up to date before laws can be updated.2   ·  3 weeks ago

Nawfzide KillaBluEyyal dey want y’all to be ignorant and addicted to smthinq it’s da elite aqenda bro dey startn to put GMOs in da weed nutrients soil evrythnq3 weeks ago

Stephen RussoI agree with this but oliver is still an idiot.5   ·  3 weeks ago

Dave Smithit’s time for a class action suit against the US government for illegally arresting citizens for possession of a plant that the government knows full well is SAFE.3 weeks ago

Dylan Steelethat was a great piece…. love John Oliver3 weeks ago

Janice PooleBut you have to be able to smoke it!!!
Dear State Lawmakers and Rick Scott… We need your help. The point of medical marijuana is smoking it. Do the right thing for the people of Florida, please… I can’t believe this is happening and nobody is speaking up.
Look at what’s happening in Florida, voters… This isn’t what we voted for… So Heads up! BREAKING NEWS: :( The Rodrigues proposal would prohibit smoking of cannabis products, as well as edibles, and would ban all but terminally ill patients from using vaporizers to consume medical marijuana, one of the biggest objections to the bill raised by supporters of the constitutional amendment. Ray Rodrigues, R-Estero said, “but I will caution you that it is not the final product. ”Very shameful of these Redneck politicians in Florida. Tells me that they don’t have any understanding of medical marijuana and how it works. We need classes open to the public, to explain all of this, in words they can understand.
They are very crooked, or maybe it’s just clueless and We the people of Florida need YOUR help. They don’t have a clue when it comes to cannabis and how it is helpful to people. I hate to say this, but Tallahassee FL is full of Morons. If you are knowledgeable, could you please explain it to the Politicians, in words they can understand?

Voters of Florida and the USA… In a stunning rebuke to the will of the people, Florida lawmakers are attempting to butcher the voter-approved medical cannabis initiative that passed in November 2016 with 71 percent approval. The Florida House Health Quality Subcommittee, being compelled to produce a bill, voted 14 to 1 to advance House Bill 1397, which now moves to House Appropriations Committee.
Critics were quick to point out the highly restrictive nature of this bill, which is a reflection of the many lawmakers on the panel openly opposed to medical cannabis.
State Denies the People’s Will, Butchers Cannabis Law That Won Popular Vote for Big Pharma
Read more at thefreethoughtproject.com/florida-lawmakers-trash-the-peoples-will-butcher-voter-approved-medical…1   ·  3 weeks ago

Kane Taterstill a douchbag though3 weeks ago

James MealorOur laws? OUR laws? He’s British!3 weeks ago

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Share if you agree with Sen. Bernie Sanders. See MoreSee Less

This makes no sense.

Thanks to Sen. Bernie Sanders for helping to reverse federal "Reefer Madness."

4 weeks ago

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Michael WarnerHe’s a typical career politician democrat liar. Stop making the legalization movement look bad by associating with this piece of shit.32   ·  4 weeks ago

Ernesto LopezUgh. Sad to see all these idiots on this page. There’s a difference between straight out socialism and democratic socialism but, you thick headed people don’t get it.11   ·  4 weeks ago

Taylor Hortonhe’s too busy spending time in his lake mansions in vermont, and driving around in his $200K Audi S8’s, while pandering to peoples FEELINGS, to back these words up.19   ·  4 weeks ago

Chris BrzezickiThis man is THE MOST popular politician in the country because he speaks to the 99%. He is the true populist. To call this man a "whack job" is just being willfully ignorant and hateful.17   ·  4 weeks ago

Jim Weir"When Venezuela switched to socialism, it was the wealthiest nation in South America. Now it is one of the poorest. We need to bring socialism to the US." – Bernie Sanders9   ·  4 weeks ago

Jared Lee NewtonI think anybody who wants to fundamentally change this country into a socialist state should be locked up for treason. Why is he even relevant. People are dumb…especially when someone promises free shit.6   ·  4 weeks ago

Dave LeDouxTo all the millennials, at the bottom of your ballot there is a space for write-in votes. You failed this nation by not voting Bernie into office, you have no one but yourselves to blame for this country going to hell in a hand basket.4   ·  4 weeks ago

Spencer SourenNever though I would agree with anything he says however this time it’s different. I’m all for legalization and also am a wells Fargo customer. All those pricks should be in jail4   ·  4 weeks ago

Aaron MartinTired of people praising this psychotic hack job, yeah, I love and care so much about poor people, but in the last year, I donated less than the average minimum wage employee, along with buying three mansions and few cars that cost four years of most peoples wages, along with convincing a bunch of dumb fucks like many in this thread that socialism is a good thing. It totes is a good thing, I mean Venezuela is definitely a role model for what every country should be like…. I’m tired of living on this planet4 weeks ago

Kenn P LarsonThis is the second thing i find myself. Agreeing with Bernie on first being to rerout the north Dakota pipeline. But none the less bernie like all other politicians are bought and owned. And even tho they have millions i still say they are worthless and yes that includes bernie. And need i remind you his initials are B.S trump20204 weeks ago

Christian ThackerDefinitely has a point but why isn’t Bernie in jail for scamming people’s donation money buying 2 houses with that money than goes and endorses the very same establishment he so righteously fought against?1   ·  4 weeks ago

Matthew M. BrownWell Bernie, nothing against you. Though as you may know, The dollar rules everything in America. Hence why they didn’t go to jail. You can legally throw money at anything (which I take as bribery) and if it’s enough. You’re in the clear.4 weeks ago

Nicola Burchardtat least he wouldn’t throw us under the bus, or lie to us about pot legalization. trump said yes, now his lackey, sean spicer says it needs to be kept as schedule one drug4   ·  4 weeks ago

Cory BurgherIf you want your link to be shared, you shouldn’t put a 70 year old, bat-shit crazy socialist on the page.10   ·  4 weeks ago

Maik SowinskiWhy are there so many stupid people here who do not know what socialism is about? What have they taught you in school? Nothing? You guys might as well believe the USSR was a socialist state4 weeks ago

Lupita HarbisonU all r talking shit about him having 3 fkn houses but yet Wells Fargo are STEALING from everyone… Did Bernie commit a crime to achieve his success? Quit hating on the guy. His statement is fkn true and if ur gonna unlike the page cuz they posted his picture . . I think u have bigger problems to worry about.3   ·  4 weeks ago

Roy BurgessHow many vacation homes do you have now after being bought out by the democrats? Three.4   ·  4 weeks ago

Joan KochLEGALIZE MARIJUANA PERIOD! It has been proven to do more good than harm!! Stupid government!!5   ·  4 weeks ago

Jessica ElofsonI don’t see your name yet, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on the Cannabis Caucus?1   ·  4 weeks ago

Kyle WatsonBernie thinks budgets cuts are cruel, well i think taking half my paycheck is cruel…3   ·  4 weeks ago

Aaron MartinSanders is an illogical idiot. I support Marijuana, but I’ll never support that idiot.4 weeks ago

Pete MitchellLegalizing marijuana is not a valid excuse to support Bernie Sanders. I support legalizing marijuana but would never, ever support Bernie Sanders.1   ·  4 weeks ago

Jack StephensIt’s to bad he doesn’t vote like he talks just another lying socialist politician2   ·  4 weeks ago

Andrew KosyjanaSorry Bernie, you couldn’t be President because of ignorant mid western meth addicts4 weeks ago

C’mon MannFuck the system let’s give up on society and use what god gave us. Good weed and open land4 weeks ago

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Amazing. See MoreSee Less

Wow! Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard just *tore up* up marijuana prohibition on the floor of the U.S. House.

VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX8Ddu7T4bA

1 month ago

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Josh HauzeI was on probation for a misdomeaner…the fact that I was even charged is a whole other story…but because I failed a couple urine tests for marijuana they resentenced me to state prison time….I did 2 years in state prison for smoking pot…..I give no shits what you think is right or wrong…taking a two years of a human beings life for smoking an herb is wrong.28   ·  1 month ago

Shawn PaquetteI can think of literally thousands of things more harmful that weed.
Air quality in China
Coffee (more addictive)
Prescription drugs and opiods…etc etc etc.26   ·  1 month ago

Mitchell HicksI genuinely have started to believe that the current administration and his cronies are just trying to hurt people with no further goal. Like, it goes beyond money; at this point they’re like Sith Lords that have suffered head trauma.2   ·  1 month ago

Jenny CoxThey want the actual addicts, theyre a lot easier to deal with than free thinkers. Which is what NATURAL mind altering substances tend to create and support. Hence why it’s so terrible in their eyes.1   ·  1 month ago

Jassica LudwigIf it is legal completely in some states it is bullshit that every state hasnt. Too many serious christians bible belieing Jesus people vote against it. It needs to replace tobacco. Marijuana works more as an herbal remedy as opposed to alcohol.1   ·  1 month ago

Kelly Lynn FieldingThe second question… Who are you to judge and punish for Its usage? I dont judge you for the things you do in your life nor do i verbally harm you for doing things you enjoy. Mind your business. Live your life. And stay out of mine.1 month ago

Nathan Daniel DuffyI love Tulsi. I hope she runs someday. She’s extremely young and many chances to run. I voted for the Burn. I know he’s getting older but still fighting. I would love for Tulsi to run and really speak her mind as a woman Democrat. Someone i think anyone can get behind.1   ·  1 month ago

Debra BlankenshipAmazing someone stood up in the white house and supported us. Thanks,1   ·  1 month ago

Tom FeuhrerWow congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, haven’t they told you? Making pot smokers felons means they can’t vote and we make money off the prisons . . .4   ·  1 month ago

Adam KrolLet people live how they want to live.1   ·  1 month ago

Michael Aliotothis woman is beautiful. listen to the beautiful woman you old white politicians.2   ·  1 month ago

Coty WhiteWe love and support cannabis!

Smoke On! 👽💨
PeacePipeCleaners.com1   ·  1 month ago

Michael EscajedaThat’s a racist word. It’s called cannabis.1   ·  1 month ago

Austin OlivasTrumps trying to legalize but its not easy. Me myself pro weed no. Pro legalization yes. The same way we did alcohol.1 month ago

Joe MagilSimple solution: If you think marijuana is bad, DON’T USE IT!1 month ago

Russell MartinIt should be absolutely deregulated!!!! Except for the operation of heavy equipment and automobiles.1 month ago

Carlo PopeMarijuana is harmless,but all medications that drs give to their patients is all bad. so keep blazing trees1   ·  1 month ago

Adel Elseri#bbcan5 Good friend has a new dispensary, make sure you take a peak and tell a friend #bbcan2 Kushdispensary.ca #wakeupcanada4 weeks ago

Mkhenara Kas’nova1   ·  1 month ago

Joseph De CorpoOr put them on bond and make them suffer and worry for no reason . , Possession. Pharphnialia. LMFAO Fuck you Virginia..1 month ago

Daniel KuhlmeierDon’t legalize today? Still gettin high tonight1 month ago

Russ Kajuneagreed1 month ago

Lori JaynesGo tulsi, and keep doing what you’re doing!1   ·  1 month ago

Damien GriffendorAgreed1   ·  1 month ago

David JewettOr get fired over it.1 month ago

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Legalize Marijuana shared Marijuana Majority‘s . See MoreSee Less

Huge thanks to Sir Patrick Stewart for sharing his story about how medical marijuana helps ease his pain.

1 month ago

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Jay BryI think the most cruel part of this whole thing is that people die, hopeless, terrified and in pain. And although we can’t always change their condition, we can be merciful. Think of how precious it might be in your last days to laugh, to eat your favorite food, to forget about your fate for a minute. It’s a shame we have to play the "But you can make money off of it!" game to get this government to do what any decent human should do.19   ·  1 month ago

Tom Frosta lot of people are confused about Medical Marijuana….the MEDICAL cannabis has more CBD than THC…..THC gets you high and causes the munchies…..CBD helps with pain, depression, etc…do some research before you post derogatory comments….2   ·  1 month ago

Nick AschenbeckerAfter Stewart married his 30something year old trophy wife, he came out and said they spend a lot of time hotboxing a tree house out in the yard. God, I wanna be old.6   ·  1 month ago

Luis Miguel AlvesI should be doing physical therapy, but I use cannabis for my knee problem to mask the pain while my knee actually gets worse. Thanks cannabis lol4   ·  1 month ago

Eileen GomezThey won’t be able to continue the prohibition much longer. To many are aware of the reality of this herb.16   ·  1 month ago

Michael L. Wallace Jr.Cannabis is necessary for our bodies natural endocannabinoid system to successfully fight off illnesses ( including Cancers ) . illnesses people develop over time are caused by cannabinoid deficiencies . illnesses children are born with or develop early are caused by past generations of cannabinoid deficiencies effecting genetics . youtu.be/aWXuaMXfbJA2   ·  1 month ago

Glen MillionGreat now we’ve got stoners flying around in space ships. What’s next……5   ·  1 month ago

Keith McCoy Sr.There you go, straight from the captain of the starship enterprise.6   ·  1 month ago

Ryan BarrowcliffYet the devil’s lettuce caused mass mutation to him and now he can hear everyones thoughts. Haha3   ·  1 month ago

Richard Raymond Dobbs Jr.So do you replicate bud smoke in the holo deck or do you got to warp off ship ? Also dose star fleet piss test ?5   ·  1 month ago

Spencer SourenYea it can ease pain…just do a federal legalization already!1   ·  1 month ago

Melanie MartinIt just warms my heart to know he’s a toker…I love this man.4   ·  1 month ago

Daniel Lee BergerNow we know why he was allways in space😂😂😂4   ·  1 month ago

Trevor DunkelWho else can read that in his voice?14   ·  1 month ago

David PinkertonWell Sir Patrick Stewart, I wish you would tell Mr. Sessions this. I have sciatic pain unless I smoke Marijuana. It makes the pain just leave.1   ·  1 month ago

Travis SouleI notice he’s always referred to as "Sir" Patrick Stewart. Has he been knighted?3   ·  1 month ago

Jens Gerhard Juul LarsenHe is not a smoker – he uses medicin; ointment, pills and spray – try reading an article every now and then2   ·  1 month ago

Keith KarasudaSet course to planet marijuana…engage.5   ·  1 month ago

Todd Karlswould love to spark one up with patrick stewart hes a great actor and man . he does so much for kids2   ·  1 month ago

Antonio Enriquez ResendizI too have allot of injuries and use Marijuana for the pain and suffering2   ·  1 month ago

Jassica LudwigI have no idea who he is. Must be easy to get if extremely well known1 month ago

Laura KilpatrickI love this man!2   ·  1 month ago

Barb HallTrue fact ..3   ·  1 month ago

John HillLegalize marijuana. Make it so.5   ·  1 month ago

Jacky WilliamsIt has been legalized to use and cultivate marijuana in the privacy of your home out here in South Africa and in other parts of the world. Smoking marijuana connected me with my conscience and my soul, it brought me back to my reality…Highest grade of cannabis for sale at reasonable prices. These strains have been carefully selected and have been approved by experts in the field of MARIJUANA,THE HEALING OF THE NATION…CALL ME DIRECTLY TO GET HOOKED UP… WEED EDIBLES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE…(347) 353-0590…(678) 660 8355.2 weeks ago

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